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Russia Sends One More Military Police Battalion To Syria


Russia Sends One More Military Police Battalion To Syria

Source: mil.ru

Moscow has deployed an additional military police battalion to Syria.

The battalion was send from the Russian republic of Ingushetia in order to boost security of military personnel during operations in the war-torn country, according to Ingushetia leader Yunus-Bek Yevkurov said on Monday.

According to Yevkurov, servicemen will focus on protecting personnel of the Russian air group and the Center for Syrian reconciliation.

It is the second battalion of the Russian Military Police deployed to Syria.

In December 2016, Russian military police servicemen were sent to the city of Aleppo to maintain order on the territories liberated from militant groups.

More info about the Russian Military Police can be found here.



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  • Dink Smallwood

    Trying to have some security outside of Iranian paid forces.

  • Derapage

    Assad has no more manpower to set up checkpoints. He is in trouble.
    Terrorists come from all over the world (encouraged by Western countries) to join the fight since the Syrian borders are open while he has no replacements. It is the fifth year and ISIS is still fighting, jihadist groups are still fighting. Where do they get ammo, drones, pick-up, vbied and missiles?
    Iraqi army fights only to Mosul but half of northern Iraq is ISIS. Why does Iraqi force not open multiple fronts? This matter is getting beyond a joke.

    • VGA

      The iraqis have obliterated ISIS, dude. By the end of the year there will hardly be any presence of ISIS in Iraq…

      And the influx of foreign fighters has dropped dramatically. Everyone has manpower problems now, even ISIS.

  • Ronald

    Its about time , the greater the Russian presence , the less likely the Americans will try to embed themselves . This time when they take Palmyra , or Deir Azzor , guard it with a police corp and keep the troops on the perimeter . Get some presence there quickly , before the yanky war machine is even tempted to a last ditch attempt at Syria . Syria is the Russian sphere of influence , Iraq is the American

    Let the US presence in Syria , be minimal !