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Russia Shows Wreckage Of Trump’s “Smart” Missiles Intercepted In Syria

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UPDATE: According to the April 25 press briefing by the Russian military:

– only 22 US, French, British missiles hit their targets;

– 46 missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems covering the capital of Syria and Duvali, Dumayr, Blai, and Mazzeh nearby airfields;

– 20 missiles were intercepted in three areas of the responsibility zone of air defense of Homs;

– a part of the missiles failed to reach their targets by different, apparently technical, reasons.

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On April 25, the chief of the Russian General Staff’s main operations directorate Colonel-General Sergey Rudskoy held a press briefing debunking the Pentagon’s version of the April 14 missile strike on Syria.

During the press briefing, the colonel-general showed wreckage of the intercepted missiles and said that one unexploded Tomahawk cruise missile and one high accuracy air-launched missile launched by the US-led bloc had been delivered to Russia.

He added that according to the updated data only 22 missile hits on targets in Syria can be confirmed.

Earlier the Pentagon said that the US, the UK and France had launched 105 missiles and all of them had hit their targets in Syria.

The Russian military says that 71 missiles were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense Forces.

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jerry hamilton

I do hope the Pentagon are enjoying these posts.


I know I am!


And me :)

leon mc pilibin

Very smart missiles OK,to be able to get delivered to Moscow, free of charge.Their stupid threats are based on dumb weapons,ha ha ha ha

Против Глобал

Serbian Military Technical Institute also got their hands on two Tomahawk missiles in 1995. It was when NATO attacked Republika Srpska (in Bosnia and Hercegovina), and those two missiles malfunctioned and skidded on the lake without damage.

We never produced a copy of the missiles. I suppose our army found that they are nothing special. But we did found out that in the last guidence mode (when it reaches the area of the target), it switches from GPS to thermal guidence. So placing heat sources can fool the missile into hitting it.

neil barron

Me two jerry,Quisling Odumbas Generals why don’t you just resign because you don’t like Trump anyways.

paul ( original )

I am glad this has happened. Do I think the western media will report it? Well possibly but in a manner that will just dismiss it. However, I do think this will have some effect. There will be embarrassment in military and political circles and some journalist might even pursue the story and challenge very meekly the pentagon’s narrative .


If they show this in the west I will be astounded. They would have to question the western military liars, uh, experts, statements, which would mean either they are all liars or that their military hardware lied to them. Some will get to see this though…as they haven’t completely outlawed RT yet. The emperors clothes are becoming transparent and it’s not a pretty site…yuck!

paul ( original )

I also don’t hope for much. Throughout Europe there are still many news outlets. I don’t think any of them are independent, but may be some will comment on this if only to dismiss it.

Richard M

A pleasant wish, but Western media is Orwell’s Ministry of Truth on steroids. This is why CNN and similar sites are demanding total censorship of any dissenting views.

paul ( original )

Yes but they may report it as a Russian propaganda attempt. That’s the sort of thing I had in mind.


I am sure they will Rob but as the saying goes ‘ You can fool some people some of the time but not all the people all of the time ‘.

I would think that prospective buyers of US/NATO weapons will be looking very closely at all of this :)

Richard M

I agree with you. Their first tactic is to ignore dissenting views, next they ridicule dissent…..When they actively attack you and your views, you know that you are striking fear in their hearts.


Western media may report it. However, they never will make publicity about it, that it, fast information whoever can catch it, and that is (not discussion or debate, not mentioned any more).

Thomas Wolsey

Trump missiles are smart enough to be able to refuse to hit the target.


The US attack was meant to be much larger but because of so many missile losses they ended it early.

jerry hamilton

Ha ha ha. I know they played cat and mouse with a British sub. Chased it. lol


Good to hear! Trump is as smart as his missiles! That raging lunatic is a loose cannon. Congress needs to reel that arrogant imbecile in before he does something really “smart” and starts a military confrontation with Russia, a confrontation our military will lose with a staggering loss of those dumb kids known as “troops” for no good reason.

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