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Russia Sends Specialists and Equipment Against COVID-19 To Bosnia and Herzegovina


Russia Sends Specialists and Equipment Against COVID-19 To Bosnia and Herzegovina

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On April 9th, Russia will deliver airplanes to the Republika Srpska (part of Bosnia and Herzegovina) with assistance to combat the coronavirus.

The Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina announced it on the day.

“In connection with a request from the Republika Srpska leadership today, during the day, special planes are planning to deliver assistance from the Russian Federation to the Banja Luka airfield to combat the coronavirus,” the diplomatic mission representative said.

The number of victims of the new coronavirus in BiH on April 9th increased to 35, the total number of infected reached 823.

A more active spread of the virus in recent days has been observed in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (also part of BiH).

Earlier, the Republika Srpska introduced a state of emergency on its territory in connection with the coronavirus.

Similar measures were taken in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the authorities introduced a state of emergency.

On March 28th, it was reported that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia would cooperate in the fight against COVID-19.

The decision was made during a telephone conversation between Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Serb member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik. “Minister Lavrov promised assistance from Russia, the supply of medical materials needed to combat the coronavirus, for the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Milorad Dodik.

The politician also said that “he asked the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry to help ensure the availability of medical supplies and medicines from Russia for MS and BiH, which is especially important in the current situation when we are fighting against the coronavirus epidemic and when we are denied EU funds.”

Earlier, assistance in the fight against coronavirus was requested from Russia by Serbia.

On April 3rd and 4th, Russian Air Force aircraft delivered to Serbia 87 Russian troops, including physicians, specialist virologists of the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces, special medical equipment, as well as protective equipment and 16 units of military equipment.

Russian medical and nursing teams work in Belgrade, Chupria, Valev, Novi Sad, Niche, Kragujevac and Kikinda.

On April 7th, The Armenian Ministry of Defense announced the arrival of Russian military specialists in the country who are there to assist in combating the spread of COVID-19.

“According to the agreement between the heads of the Russian and Armenian defense ministries and within the framework of assistance from the defense departments of the two countries, a team of Russian specialists arrived in Armenia to help combat the spread of coronavirus,” the report said.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the team of military specialists of the Russian Federation is equipped with a mobile laboratory to study the disease caused by coronavirus.

“This will allow conducting appropriate preventive work in the Armed Forces of Armenia and at the 102nd Russian military base,” the defense department of Armenia noted.

The Russian specialists in Italy are receiving patients and assisting their Italian colleagues, as they’ve been doing for more than 10 days now.

Currently, four countries have requested and received assistance from Russia in the fight against COVID-19: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Armenia and Italy.




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