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JUNE 2023

Russia Is Not Using SWIFT And US Dollars To Implement Weapon Contracts

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Russia Is Not Using SWIFT And US Dollars To Implement Weapon Contracts


Russia has stopped using SWIFT and US dollars in weapon export contracts, Head of Russian Defence Export firm (Rosoboronexport) Aleksandr Mikheev told journalists during Army-2019 forum.

He said that Rosoboronexport is now using national currencies instead of US dollars and emplyos a “closed system” of payments.

According to Mikheev, in 2019, Russia delivered $6bn worth weapons and equipment and signed $7bn worth contracts. It’s expected that a total of around $13bn contracts will be signed in 2019.


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Brother Ma

Well do it with other commodities as well. Now!


Good. The sooner this genocidal empire loses the world’s reserve currency the better.

Pave Way IV

Whaaat? That’s ILLEGAL, Russia! Stop it right this minute, or the U.S. will have to impose further sanctions by prohibiting Russian SWIFT transfers for… um… well, nevermind. We like to snoop in on all SWIFT transactions just to make sure nothing fishy is happening against U.S. interests out there. You don’t mind, do you?

Better not be buying any of that Huawei stuff either (unless China breaks down and gives us the encryption keys and backdoor microcode). Thank you for helping the U.S. keep the planet safe from tyranny. Who wouldn’t want that?

AM Hants

Ironic, when SWIFT is not even US owned.


Did you ever wondered, why the NSA has an outpost in Wiesbaden? They have access to DENIC in Frankfurt, where all Internet traffic in Europe is going through, including all bank transfer SWIFT messaging.

AM Hants

I did not know, but, thanks for passing it on. No wonder nations are coming up with their own alternative to SWIFT.

Pave Way IV

When the US needs SWIFT data for legal use, our courts have to make a formal request to the EU SWIFT centers. If we’re just interested in snooping in on someone’s financial activity and don’t need it for the courst, we just grab it regardless of whether that person or business is in the US or not.

Germany and the Netherlands (among many others) knowingly let us do it, so what the hell – why not? I’m not justifying such spying in the least, but when they let us set up data centers and tap into their telecom and IP networks ON THEIR SOIL with the simple bribe of the US sharing (some of) the intelligence we collect, well… it’s just sad that nations are so willing to sell out their own people. I wouldn’t trust any alternative network coming from western europe even if the US isn’t permitted to join.

What European government can resist otherwise-forbidden access to secrets of their own citizens as a reward for whoring out network snooping to the US Stazi? Someone might be a terrorists or drug dealer (or evading US taxes). Think of the children!

AM Hants

Living in the UK, completely agree with you, We are meant to be a nation, that comes high, with regards Government surveillance, snooping on it’s people.

Pave Way IV

The UK has slipped from a dangerous level of government surveilance to a down-right damn-creepy-as-hell level. The arguments for it would seem to have credibility if the UK was a 100% safe crime/drug/terrorist-free nirvana, but it’s not. Marginally better than the US today I suppose, but that isn’t saying much. The 24×7 electronic monitoring collars and 5G chip implants are right around the corner. “Don’t you understand? They’re for your own good! Think of the children!”

I watch the UK closely because the US government fear and loathing of its subjects is about the same. Whatever the UK is doing today to control the unwashed masses, we’ll be doing in a year or two here.

AM Hants

I was lucky to grow up when things were so much nicer and you could laugh, have fun and just work to live. Now, laughter is banned, manners are a thing of the past, but, you still find them, when least expecting it. Our politicians, well, have no idea we managed to sink so low.

We have Common Purpose over here, which is instrumental in running the institutions and taking control from Westminster. Set up by a publisher, of all things. His brother, an advertising executive, set up Bell Pottinger, which spins things like the Iraq War and dodgy dealings, using Government money. Including the $500,000 plus contract from the Pentagon, in order to spin Iraq. Do believe, they tried to set up Common Core, for the US, based on the same ‘Agenda 21’ ideology.

Good luck and hopefully some miracle will turn up, where we have to start from the beginning, with a thorough clean out of those in Westminster, together with Washington DC.


Belgians have never really covered themselves in glory. :)

In fact the Belgian atrocities in their 19th century colony of the Congo , owe more to the current actions of the Western supplied ISIS than those of Mother Theresa.



AM Hants

That photo, is emotive and that is before you reach the article. Poor kids.

I wonder why Europe is meant to be civilised, when you look at all our leaders have done, under our names?


Yes, and when we consider that the photo is more than a century old, the photographer even in those harsher times realised how powerful the image was.

Pave Way IV

It won’t be long before the DRC finally gives back all that love to the west. Ebola. Congo-Crimea Hemorrhagic fever, Marburg, HIV, Monkeypox. See, the problem with those failed plantation states is people want to leave. DRC is getting to that tipping point that it will be worth it to walk six days to the coast, then figure out how to get somewhere else. The US is having that same problem with our old plantation states in South America, and they are bringing some interesting gifts for us when they arrive.


Wars have always resulted in mass migration of course, its just that as the world population grows, the consequence’s of mass migration are harder to accommodate.

Add to that , the fact that migrants with alien cultures that resemble the Middle Ages Europe are flooding to 1st World countries.

Notice that NONE have tried to migrate to Saudi Arabia :)

Tudor Miron

Gradual burial of green paper is ongoing.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia should have boycotted US goods and money since back in the 1920’s. http://ihr.org/

Hasbara Hunter


Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russian Arms keeping the world safe from U.S. aggression 24/7.


You can’t just leave all the work to Governments, individuals should also help, buy gold or silver. Destroying the US dollar is a bloodless way of ending the tyranny, and who knows, you might even make some money.

AM Hants

Plus avoid, or find another source of supply, to those 6 corporations and their off shoots https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3abde19b9bc024361fd586dd8834c398daed309727cae1e49199f1cbbf4ffb1a.png s, who control the media.

Xoli Xoli

Macroni of France Merkel,Trump,Erdogan and Satanyahu always blame Putin and then after meeting him pretent to be friends just before boarding their planes their changes and betray Putin.But Putin never learns he dies receiving a phone call from Trump.He feels so good when it appears in news papers that he received a phone call instead of rejecting phone call and prefer open discussions.

AM Hants

Guess you have never heard of manners or courtesy? President Putin, himself has stated, when people ask why he is so polite, to those who discard Russia. That he represents ‘Russia’ and the people, so to disrespect others, would be him insulting his nation and his people. Manners cost nought, but, seriously show your class.

May is on her way out, yet, she has a book to write and sell, before then. So who does she need, for some photo opportunities? The icon of the 21st century and world’s leading statesman. She is begging for a conversation with him, over at the G20 summit. With her diary empty and his full, so hope he avoids her, like one would avoid the plague. You notice, when the Obama crowd, were facing redundancy, they too need a photo of themselves with President Putin, to flog their books. Where would Clinton be, if she could not blame President Putin for everything, despite Bill pocketing over $500,000, when she flogged 20% of Uranium One to Russia.

Do love today’s headlines, from the President Putin interview with the Financial Times. Isn’t that owned by Murdoch?

Liberalism ‘has outlived its purpose’ — President Putin speaks exclusively to the Financial Times Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to FT editor Lionel Barber about foreign affairs and relations with the UK in an exclusive interview at the Kremlin… https://www.ft.com/video/a49cfa25-610e-438c-b11d-5dac19619e08

Xoli Xoli

You must be a journalist a true one thanks.

AM Hants

No, just a simple housewife, who is cheesed off with current affairs and how they play the people.

Xoli Xoli

There is no manners on war.It’s eye for an eye my cheese girl.

AM Hants

Russia is not at war with anybody. Manners, as I say, cost nought and sadly seriously missing in Western Politics. They also show class, no matter what station in life you find yourself in.


The JewS$ is a big problem. And dedollarization is part of the solution. The US needs to be dejudified so that there are no more American Jews. And former Jews are freed from this vile blood sucking pedophile rape cult. To help bring about the end of Israel and the end of Jews so that the planet is Jew free.

AM Hants

Another reason the US don’t want Turkey to get the S-400, or India come to that.

Have Russia stopped using SWIFT and the $US, where energy trade is concerned? No doubt, will not be long, before that happens.

Dr. Azlan

A good altenative payment system to the SWIFT.

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