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JUNE 2021

Once Again Russia Strictly Confirms Its Attitude Towards Spain’s Territorial Integrity

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Once Again Russia Strictly Confirms Its Attitude Towards Spain's Territorial Integrity

A demonstrator shouts slogans as they march to protest the Catalan government’s push for secession from the rest of Spain in downtown Barcelona, Spain, Sunday Oct. 8, 2017. Emilio Morenatti AP Photo

On October 11, the Russian Foreign Ministry once again strictly declared its attitude towards the Spanish political crisis over Catalonia’s independence referendum.

“Guided by the fundamental principles of international law, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation views the developments in Catalonia as the internal affair of Spain. We express hope that the situation in Catalonia will be settled through dialogue, in strict compliance with Spanish law, in the interests of a united and prosperous Kingdom of Spain and with due respect for the rights and freedoms of all Spanish citizens,” the statement reads.

Most likely, the Russian side sees the possible secession of Catalonia from Spain as an event that could lead to further fragmentation of the European national elites. This will strengthen the EU bureaucracy. This scenario does not correspond to the current Russian view on the situation in the EU. Moscow does not see the strengthening of the European bureaucracy as a development that could impact positively the EU-Russian relations.

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Petrus Levelleri

Finally something that makes sense, said OFFICIALLY, so all the little haters that wander in the internet realize this whole story wasn’t in the interest of Russia, only the EU (especially the EC -aka EU bureaucracy) would benefit. I have been saying that for 2 weeks now

DJ Double D

Of course it is in the interest of Russia that they secede but you know as they say Politics is Politics. Let me tell you something, it is even in my own interest that they secede and let Europe feel the pain.

Solomon Krupacek

who cares, what says russia? in thios question russia is windvane.

John Whitehot

more people than those who care about what you say, definitely


yea this guy is as stupid as they come

Jaime Galarza


Solomon Krupacek

hahaha :)))))) , asslicker of russia

of course, you kept quiet, when ptun forbad VPN and Tor. tiical johny, the whitecock.

John Whitehot

you’re really unimpressive.

you realy think i’m getting in a flame war with you?

Learn to read and write first, scum.


They had to take a stance on the matter.

Solomon Krupacek

you are right. and the wise countries tell: tho so onner problem of spain and the inhabitants should find solution, which should be peaceful.

John Whitehot

the illiterate countries, more than the wise ones.


Anyway, to the western establishment that declaration is highly subversive and an irrefutable proof of the Russian meddling in Catalonia. To prove the contrary Putin must openly condemn the independentist Catalonian people and give the his full solidarity to the monarchic government and endorse its sovereign right to bloody crush any dissidence to its benign rule.

George King

Despite the wailing of death throes from Empire, Russia will not meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign nation states. This is what Empire does but accuses others of, followed by death and destruction while blaming the victims.


This is not a grassroots movement: it’s a push by the Catalan elite to garner themselves more power & money. They want to immediately join the poisonous EU as a separate country.
Though the EU’s ultimate desire is the breakup & Balkanisation of EVERY country, it is not politically possible to come out & say this, so the EU have, officially anyway, had to come out & deny the Catalans.
EU cannot be seen OPENLY collaborating in the breakup of one of their sovereign nation constituents.
Behind closed doors…..???
The stupid Nazi, Rajoy, has effectively aided the Catalan elite by his heavy-handed tactics, the dope.

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