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Russia Slams “Provocative Statements” By NATO Secretary General

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Russia Slams "Provocative Statements" By NATO Secretary General

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

On April 4, A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mariya Zakharova, came with an official statement slamming recent “provocative” remarks by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Provocative statements by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (source):

In his remarks to the US Congress, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg mentioned Josef Stalin in the same breath with Adolf Hitler and ISIS, and said that “Stalin could not have been deterred with words.” He was attempting to form some absurd historical-logic chain.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has already commented at a high level on that stupid statement. Specifically, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko noted that people in Norway were burning with shame at Stoltenberg’s words yesterday, as the Red Army liberated the country from Nazis.

I would like to add two remarks to this eloquent assessment.

First, the Norwegian people greatly appreciated the Red Army’s contribution to the liberation of their country. I think the problem is that all of them are simply poorly educated. The quality of Western education is a big myth as we can see it from the UK example. Many Western politicians are known for their absurd and stupid statements that have no relation to facts. I would like to recall what King Haakon VII of Norway said in his October 26, 1944 radio address: “We have been following the heroic and triumphant struggle of the Soviet Union against our common enemy with admiration and enthusiasm. It is the duty of each Norwegian to render maximum support to our Soviet ally.”

The NATO Secretary General is a Norwegian. Moreover, I hope that he knows that the Red Army liberated a northern region of his country – East Finnmark – from Nazi invaders. In that operation 2,122 Soviet service members were killed in Norway. How are we to assess the statement of a person who heads a major military-political organisation, on the one hand, and is a political figure, on the other?

Second, if Stoltenberg cared about the fate of the world, the civilian population or people’s suffering then, especially as he was addressing the US Congress, he would have done better to recall US President Bill Clinton or NATO Secretary General Javier Solana, who directed the bombing of Yugoslavia. How did he miss them in that logic chain? They were the right people to speak about. How they dropped ordnance on peaceful civilians. For example, not a word has been said about the NATO’s – in particular the US’s and other Western countries’ – role in Libya. I have already mentioned George Bush, Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of victims. For some reason, Mr Stoltenberg did not say a single word about George Bush but he should have. I attribute it all to a poor education.

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Concrete Mike

Scathing ouch!!


Whenever I see a pic of Stoltenberg he looks totally emotionless, like a dead man who won’t lay down.
Do the Americans keep him drugged, or has he always been a zombie?


he’s a fully fledged idiot, with no hard talent except that papa was in the norwegian government


What else would a bought and paid for mouthpiece say to his employers?

Everyones education taught us who were the victors of WW2, so that is not why he says these things.

He is a fascist, plain and simple.

Jason De Larue Samuel

Wow very nice lesson thk a lot


You do not become secretary general of NATO without being 100% vetted and approved by the US. The position is only awarded to European politicians who have shown themselves to be 100% subservient to US foreign policy. The Netherlands supported the US invasion of Iraq solely so our then foreign minister Jaap de Hoop Scheffer could get this job. And it was presented in parliament that this act of pure vassaldom would give the Netherlands more international clout. Like this job means a fuck. The SG of NATO has no influence whatsoever, all the really important positions, like the military commander, are being held by US generals. It’s a token figurehead. Affirmative action for Europeans.

Brother Ma

True. Leader because of slavish devotion to Uncle Sam and dumb as a bag of hammers.That gets you high up in today’s world.


You have to be slavishly devoted to the Empire, I agree, but dumb? Nobody rises that far in politics by being dumb. And they know that they are not going to have much of a career in international politics once their national career has ended without being loyal to the Empire.

Brother Ma

Presidential -looking Eunuch and dummy..Stoltenburg,perfect for his position.

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