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Russia: “Some Members” Of UN Security Council Oppose To Сondemnation Of Terrorist Attacks In Damascus


Russia: "Some Members" Of UN Security Council Oppose To Сondemnation Of Terrorist Attacks In Damascus

Security forces outside the Palace of Justice, a historic building in Damascus, on Wednesday, after a suicide bombing inside. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Following the Wednesday terrorist attack in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Russian Foreign Ministry released the following statement:

On March 15, Damascus suffered a terrorist attack.  A suicide bomber blew himself up in the Palace of Justice near Al-Hamidiyah market in the old part of the city.  Over 30 people are reported dead and about 70 injured. Later, another terrorist chased by police blew himself up in a restaurant in the western part of the Syrian capital. In addition, more reports are coming out about neutralised explosive devices planted by terrorists in other districts of the city.

We condemn this terrorist crime, which is obviously timed to coincide with the Third International Meeting on Syria in Astana. We express condolences to the victims’ families and wish a rapid recovery to the injured.

It should be noted that our attempts in the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution condemning the last large-scale terrorist attack in the Syrian capital on March 11 were not supported by several partners. We believe that the unwillingness to respond to terrorists killing Syrians with the same degree of unconditional condemnation with which the international community responds to terrorist attacks in other countries represents a double standard, which calls into question the commitment of those who apply this double standard to the cause of eradicating terrorism on the global scale. Such double standards encourage terrorists to commit new barbaric crimes and undermine efforts to separate the Syrian armed opposition from ISIS, al-Nusra and their accomplices.

We urge our partners to consider counter-terrorism efforts, in Syria or any other country, as a priority requiring special attention and international consensus, considering the tragic and destructive consequences that can result from any tolerance of this universal evil.

Anyone following the conflict knows these “partners” who oppose to a condemnation of terrorist attacks against the  Syrian population.

Earlier this month, Russia submited a draft statement of the United Nations Security Council condemning the March 11 terror attack in Damascus [a double suicide bombing], which reported killed some 70 people. But Moscow faced a stiff opposition from Western powers and were pushed to recall its draft resolution.

“Thus, the politically-motivated position of a number of its Western members made it impossible to reach consensus on the Russia-initiated draft press statement condemning the hideous terror attack in Damascus on March 11 that claimed, according to the latest reports, more than 70 lives,” the Rusian Foreign Ministry commented the situation.



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