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Russia Showed STUPOR Portable UAV Suppression System Used In Ukraine

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Russia Showed STUPOR Portable UAV Suppression System Used In Ukraine

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The Russian military showed its STUPOR portable UAV suppression system in service with the servicemen deployed in the Ugledar region in Ukraine.

This special gun of Russian production was developed by the LLC “Location Workshop” (“Lokmas”) in Moscow. The developer has designated this device as a “portable complex of electromagnetic and optoelectronic suppression of unmanned aerial vehicles for civil purposes”. STUPOR entered mass production in 2016.

The system is aimed to disrupt the correct operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, land or surface systems. It can target any remotely controlled equipment equipped with radio communications and surveillance cameras. STUPOR can suppress the transmission of data and commands over the radio channel or interfere with surveillance using on-board optoelectronic devices. One of the methods of counteraction is to suppress radio control and communication channels. Due to the relatively high power, the interference jams the control channel, and also do not allow the drone to transmit information to the operator console. It is also possible to suppress the signal of navigation satellites, as a result of which the UAV loses orientation and cannot continue performing the task. To disrupt the video shooting, it can use an integrated laser emitter operating in the visible range.

It allows to stop the UAV on the route, return to the starting point, landing at the place of loss of communication, etc. Depending on the type of target and its characteristics, jamming takes at least 4 and no more than 30 seconds. Thus, the system is completely safe for people and does not cause physical damage to the target.

The total length of the system is 1.16 m, the weight in the working position is 5.5 kg. The system has its own battery of the required capacity and the system can work for 4 hours. It can hit a target at a distance of 2000 meters.


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System look good, BUT have a VERY short range. A lot of drones fly above the 2000 meters distance, one of them even at more high. Is a must to make a more powerful system even it became more heavier and need a point into ground. The article not tale, but by picture, result the need to align the system into direction of the drone, witch need to see the drone first (or detect it using other devices…) .


This device is a portable version of the static variant that has been spotted a few times in the rear line of the Russian Armed Forces. This is useful in deterring small commercial drones, often used for artillery spotting and light reconnaissance. Ukrain is lacking large drones that fly at high altitudes currently due to Russian air defenses and airforce, missile strikes, and insufficient maintenance due to lack of spare parts and technical ability both in terms of knowledge and facilities to repair and maintain any surviving drones.


Correct large drones flying at a mile or more high must have powerful engines and be capable of existing in a lower oxygen atmosphere as well as having much more expensive camera & location systems , a much more relevant fact is those portable jammers are able to BLOCK US satellite signals by interruption of the transmitted frequency from satellite to drone. As you say the much larger versions can block out military planes and ships -as has been demonstrated.


Spot on. Ukros have insane amount of these small recon drones. This war showed importance of drones in modern warfare, not just a bit overhyped attack drones (like Baryaktars) but these cheap recon drones.

Ed Theman

I think this is used for consumer drones that may fly low to scout out areas near the front lines. The drones will return back home if they lose signal so the operator will just collect them.

I fly drones snooping on my neighbors all the time and they probably would like something like this.


watching your neighbor’s daughter?😃


Good enough for bandera-shit!


It’s not made for military drones. Commercial drones can’t go up 2000m. It’s only for commercial drones, which Ukies are using because they have no money and no real drones.

Peter Jennings

If a Su-24 can disable the USS Donald Cook with a flyby, Russian tech should already have an answer to the high flyers.


Cool, now send all STUPORs to the defenders of DPR in order to protect Russian lives.


I would like to see this weapon crash and burn these drones at the point of interception.


Cool toy. Wonder what the per units costs are in relation to the downed drone values.


Haven’t found the price of one as the company deals with the Russian MOD not the public but having found a Russian military website it pays for itself long term as it can be charged .run from a car battery or even mains electricity -doesn’t “wear down ” with age .on the optical side uses a laser interruptor and/or radio jammer including MILITARY closed frequencies . Uses Glonass or the Chinese satellite locators and military satellite frequencies – withstands rain /or adverse conditions – lightweight tested in Syria/Armenia .


Impressive, sounds like a lifetime warranty :)

Wayne Gabler

I don’t need one, where can I buy one??


I’m surprised that there are no air to air fighter drones.. Or tanker drones.. Oops!!!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXsuuQufQGo Boeing are developing unmanned fighter planes with artificial intelligence guidance systems.

Be the good.

😀😀mr putin and zelensky sit in the office with remote in hand then fight each other like we played games.


I need one of these to disable all the bloody weaponized 5G towers and the IR wifi tracking street lights around town.

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