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Russia: “Some Members” Of UN Security Council Oppose To Сondemnation Of Terrorist Attacks In Damascus

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Russia: "Some Members" Of UN Security Council Oppose To Сondemnation Of Terrorist Attacks In Damascus

Security forces outside the Palace of Justice, a historic building in Damascus, on Wednesday, after a suicide bombing inside. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Following the Wednesday terrorist attack in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Russian Foreign Ministry released the following statement:

On March 15, Damascus suffered a terrorist attack.  A suicide bomber blew himself up in the Palace of Justice near Al-Hamidiyah market in the old part of the city.  Over 30 people are reported dead and about 70 injured. Later, another terrorist chased by police blew himself up in a restaurant in the western part of the Syrian capital. In addition, more reports are coming out about neutralised explosive devices planted by terrorists in other districts of the city.

We condemn this terrorist crime, which is obviously timed to coincide with the Third International Meeting on Syria in Astana. We express condolences to the victims’ families and wish a rapid recovery to the injured.

It should be noted that our attempts in the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution condemning the last large-scale terrorist attack in the Syrian capital on March 11 were not supported by several partners. We believe that the unwillingness to respond to terrorists killing Syrians with the same degree of unconditional condemnation with which the international community responds to terrorist attacks in other countries represents a double standard, which calls into question the commitment of those who apply this double standard to the cause of eradicating terrorism on the global scale. Such double standards encourage terrorists to commit new barbaric crimes and undermine efforts to separate the Syrian armed opposition from ISIS, al-Nusra and their accomplices.

We urge our partners to consider counter-terrorism efforts, in Syria or any other country, as a priority requiring special attention and international consensus, considering the tragic and destructive consequences that can result from any tolerance of this universal evil.

Anyone following the conflict knows these “partners” who oppose to a condemnation of terrorist attacks against the  Syrian population.

Earlier this month, Russia submited a draft statement of the United Nations Security Council condemning the March 11 terror attack in Damascus [a double suicide bombing], which reported killed some 70 people. But Moscow faced a stiff opposition from Western powers and were pushed to recall its draft resolution.

“Thus, the politically-motivated position of a number of its Western members made it impossible to reach consensus on the Russia-initiated draft press statement condemning the hideous terror attack in Damascus on March 11 that claimed, according to the latest reports, more than 70 lives,” the Rusian Foreign Ministry commented the situation.

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Anyone surprised?

Gary Sellars

not in the slightest…


Sunni Islamist suicide bombers, self-detonating in urban centres, are the US/ EU’s own – self professed – worst nightmare, terrorist scenarios. Yet US/ EU leaderships stay absolutely silent every time it actually happens in downtown Damascus – performed by the very Sunni Islamist’s – Al Nusra/ Al Sham – that NATO and GCC have backed for seven years.
Their hypocrisy is absolutely breathtaking – basically, Sunni Islamist terrorism is both facilitated and acceptable, when deployed against another state the US/ EU opposes.

john mason

How about naming those that apposed instead of having us guessing. Russia really needs to wake up and finally recognize the fact that the West and US are not going to befriend nor cooperate with Russia, Iran or Syria and it would be beneficial to have China play a larger and more meaningful role.
When the terrorists finally turn on their masters, Russia needs to stay well out of it.

Jean de Peyrelongue

Why not applying sanctions on the countries supporting terrorism ?

Samuel Boas

I do not see America, Israhell and Saudi Isrelia put sanctions on their own and their buddies.

Jean de Peyrelongue

I agree with you but in requesting sanctions you are pointing at the bad guys and that is already something they don’t like

gfsdyughjgd .

Wake up Russia this is for you for not going along with USA/NATO and EU hidden agendas.We ordinary people are just critics to this you Russia have the capacity and Power utilise it.Stop looking for budy budy or friendship because USA/NATO and EU want the total destruction of Russia as their economies are in severe collapsing stage. EU has already USA is about to crush forever.Stop Turkey before its too late because Turkey is like incurable disease it will ruin Syrian progress and plans.Turkey represent no one but itself at Astana peace process and still support terrorist which kill Syrian soldiers and wipe out Syrian civilian Kurds who have take up arms for self protection against them.The road to Raqqa and Hasaka is a secret road you better be careful.USA/NATO and EU created Alqaida,Al Nistra,Taliban and ISIS and UN knows now so what.

gfsdyughjgd .

The latest ISIS war was the proposal made by Erdogan and Monarchies of Saudi Arabia to EU and USA/NATO which their all agreed upon plans almost succeeded and Russia turn it upside down.This for Erdogan to down Russian jet to cause a war but likely USA/NATO distance themselves.Erdogan quickly form Arab coalition army with Saudis but still no one was willing to go first.Out of frustration he organised own coup to crook Russia intelligence get attention.Initial plan was we have Iraq oil,Lybian oil lets get Yemen oil,Egypt oil and Syrian oil.During this proses we make quick peace with Iran and later accused it of false flag nuclear attack and destroy it to have their oil.After that we drop all the oil prices for Russia to suffer with counter sanction.Surrounding Russia with NATO allies and Arab coalition army was part of the game but Erdogan become to greedy and fast and there by ruin the plans.But it is not yet game over Turkey will soon storm Manbij and USA will move out their way.and later put the blame on Russia for being attack by them.This just to have a reason to attack Damascus to eliminate President Assad.Ties will improve between Turkey and USA/NATO and Russia will be isolated and Turkey S-400 weapons defence system will be use by USA/NATO if the war start between any bordering country with Russia.


The only reason any government would oppose condemning a terrorist attack ate governments who sponsor terrorist attacks.

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