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JUNE 2021

Russia Slams Israel Over Use Of Indiscriminate Force Against Palestinians

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Russia Slams Israel Over Use Of Indiscriminate Force Against Palestinians

Israeli soldiers are seen next to the border fence on the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza border, as Palestinians protest on the Gaza side of the border, Israel April 5, 2018.. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS)

On April 9, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) slammed Israel over the deteriorating situation around the Gaza Strip:

“Considering the absolutely unacceptable use of indiscriminate force against civilians, we again call on the Palestinians and the Israelis to abstain from steps that will provoke the further escalation of dangerous tensions”.

The Israeli army is trying to suppress protests on the border with Israel – the “Great Return March”, which started on March 30. A total of 30 Palestinians were killed in two weeks of tremendous protests.

The MFA also noted that on April 9, the Israeli Air Force had struck facilities in Gaza with several rockets.

Moscow stated that the main cause of this violent confrontation had been the absence of any progress towards a long-term and fair Palestinian-Israeli reconciliation. Russia supports a transparent investigation into these incidents.

The MFA went further by saying that urgent measures and special political efforts are needed to deescalate tensions and achieve a sustainable peace between Palestinians and Israelis based on a relevant international legal foundation.

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>>Moscow stated that the main cause of this violent confrontation had been
the absence of any progress towards a long-term and fair
Palestinian-Israeli reconciliation.<<

And there will never be any progress, because Netanyahu doesn't want to make a single concession and the US will approve and rubberstamp anything that Israel does. And shield it in the UNSC from any possible resolution or sanction.


The regimes of other countries particularly regimes of Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Wahabi and so on, all are silent on the massacres of Palestinians, Yamanis and Kashmiris because they are taking weapons and blood money as loans from Netanyahu butcher through Washington, London, World bank, IMF etc.

These are all moronic terrorist leaders of this world.

Don't read butthurt replies

Arm the Palestinians or have Hezbollah fight for them. Which one?


For I moment I thought “Russia slams Israel” by flattening that airbase with some thermobaric goodness. Instead it’s more “We condemn in the strongest possible terms”–yeah like that will deter the jews. The master strategist Putin surely knows that those F15s were just probing, right? Let them get away with it and you’ll have the whole Empire coming to Syria for a visit; is that what you really want?

Brad Isherwood

Unless Putin is Secret Globalist. …..lick Rothschilds dinner plate clean.
It’s gotta be difficult to endure the Sanctions, …hourly media hysteria, …and F’ing Jews who advise this and that…. while Russia is humiliated.
I’m hopeing Putin is getting to 11:59 with these rats …and turns on them big time!

Russia has done Nothing. ……to deserve such global unity…. Malice.


“Russia has done nothing” indeed, but “deserve” has little to do with it. This is an amoral game where only the strong survive, and Russia’s sin is only to project weakness, to give the impression that Russkies can be pushed around with impunity, which *of course* leads to more and more of the same.

I think/hope I don’t have it in for jews specially, but why can’t the rule just be “terrorists striking Syria get all smacked equally, whether they are jewish or not”? Wouldn’t that be only fair?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Best comment I have read all month lol


If Israel pushes its luck, Lebanon will get Russian Air defences.

And Russia could move into Gaza in a Responsibility to Protect mission. . . To protect the people of Gaza from Israeli Terrorism. . .

Brad Isherwood

Excellent…..it’s a beginning.

Israel is a Terrorist State under Netanyahu. ..
Gaza has AK 47,….some old Gen ATGM snuck in……and resolve.
Decade + back. …Hamas studied IDF routes. …set a big IED in a culvert which physically turned a Merkava over during explosion.
Israel is afraid of the Gazans….hence the Gulag and shoot children in a field with Merkava tanks.

Gazans need technology…
SISI of Egypt is paid for Cuckold of Empire……difficult for Gaza to get technology.
West Bank Palestinians have Israel and US bought off… sock puppet leaders.
It’s probable the Sands of the hour glass run out on these traitors
Jordan’s Palestinians have access to weapons and technology which can appear in West Bank and Gaza .
Israel’s enjoyed a party of control for far to long.
Israel’s bad day is just around the corner : )



I believe all this fuss about the fake chemical attack in Douma had just one goal: To divert attention from Israelis’ crimes against unarmed Palestinians, murdering them by snipers and such. Now Russia does the exact same thing which the empire of crime wanted to avoid!

At this stage, I don’t think there will be any attacks by US and it’s partners in crimes against Syria, but they would certainly continue to rattle their knives and bring foam to their mouths to keep the situation turbulent, until the Israeli actions are forgotten.

The next few days will show if I’m right or pathetically wrong!

jerry hamilton

I would say you are spot on. I am thinking it too.
When something big happens, it is usually to hide something bad.


Since when do the Israelis give a rip about what the Russians think. And this coming from a nation with censorship laws and rampant voter fraud.

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