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Russia Setting Up Military Bases Across Northeastern Syria, War Report

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Russia Setting Up Military Bases Across Northeastern Syria, War Report

Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out more than 40 airstrikes on militants’ positions in southern Idlib, northern Lattakia and southwestern Aleppo. According to pro-government sources, the resumed airstrikes were a response to the recent offensive actions by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its Turkish-backed allies near the town of Kbani. Pro-militant media outlets as always claimed that the strikes hit civilian targets only.

Local sources report that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical groups are currently deploying additional artillery pieces and military equipment in northern Lattakia. So, a new round of escalation could be expected in the area soon.

The Russian military reinforced its positions near the town of Ayn Issa, where a coordination center with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had been established. The deployed reinforcements included several military vehicles and dozens of trucks loaded with ammunition and equipment.

Meanwhile, reports appeared that Russian forces established a military garrison near the Qamishli airport. Pro-militant sources claimed that this is a part of ongoing efforts to use the facility as an airbase for operations in northeastern Syria. Nonetheless, this is unlikely. Apparently, the Russians were there in the framework of the efforts to propel a reconciliation process between the SDF and the Damascus government.

US President Donald Trump has approved an expanded military mission to ‘secure’ Syrian oil, the Associated Press reported on November 6 citing “US officials”. The decision allegedly came after a last Friday meeting between Trump and his defense officials. The details of the plan is still being worked out. Nonetheless, even without this decision, the US is already building up forces in oil-rich areas in eastern Syria. So, the key question is how many US personnel and how many US-linked private military contractors will be deployed there.

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the ghost of Edna Cintron

right then. the russians were actually invited into syria by the syrian government, unlike uncle samuel who set up the ISIS terrorists in an effort to overthrow the legitimate syrian government.

and now we have the trump, once again talking out of both sides of his mouth, stated that “we are withdrawing US troops from syria”, while simultaneously transferring more troops, probably from iraq, into syria and setting up yet more US bases around the syrian oil fields and claiming “all this syrian oil is for US”.

Toronto Tonto

I bet they feel right at home in that shitthole .

John Wallace

Another erudite comment that amazes us with your depth of knowledge. Thanks.

Toronto Tonto

Anytime dik head.

John Wallace

The only dik head is the dildo you shoved up your arse ..Do you squeak when you walk or have you lubed the dildo. Have a nice day gormless


not so funny, kind of depressing, bad troll

Rodney Loder

Trump securing the oil is just a play Trump is making to appease his base, they like to feel dominant but don’t want to take losses, probably they can’t at the moment but the party of war is the Clintons making a come back to control the Democratic party as the de facto rulers, this is the greatest danger.

If the SAA wants to avoid a conflict with the US, which Russia would not support, it can by agreement wit Brother Erdogen, although the SAA has got control off the S-300 air defence systems maybe they could go it alone, certainly it would destroy the US armaments industries, Assad will likely consider this a bridge too far.

After Trump is reelected or if the Hillary gets her candidate in this confrontation will happen anyway.

Brother Erdogen could move against the YPG, SDF and the US would move out as they did in October.

The US desperately needs to hold on to Turkey, holding on to Turkey is more important to the US than party politics.

So it would be a swap for Idlib, I don’t think Brother Erdogen converts Syrian resources he wants the Syrian Refugees resettled in Idlib and Western Syria.


Trump’s base doesnt care about Syrian oil; the US doesnt need the oil; most of Trump’s base would just rather be completely out of the whole region.

Commandeering the oil is about propping up the Kurds, but more than that, it’s about denying the resources to Damascus, and holding onto bases where the ‘Israelis’ et al can interdict suppies to Hezbollah.

Rodney Loder

The Kurds are Commies and Muslims there is no sympathy for Kurds in GOP politics, that’s the stamping ground of the Progressives,Libertarians, Gay Pride, Anarchists and Zionist jews even real Jews but not Conservatives.

Trump’s supporters just like to see him acting like King Kong, they think everyone outside of the US is unable to confront them militarily.

Its addictive behaviour, its a psychological militarism type complex similar to the Japanese fanaticism prior to 1945, the Trump supporters that don’t succumb to its gross attitudes think that they have to pretend to or be throw out of the club.

I know, I’m on OPP where it’s really tough going, like Che Guevara said it’s struggling in the heart of the beast. .

John R

Congratulations , Rodney , you just overloaded the circuits on my stupidity meter.

Rodney Loder

There is no question of it, PKK is Communist Ocalan is Communist and it’s his picture almost every Syrian Kurds keeps at home, KDP (Turkish Kurdish Party ) is Socialist but Socialist in the US is no different than Communist, I’m a Stalinist not a Communist, that’s why I’m liked on OPP.

Tommy Jensen

We won again.

John Wallace

typo , ank not on

Hide Behind

There are already a large number of US contractors within Syria’s Kurdish held areas. One must remember US and Foreign based Security and Advisory personnel contractors do not go through US Military budgets but through US State Department, but they are not in any nation to primarily act as combat troop but to protect US and European assets, oil fields, pipelines, logistical suppliers, and yes other financial/Corporates personnel and facilities. They are not supposed to take part in military offensive operations but that is one very blurred line. The killing of out of control US cowboy mercs by Iraqi civilians led to the US massacre of Faluja iraq, and they had directions from State and military on who and which religious factions they could use as live fire targets at will, all with what amounts to Diplomatic Immunity. Foreign assets take over management of all occupied rebuilding of Infrastructure and use those National Governments profits to pay for rebuilding; much along same lines as is done by TWO and World bank, cause poverty then loan funds that will insure beggar nation must privatize by their organizations insuring beggar nation never can fully recover. While Kurds may lay claim to oil fields they will be the ones to see least profits from those fields. Where do all the baddies arms come from, where made and shipped into country by? Turkey has a huge armaments industry, that while not of highest tech as to missles planes and armor, they purchase foreign, up to artillary, short range rockets and superb military grade smaller weaponry, they cannot of produced all bad guys needs. Herstal of Belgium F’N is Europes third largest arms builder and exporter and is jointly owned Private and Kingdom of Belgium owned. They own US firms Winchester and Browning rifles and build M-16, and militarys SAW and multiple models of mini-guns for ship and air + Armor with factories world wide. Do they have contractors, yup, but theirs are called Advisory Personel and NGO’s.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

russia should set up bases around all US bases in syria, surrounding them hahaha


http://www.sott.net/article/423027 the silly amerikan empire will collapse by 2030

Toronto Tonto

That’s long after Russia does dumbass .


crying child: pozadi amerika

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