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Russia Signs New S-400 Contract With Turkey, Prepares To Deliver First Batch To India

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Russia Signs New S-400 Contract With Turkey, Prepares To Deliver First Batch To India

Coverage provided by 2 S-400 missile defense systems and radars. Click to see full-size image

On August 23rd, Russia signed a contract on the delivery of a second batch of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey.

The two sides were currently discussing the financial terms, according to the Head of Russia’s state arms seller Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheyev.

“The contract has been signed,” the chief executive said, replying to the corresponding question.

The sides are now discussing “the financial arrangement of implementing the contract,” he specified.

The Rosoboronexport chief said that the timeframe of implementing the contract would depend “on our partners’ readiness to finally resolve the procedural issues with the financing of this project.”

The US continues to strongly oppose Turkey operating its first S-400 missile defense system.

Recently, U.S. senators proposed to legally allow the Pentagon to buy out the S-400s already supplied by Russia to Turkey in order to prevent them from being put on alert, threatened with sanctions and promised that if Turkey would continue with the purchase and operation, then Ankara’s bans from the F-35 fighter jet program will not be lifted, as well as receipt of Patriot defense batteries would not happen.

In response, against the backdrop of all the threats and sanctions, Ankara went and bought another S-400 system.

This is unlikely in direct relation that Turkey wants to oppose the US, but rather, in view of the situation in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey is faced with a conflict with a whole group of countries, including NATO countries, is forcing Turkey to abandon the declared line with a stake on its own weapons and urgently buy modern weapons on the side.

Separately, India will receive its first regiment of Russian S-400 air defense systems in 2021.

This was reported by “Interfax”, referring to the official representative of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, Maria Vorobyova.

It is noted that in the future, an acceleration in the supply of the next batches of the systems may be discussed.

“The timing of the contract has been discussed in detail with our Indian partners, and the delivery of the first regiment is expected by the end of 2021. Further acceleration of the delivery of the first batch from the system is technically impossible, since there are objective, technology-related stages of production, acceptance and transfer of equipment,” she said.

As reported, the contract for the supply of S-400 to India worth $5.43 billion was signed in early October 2018.

The USA is also warning India not to purchase Russian weapons, and threatening with sanctions, but so far, no concrete actions have been undertaken. Even if they are, it is unlikely that India adheres to any calls to cancel the purchase.


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US will be crying impotent sanctions and making more friends.

Ashok Varma

Western weapons are expensive and come with political strings attached. Russia has been a friend of India since independence and its friendship is real. US is a bully that threatens friends and foe alike. India is now again, the largest purchaser of quality and tested Russian weapons.

King Cliff

I’m surprised the United State of America didn’t sanctions Turkey yet,it apparently Turkey is taking on independent steps and the seeking to control they airspace,they adventuring in Libya, seizing land in Syria and will start drilling for oil in Greece territorial waters and next they will close the USA airbase in they country . Tukey is displaying power and they are projecting it…Im sure the United States of America will impose sanctions to slow down the Turkish economy in a great level.

Albert Pike

Turkey is doing the US dirty Zionist work. There is no reason to sanction anybody who will be part in in the great Ka-BOOM…

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, the Zionists fear a powerful Turkey as much as Iran.

Zionism = EVIL


Albert Pike

By the way there is a Türkish General, who wrote a book:

‘A few months (September 2019) before the NATO summit in London, the retired Turkish major general Osman Pamukoğlu published a book entitled “The Third World War – When and between which powers it will take place”, which made waves in numerous countries. According to Pamukoğlu, the US would set up a worldwide coalition in the future to take military action against China and its allies. Russia will be an important part of this coalition as Russia is doing everything it can to prevent China from expanding its influence in Central Asia and Siberia. “It can be assumed that there will be the USA and Russia on one side and China and India on the other,” said Pamukoğlu. In connection with the positioning of the Europeans and Turks, he explains that both Europe and Turkey will clearly be on the side of the anti-China alliance. “China is trying to buy time by taking political and economic steps. And the US uses sanctions as an instrument, because time is working against the US, ”he says.’ https://translate.google.co.za/translate?hl=en&tab=wT&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fdeutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de%2F501390%2FTuerkischer-General-Der-Dritte-Weltkrieg-steht-vor-der-Tuer

Not that I knew before, but Ex General Pamukoglu is a Dönmeh descendant…

Zionism = EVIL

There is no doubt in my mind that the Americunts will try to weaken China as much as they can, but taking on a nuclear power with 1.4 BILLION mostly homogeneous Han Chinese is not as easy as destroying Iraq or Syria. A war against PRC would spell a rapid end of the Americunts.

Albert Pike

Jeep – Deagel. com says so too…

Tommy Jensen

Nato dreams…………………….LOL. Everything they planned went up in smoke. The West is technically bankrupt today and they cant lay down neither China or Russia. So instead they went to cannibalize themselves, just to use their ivory tower and useless forces to something.

Albert Pike

Well – half of his weapons are from Israel. All his modernised M60Tanks electronics are made in Israel.


Also Turkey is with his Dönmeh leaderchip a Jewish controlled state meaning what today is black will be white tommorw – in an instant – so Israel orders it to be that way. And both have an interest in destroying Syria. And Turkey is Muslim Brotherhood – that’s Freemasonry and MI6 (England is also defacto a Zionist State, and has a cooperation aggreement with Turkey, regarding their secret services): https://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/505795/Tuerkei-und-Grossbritannien-steuern-auf-Geheimdienst-Allianz-hin

Zionism = EVIL

True, but no alliance is eternal. He is also buying Russian weapons. Nations act in their own interest, no alliance in history has withstood the test of nationalism.

Albert Pike

Did you ever read ‘The next 100 Years’ von George Friedman?


There is a lot of stuff in there which is ‘the plan’…

Tommy Jensen

Friedman from 2009. Its easy to see today it developed almost precise opposite of what he predicted and opposite of what was the Wests’s plan.

Ashok Varma

Friedman has been largely wrong on most things. His predictions on India have proved to be fantasies as well.


And what makes you so sure that they will not use the sanctions after all?! They already do sanction them actually.

They have excluded them already from F-35 program (which is set back fro Turk aircraft building industry) they are blocking them from selling attack choppers to Pakistan. They are blocking them to get spare parts for their F-16’s and to get upgrades for those jets as well. They are blocking them to get spare parts for just about any weapons systems of US origin…etc.. So what else do you want that US nukes Turkey maybe?!

Lone Ranger

They sanctioned them. U.S. wont sell the Flop-35 to Turkey, which is actually a win for Turkey :) They wont sell THAAD or Patriot either.


THAAD or Patriot, two more absurdly expensive nonperforming POS weapons systems that anyone other than a gutless & cowardly cucked vassal-state would reject as a bad joke.

Turkey dodged a bullet there :-)


The worst thing the US could do would be sanctions on ‘ Donor Kebabs’s ‘


I’m not surprised … Turkey is vital to NATO. Turkey can misbehave all they want and all they’ll get are threats and bluster because NATO needs Turkey more than Turkey needs NATO.

Turkey is the second largest army in NATO. Her position in the alliance is cannon fodder … I mean you don’t really expect good christian boys to actually fight and die on the front lines against the Russian hoards do you?

The white boys fight in command bunkers, on special forces teams, onboard ships and eight miles high in aircraft. It’ll be the Turks along with Eastern Europeans like the Poles and Slavs they order to charge forward and blunt the Russian offensive to buy time for the white christian boys to get their shit together.

Tommy Jensen

Off course we fight in the Command bunkers because we are more intelligent than them.

Should we send cotton pickers, cabbage loaders and vodka maniacs to lead our Space Command Centre?? Give me a break.


Desperation is the key to creation. US refused to sell its drones to Turkey, and Turkey surprisingly developed quiet good systems. Thus Russia is indirectly helping Turkey to develop its Aerospace Technologies (F35ban), and Air Defense systems (Patriot ban). Perhaps with a goal of lowering Turkish dependence on western technology.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia has succeeded in weakening NATO to the level of a non-functioning entity. Half of NATO vassals are in conflict with each other or actively planning conflicts. Small puppet Arab pimps like UAE are now being used by NATO to undermine Turkey as UAE’s airforce (or lack of it) is training with Greeks for a future conflict against Turkey.

The United Arab Emirates is sending warplanes to the southern Greek island of Crete for joint training with Greece’s air force for a potential conflict with Turkey in Libya, officials in Athens have confirmed.


Russia IMHO had little role in weakening NATO. NATO lost its function with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, and still could not find a proper new reason for its existence. This very fact lead to the weaking of NATO.

Zionism = EVIL

That is a fair comment. However, the Americunts and Jew media are fanning acute Russophobia and Sinophobia to justify flogging a dead NATO carcass.


” used by NATO to undermine Turkey as UAE’s airforce (or lack of it) is training with Greeks for a future conflict against Turkey.”

We Greeks have trained many !! Even the Turks themselves, since Turkey is STILL in NATO. But this is different….and others to use us as meat for their cannons, to teach a lesson in Turkey. Anyone who wants to dismantle turkey..let send his own children to die .. !! We Greeks do not we shed our blood for anyone anymore. As for NATO, it will be disbanded soon.

As for the Russian-Turkish friendship …. in 2050 Turkey will have surpassed Russia in population. And this is something that in Russia, Russian nationalists take seriously. In Russia, the population has shrunk by at least five million since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and according to Russia’s statistical agency Rosstat, the rate of decline will accelerate.


Meaning that Turkey is falling victim to overpopulation, and Russia isn’t. Russia has vast natural resources and sources of untapped wealth, and they don’t have to support a large population of useless eaters. They are on track to being an intrinsically wealthy nation. Turkey? Not so much.

Modern war doesn’t need vast horde armies, and Russia reserves the right to use tactical nukes should anyone be so butt-fuck stupid as to try to invade them with a large conventional force.


Russia has 148 million people and counting strong,either way eugeddon soon:


If they continue like this … they will become a colony of China … just like Iran. Russia should not be “assimilated” by China.


And one more thing..The war between China and the USA will last for a long time. No matter how the war starts, it will almost certainly disrupt trade and investment patterns around the world.


Begone dumb psefti!


Hush Stupid CUNT!


Those officials are deep state cocksukrs,I doubt greece as the enemy of china/russia: Putin,Trump and Xi will destroy that strategy for good,no future in any war nor eu-epp!


Perfect news. Turkish-Russian cooperation is developing in several areas. Just like in 1919, when Lenin helped Ataturk against the western imperialism. The aggressors were England, French, Italy and Greece back then (Look at the Treaty of Sevres). Now they’re the US, France, Israel and Greece. They’re trying to steal Turkish territorial waters based on Seville Map (made for eastern Mediterranean) which violates all of our rights and which is inconsistent with the international law. The main difference with those times is that the Turkish Army was totally disarmed and our population was halved after Balkan Wars and WW1, but nowadays we’re ready to encounter any of them.

Zionism = EVIL

Turkey’s future is in Eurasia and NATO is an imperialist dinosaur without any value or mission, but only serves as a neo-imperialist warmongering organization. Pepe Escobar who is quite clued in comes to a similar conclusion.

Russia aiming to realize Greater Eurasia dream

The Russian role will be to balance the hegemonic powers, as a guarantor of a new union of powerful non-aligned nations and aligning with Turkey and Iran serves its strategic vision.


Exactly, they’re too afraid to see Turks, Iranians and Russians collaborating with each other on such important issues by strengthening their ties. Look at how Mossad started black propaganda against us lately:) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/loose-cannon-turkey-is-rattling-its-neighbours-72032kp0z https://greekcitytimes.com/2020/08/20/israel-says-turkey-is-a-bigger-threat-than-iran/

Zionism = EVIL

I know, the puppet Arab Bedouin puppet Wahhabi cunts of UAE and Saudi arseholes media is doing a 24/7 anti-Turkish campaign, previously the morons focused on Iran mostly, not both are daily targets of impotent bullshit.


” and aligning with Turkey and Iran serves its strategic vision.” ..

.This is the strategic vision of China. !! And not of Russia .It is no coincidence that China has sided with Iran and Russia. Both Iran and Russia have a great advantage that China does NOT have, they have UNLIMITED natural resources. !!! remember what you told us ??

” Russia is basically weak, it lost in Afghanistan even when it was the USSR with 250 million people. There are now almost 140 million multinational states under the full control of the Jews who control politics and political security. Putin was a third-rate Major in corruption in a failed KGB. The corrupt Putin and the Jewish oligarchs who control him have only one agenda. To keep the wealth for themselves and to protect the Zionists, even at the cost of Russian lives. Russia has the potential to be a great country, but it has been betrayed by pathetic “leaders” throughout history.”




Keep going. … you’re entertaining us MALAKA.!


China has, but it does have nuclear weapons. But it is ruled by a deeply nationalistic, authoritarian regime with a history of barbarism towards its citizens. It has territorial claims that conflict with those of other countries. However, China is a giant with busy problems, with many deep, systemic problems. Some of these problems – especially technological ones – are being solved. The demographic issue is not. And that’s the biggest reason why the paper dragon is not a big threat to the rest of the world in the long run.

This ONE child per family … will be the one that will destroy her in the long run. China will grow old before it becomes rich. The same demographic wave that has given China plenty of work will soon also make the country the largest retirement home in the world. Today China has 16 retirees per 100 employees. Forecasts show that the increase to 64 retirees per 100 employees by 2050 will result in China having an older population than in America.

This has an indirect – but serious – effect on China’s defense. Most Chinese do not have retirement benefits and in old age have to rely on personal savings or family … with ONE CHILD BUT this will not be possible … when there is only one child to care for two parents


What a load of bullshit. Is that you Gordon Chang?


It’s a fascist eu-epp cocksukr(period) very low iq:


Go back to your cave monkey man.


Save the kweer euro bullsht for nazis and lgbtq,fascist low iq millenial troll! China has 1.4 billion people,the worlds most dynamic trades and 2 kids per familys,which proves you pseftis is the weak greek penk,not spartan (period)


Can you tell me, who is he next to the Iranian … and what is his relationship with China ??But you are such a fool that I do not think you know..


Rhodium 10

The problem is that Turkey change friends frequently…and maybe one day S-400 is deployed in Black sea under command of NATO…the reasons for its sale are purely commercial..if Turkey have S-400…then Irak, Egypt, India, Iran, Libya, UAE and even Saudi Arabia..will want to buy them…


This is not an ordinary weapon sale to be simply classified as commercial. It’s an indication of a strategic partnership. S-400s are bought to be used against western aggressors, not Russia. I believe they’ve already secured themselves from such usage of the missiles (for instance after a coup supported by the US), by contract.

Davide Herzog

…” strategic partnership “….Siria is the main partner of Rus Fed in the region and if it wasn’t for RF nato , israel , turkey and saudi already had conquered the country and killed millions human beings .

“S-400s are bought to be used against western aggressors, not Russia”….this is ridiculous ! What about when ruaf and saf will start the liberation of Idlib ?!?!?! Will the s-400 not be used by turkish ….?! Did they promise it to RF ?…….


We already have active S-400s which weren’t used during the latest Saa offensive or the airstrike to our army. Personally, i’m not happy to see our soldiers in those useless observation points. Hopefully Idlib problem will be solved peacefully and those places will be restored soon.


Idlib will be solved when the Wahabbi freaks are exterminated. Turkey needs to accept that Idlib is not Turkish territory, no matter that ethnic Turkomen live there.


Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head. However, I would still say it is only partly commercial, but also has geopolitical reasons.


you infer that the Russians are dumb enough to sell Turkey S-400 without somehow modifying them? haha, how naive of you. The Russians are smart enough to NOT fully trust Edgougan.


The Turks get export-grade S-400s. They won’t be capable of targeting Russian military aircraft with Russian IFF. The S-400s will recognise the aircraft as Russian and won’t lock on.


A system this advanced is partially dependent on satcom integration to operate at full capacity. Russia may not have a kill switch. But it does have the ability to limit the satcom integration that these units require for full functionality.


Insanity of the highest order,i just hope one day they are not used against Russian aircraft,only sense this would make is if Russia has left most of the components out.

Антон С

S-400 can’t intercept hypersonic missiles.


And russia being the only military active with qc pass,hypersonic missiles,well you know.


They serve to engage in others spectrum signals,russians know what they are doing(period)

Tommy Jensen

Russia again stirring up International aggression and hostility against the United States and the Free Usury World, against world peace and our freedom.

Assad must stay

iran, iraq, syria, and gaza/palestinians need S-400 more than anyone else, especially torki, they should be the last counry that gets them

Mustafa Mehmet

Assad must piss off now

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