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Russia Should Prepare For “Bloodbath” In Case Of Escalation With Ukraine: Kiev’s Deputy Chief Of General Staff

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Russia Should Prepare For "Bloodbath" In Case Of Escalation With Ukraine: Kiev's Deputy Chief Of General Staff

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If hostilities start, Ukraine will arrange a “bloody bath” for Russia, Lieutenant General, former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko said in an article for Glavred.

The Ukrainian military leader noted that Russia has allegedly been “pulling troops” to the border for the past several weeks.

“Of course, they are preparing for hostilities, but if Putin starts a war, then a” bloodbath” awaits him in Ukraine and the seizure of territories will not end,” Romanenko asserted.

Earlier, the American publication Politico published satellite images, which, according to it, show the deployment of the Russian military assets “on the border with Ukraine” – in the Smolensk region, which does not actually border the country.

“In general, a new concentration on the border is dangerous, and Ukraine, if necessary, needs to be ready to declare martial law,” the article stated.

Kiev and Western states have recently expressed concern over Moscow’s alleged “escalation of aggressive actions” near Ukraine’s borders. In turn, the Kremlin stated that Russia is moving troops within its territory and at its own discretion, but does not threaten anyone and no one should care.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is closely monitoring the situation near the state border with the Russian Federation and in the “temporarily occupied territories of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

“The facts provided by Ukraine’s intelligence agencies are being confirmed during information exchange with our partners on the security situation around Ukraine,” the ministry said.

According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense (the country’s military intelligence) as of early November 2021, a nearly 90,000-strong group of troops (forces) has been amassed near the Ukrainian border and in the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

These include troops of the 8th and 20th armies of the Southern and Western military districts, as well as forces and means of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. In addition, separate units of the 4th and 6th armies of Russia’s air force and air defense force are based close to the Ukrainian border.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, “two army corps of the Russian occupation troops have been deployed and now operate in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

In the second half of 2021, Russian Armed Forces Command conducted near the Ukrainian border a series of large-scale command and staff exercises. They involved troops of the Southern and Western military districts, as well as separate units and subdivisions of the 41st army of the central military district and the air assault troops. After the completion of these operational and combat drills, units and subdivisions of the 41st army remained in the European part of Russia, in particular in the area of ​​Yelnya, Smolensk region, some 260 km from the border with Ukraine.

No mention, however, was made of the numerous NATO exercises carried out along Russia’s borders.


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AM Hants

Cracked up laughing. Guess the idiot missed out on the cauldrons of 2014 and that was just Kiev trying to fight the miners and farmers of Donetsk, with a little NATO help. Now how did they work out? Merkel legging it to the Kremlin, the only place the NSA could not eavesdrop on her conversations and that led to the Minsk Agreements.

So if Kiev want to take on Russia, give it 5 minutes, before they are vaporised. Think they have over done it on the good neighbours friendship act, owing to the demands of $oro$ and friends.

Rhodium 10

The only bloodbath is about 10.000 Ukrainians soldiers dead for nothing!

The Objective

TB2s will wipe out a good chunk of the forces deployed on Ukraine’s borders. This is a fact since No Russian air defense systems can effectively deal with them. Even if Russia manages to shoot down many TB2s using their fighter planes, this will not happen until considerable damage has been done to the sitting ducks on Ukraine’s borders. The drones will also guide Ukraine’s artillery and missile fire. This will be very very very different from 2014.

AM Hants

Anybody noticed the spin on words, coming from Kiev, the Media and the Statecraft/Integrity Initiative/Open Information Policy (77th Squadron – Bill Gates trolls) crowd? With regards Russia sending troops to Ukraine borders, which also happen to be Russian borders. What does Ukraine mean? Borderland.

Russia is moving their troops to the borders of Ukraine? Which borders? The borders of Russia, where they are one of the few Governments that believe in defending their borders. Can the UK say the same, with regards the dinghy tourists that turn up from France? Can the US say the same, when you look at their borders with Mexico, and all that are coming in. So why is it so bad for a nation, to send troops to defend their own borders? When the idiots next door, are using Turkish Drones, in order to take out whatever they can, close to the Russian Borders?

Anybody remember the cauldrons of 2014 and what that was all about? Ukraine going for round 2, when they have not even picked up the bodies, decaying in the Monsanto compost, 9special ingredient), from 2014 (many NATO members joined them).

Lone Ranger

I hope the cia provides enough bodybags for ukropisstan.
Lot of dead ukropnazis will need it.

The end

Waste of plastic, toxic for the nature…

The Objective

Yeah, and you’d better be ready to stop the MAM-Ls.
Southfront automatically puts a picture to my profile. The picture is not me and I won’t stop posting on this form. It looks like a Turk, but I’m not Turkish. so what the hell.

Last edited 24 days ago by The Objective

Russia historically doesn’t do a lot of invading. It has a defensive military strategy. That said it does recognize vacuums and adroitly fill same when that can be done at little cost in blood and treasure. Crimea in 2014 is perfect example. In the chaos of the political turmoil on Ukraine, Putin adroitly took back arguably the greatest strategic prize since the collapse of the USSR: Crimea and Sevastopol, and with virtually no violence.

So keeping in mind that lines of actual control can be maintained for decades without bloodshed, look for Donetsk and Luhansk to stay in the current indeterminate state for the foreseeable future and for Crimea to stay Russian.

Putin will gain nothing by invading Ukraine and there would be a bloodbath. He won’t do it. Totally not a Putin move.

the jimmy legs

he will gain ukraine and get rid of the NAZIS

The Objective

I am hoping that he does it. I think the Ruskies need another humiliation at the hands of Turkey’s little killer birds.

the picture on this profile is being put forcefully by Southfront. It’s not my picture.

Last edited 24 days ago by The Objective

the neo nazi’s live in an illusionary world

Last edited 24 days ago by md101

If there is a bloodbath just make sure its Nazi blood.

Lone Ranger

Georgian trolls said the same in 2008.
Russia beat them in 5days.

Last edited 24 days ago by Lone Ranger
Peter Jennings

The barking of a nato puppy.

The end

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, “two army corps of the Russian occupation troops have been deployed and now operate in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

I presume the abundancy of proof for such statement is everywhere, but still illusive only to me… or is it just some bad set up of letters on SF side?


Those clowns said Russia had invaded in 2014,they haven’t arrived in Kiev yet,if Russia had invaded Kiev would be target number one to cut out the Nazi growth thats taken route.

Peppe il Sicario

This cuck clown Romanenko should worry more about what his wife’s doing than Russian troops on the border. He has at least some chance with his wife, none with the Russians if they are provoked and invade. It’ll be over before it started.


But, hang on, Mr Igor Romanenko, if Ukraine chooses to ‘arrange a bloodbath’ – by sending forward yet more hapless Ukrainian army conscripts to their unnecessary deaths – Russia certainly has no obligations to clean up the Ukrainian’s own bloodbath mess!

Last edited 24 days ago by BobbyDazzler

Poor ukros they dont any chance against Russia. If war starts the russian army will reach as far as Lvov in a few days.

L du Plessis


kuchma dumbocracy

in a real conflict our vodka pickled soldiers will defect to Russia



I think it is highly unlikely Russia would want to bathe in the inevitable Ukro-nazi lakes of blood … urinate in them yes, but bathe? I think not.


George Kovachev

Well, from a certain perspective it’s true – a lot of Ukies will die, in case of escalation. I guess this qualifies for the word “bloodbath”.

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