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Russia Softens Its Stance On US Withdrawal From INF Treaty?

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Russia Softens Its Stance On US Withdrawal From INF Treaty?

FILE IMAGE: Mladen Antonov/AFP

US National Security Adviser John Bolton has explained the US decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” TV show aired by the Rossiya 1 TV channel on Ooctober 28.

In the interview, Lavrov stated that Bolton informed the Russian side that the US is now mostly focused on the Asian direction where Washington seeks  to compensate the “unfair” INF limits imposed on the US in the field of the intermediate-range nuclear forces. According to Lavrov, Washington requested Russia over the involvement of China, Iran, India and Pakistan in the INF-style agreement. However, Moscow responded that the US has to contact these states by itself.

Lavrov recalled that ten years ago the US and Russia suggested other states to joint the INF Treaty, but the answer was negative.

The Lavrov remarks in the interview with Rossiya 1 is a notable drop down in the Russian diplomatic rhetorics on the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty. Earlier, Russian top diplomats stated that the US decision is a significant step undermining the regional security and Moscow will have to undertake practical steps, including developing technical measures, in response to it.

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Russia has no misgivings about US’s withdrawal from INF, the emperor found out he was naked and left the scene to find some clothes to put on.


Two days ago Benjanyahu visited King Qaboos of Oman. It means that he also became the member of child butchers gang. Those that have relations with Wahabistan, Israel and West will be declared child butchers.

John Whitehot

“The Lavrov remarks in the interview with Rossiya 1 is a notable drop down in the Russian diplomatic rhetorics on the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty”

It’s a very loose interpretation.

Certainly Lavrov nor anyone else did not state that Russia will renounce to deploy INF-related weapons following the US withdrawal from the treaty.

In fact, Russia refused to comply with the US request to pressure other countries to adopt INF treaty.

The old zionist dream to make appear Russia as a crypto-ally of the US so to put its real allies like China and Iran against it is destined to never happen in reality.


The zionists must be rather retarded to make it appear that Russia is a crypto-ally of the US, in present view realities whereby US is sanctioning Russia ad infinitum while trade with China is getting close to 100 billion a year.
Kinsinger’s dream was to pivot either Russia or China towards US strategic interests, however, that dream has become a pipe dream in view of present day political and military realities. Russia and China are pressing for a multipolar world and they are not going to be manipulated by a desperate empire that has little to offer.

John Whitehot

“The zionists must be rather retarded to make it appear that Russia is a crypto-ally of the US”

They are, or better yet, their problems are unsolvable to the point that they only have retarded options. In this regards, every time they take a “retarded” decision, they increase the amount of negative things happening to their side.

“Kinsinger’s dream was to pivot either Russia or China towards US strategic interests”

Actually, only China. the US always considered Soviet Union as its sole enemy, and it allied with some of history’s worst criminals for that reason.
Examples are the wahabists and the military/fascist juntas they supported in Latin America. In that regards China was a solid option – but don’t forget that this “alliance” has always been overstated by the US medias.

the “nixonisation” of international relationships of the 70ies is not possible today. The US is every day more alone in its attempts at keeping most of the world under its shackles (actually to force on others the same shackles they are subjected to).

and as you said, Russia and China have made their homework, there’s nothing the US can offer them (also considering that they seldom honor agreements) to break their strategic alliance.

the sooner the US realize it’s over, the better for the whole world – and when it happens, perhaps they could start looking at ways of free themselves from the swamp they have put in charge of their country, and being less hated by the rest of the world.


“The Money,” or the “Zionists”, have already moved to China.
China’s economy has slowed to 6.5 % growth, the US and EU is 2 % or less.
Aryans are to be thrown under the bus, a NATO verses Russia and Iran war.

Blackwater has been hired by China for the Belt Road security.
It has conveniently set up in western China, within easy reach of the Shan Burmese and Afghani heroin production, and there is even talk of “privatizing” the Afghani “humanitarian intervention” by the US. Eric Prince could be set up to be paid billions to take over the heroin trade, or at least provide cover for the Sassoon , ‘family’.

John Whitehot

“”The Money,” or the “Zionists”, have already moved to China.”

The money may have, the zionists certainly haven’t.

China is not going to ever be used as a tool for jewish finance agendas, rest assured.

Didn’t ever heard a Chinese with a name like Finkelstein or Goldberg.


I personally think modern day zionists are a horde of billionaires that goat rich by the massive theft offered by globalization. These thieves did not use brain power or creative business concepts to become billionaires, therefore their forplay into politics and becoming arm chair warriors and strategists are froth with their limited intellectual prowess driven by emotional decisions and self grandeur.

Kissinger who advocated a pivot to China in the early seventies to wedge an alliance between two communist giants was understandable considering Russia’s and China’s role in the Vietnam war that frustrated American military effort.
It is the same Kissinger today that is suggesting a pivot towards Russia to contain emerging Chinese power.
Nixon was a statesman with a strong political vision, the role of the US economic and financial power was almost at its heyday, in spite of the oil crises triggered by OPEC, unlike today when the US economic and financial power is significantly ebbing, along with the moral compass of its society.



It has long been a tactic of America’s top security people to seek every way they can to separate China from Russia.

Bolton certainly embraces the notion.

You can call me Al

Lavrov made it quite clear – “However, Moscow responded that the US has to contact these states by itself.” ….. nothing to see here, just smoke and mirrors.


Russia leadership should be strong enough to defend his country and his nation. The Russia leadership Weaknesses could not only create troubles for own country and nation rather the entire world will be destabilized.

You can call me Al

What effing weakness ?.

John Brown

Cancelling the treaty is of much more benefit to Russia then the USSA.
The cancellation is airmed more at China.


why? Does usa have borders with china?


USA rules the world don’t you know.
Remember Mrs Obama referring to the President of the world?


been an idiot is a birth defect or you intentionally are stupid? please do not respond to me.

John Whitehot

cancelling the threat is the most detrimental thing to Europe.
The closer EU countries to Russia, the most detrimental.

we’ll see which countries will agree to host US intermediate range nuclear weapons, when they’ll start asking them.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes and they well soften even more after nuking the ones who cause the global problems and their stooges.


Treaties such as the INF benefit the weak.
Russia knows that the US is lying, but it already has the wherewithal to quickly produce enough medium range missiles to turn the whole of Europe into an ashtray. The US will struggle to build modern missiles, so this will further Russia’s military superiority.

Kelli Hernandez

US only has old equipment and ZERO new innovation projects that would upgrade & provide new weapons. The DofD is missing 6.5 TRILLION dollars stolen by wespons contractors, the political elite & corporate plunderers.

We have bombs and guns.
Russia is light years ahead and on not a stolen budget filled with waste abuse and FRAUD.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

“The Lavrov remarks in the interview with Rossiya 1 is a notable drop down in the Russian diplomatic rhetorics.”
Is Lavrov getting ready to be conned again?
But, could anyone be able to laugh when the violent and expansionist US stations nuclear missiles in Warsaw, Narva and Khakov?
Absolutely amazing trust is being displayed by the RF leadership. Amazing!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I really hope that Lavrov speaks softly using warm diplomatic words, while Putin and Shoiugu carry the BIG STICK.
Or we are all stuffed. Nuclear stuffed.

Kelli Hernandez

NATO VASSALS willing to play along, subjecting their populations to nuclear attack, yet EU citizens IGNORE this threat to them by their own leadership.
Fucking STUPID.

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