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Russia, Serbia Continue ‘Slavic Shield’ With Another Joint Military Drill (Videos)

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After condicting the ‘Slavic Shield’ joint military exercises in Serbia, Russian and Serbian forces started the BARS-2019 tactical drills.

“Pilots of the Aerospace Forces of Russia and the air force and air defense forces of Serbia will conduct a joint flight and tactical exercise “BARS-2019″ in the Astrakhan region.

The opening ceremony was held at the airport Privolzhsky ( Astrakhan).

The exercise involves joint crews of the two countries on MiG-29SMT airplanes and Mi-8ATMSh helicopters. The drills involved over 10 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

As part of the training, pilots of the two countries will perform flights as part of mixed crews, and also fulfill missions, including intercepting air targets, air combat, elements aerobatics, the use of aircraft armament on ground targets, as well as landing of airborne units and search and rescue support,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on October 30.

On October 24-29, Serbia and Russia conducted the Slavic Shield 2019 drills. This included the deployment of long-range S-400 and short-to-medium range Pantsir-S systems in Serbia.


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Jacob Wohl

if the Serbs attacks Kosovo or Bosnia again, no amount of S400s or Russian Air Defenses will be able to protect them from the US Airforce and NATO :-]

Black Waters

Look, a wild hasbara has appeared with their fictional crap, now… go back to your cave.

Jacob Wohl

tell me, how effective were those outdated prehistoric SA3 in 1999? USAF only lost 2 fighter jets in 3 MONTHS, meanwhile Serbs used over hundreds of missiles with only 2 interceptions. Great accuracy


How effective was all that air bombardment? They broke practically nothing. It was a disaster. Don’t be so spaced out. Learn something.

Rhodium 10

Tell me How effective is a ring of 80 Patriot battery deployed around Saudi gas/petrol fieds refinery…if they have failed to intercept a 27 drone/ cruise missile attack?…no single drone or cruise missile ( KH-55 copy) have been shot down!


Sorry their Israeli shitstain, you last in Syria get over it, that you pathetic plans are over.


We understand … Due to your parents’ negligence, your head hit the door as a child. Please do not stop taking your medicine, because your illness is dangerous to many people.

Peter Bozich

The U.S and their transgender armed forces had no balls to put troops down into Serbia during the criminal bombing campaign. You totally over estimate U.S power.


“Attack Bosnia again”

Wow, son. You certainly eat propaganda up like it is porridge. (((They))) unleashed the Muslims against the slavs and the Serbs fought.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Should change his name to Hitler in his bunker eating crow.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Adolf and Jacob are polar opposites. One opposed the globalist-zionist and fought to free nations against the UK-empire.
The other worships the UK-empire and Israel and NATO.comment image

Rhodium 10

Turkey deployed S-400 and USA fled from the border…


Tough talk from a bunch of pussies who got their ass wooped in 2006 and 2014, go back to fucking solomon kupek no I mean Toronto tonto.

Jacob Wohl

In 1999, those old soviet SA-3 SAM weren’t effective whatsoever against the US Airforce/NATO. Only 2 fighter jets were shot down in 3 months! US satellites detected over 150-200 SAM launches! That’s at least an interception rate of 2/200 which is 0.01-0.015


lol …….. here there sparky, an S-125 system shot down an F-117, thereby killing the program. So, for the price of a few missiles, a very expensive to develop and maintain US system, with potential future contracts of billions, if not tens or hundreds of billions in value gets toasted by something that was in development in the 1950’s. Think before you write stuff kid.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

He knows full well what is what, as you say. That’s why he’s creative and over ambitious in his statements.

Rhodium 10

Serbian dont use massive SAM among other reason the UN weapons embargo besides they fear a non fly zone after the war like Irak!…remember that US&Allies lost 72 aircraft in less than a month during desert storm operation 1991….among others there were.. 3 Navy F-18, 2 F-15E, 5 F-16, 4 AV Marines Harrier, 5 A-10, 2 F-111, 3 A-6, 7 Panavia Tornado…..


Oh again I puked on my key board get rid of that picture Israeli fagot.

Daniel Martin

Just keep on training and evolve your skills my Slavic brothers, may God be with you!

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