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Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy As Chaos Spreads Across Europe


The Russian Aerospace Forces are forming a special air group to deploy Russian medics and supplies to rescue Europe from the COVID-19 crisis. The deployment will start in Italy on March 22.

Russia will provide teams of doctors, protective gear and medical equipment to Italy to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision followed an appeal by Italian PM Giuseppe Conte during a phone call with Vladimir Putin.

“In response to a request from the Italian side, the Russian president confirmed his readiness to promptly provide the necessary assistance and outlined the specific parameters [of what Russia can offer],” the Kremlin’s press service reported.

Eight mobile teams of Russian military doctors and virologists, automotive complexes of aerosol disinfection of transport and territory, as well as medical equipment, are set to deploy in Italy.

Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy As Chaos Spreads Across Europe

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The Russian response came in time as EU bodies and ‘American partners’ of the NATO and EU member state, Italy, appeared to be unable to provide any real assistance, or just do not want to do so.

There are already at least 4,825 deaths in Italy. This the highest number around the globe. Furthermore, there are only 6,072 people recovered from the COVID-19, while the total number of cases was 53,578. For example in China, 72,440 people recovered from the COVID-19, while  there were 81,054 cases. The European health care system demonstrates its inability to contain the crisis.

The situation is slightly better in other Western states, like the US, Spain, Germany, and France. So, there is no surprise that chaos is spreading across the West. MSM and Western diplomats are trying to keep the siuation under the control accusing China, Russia and Iran of spreading ‘disinformation’ about the COVID-19 crisis. However, it’s hard to do so when the Russian Aerispace Forces create an emergency force to deploy Russian medics and supplies to rescue Europe, while the Italian Army is transporting coffins with coronavirus victims’ bodies out of its hardest-hit region, Lombardy, as overworked medics set up makeshift triage tents outside of overloaded hospitals.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called the crisis the “most difficult” in Italy’s post-war period and ordered all businesses and activities that are not vital for providing basic necessities to be closed until at least April 3.

Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy As Chaos Spreads Across Europe

Source: statista.com

Earlier, Russia delivered coronavirus testing kits to 13 countries. Public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said on March 21 that the Russian-manufactured equipment will be capable of conducting over 100,000 tests for Covid-19, and has already been used to track down the first cases of the disease in Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Moscow is due to ship kits to Serbia, Iran, and North Korea as well as to Egypt and Venezuela, among others.

The developing global economic crisis and COVID-19-related issues publicly demonstrated to the entire world that there is no unity and solidarity in the so-called ‘collective West’. The EU and NATO, led by the United States, have been blaiming and shaming ‘agressive Russians’ and ‘coward Chinese’ for years. The EU and the US imposed sanctions on Russia. At the same time, the NATO is increasing military presence near Russian borders. The US is openly preparing to defeat and destroy Russia and China. Key international defense treaties, like the INF, are collapsing because of actions of the US. The US best ally (after Israel) in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, is advancing on the oil market worsening the economic crisis and aiming to destroy economies of Russia and Iran. Nonetheless, it’s the Russians who come to rescue Europe in the face of the crisis, while the Washington establishment, the EU and NATO bureaucracy are mostly concerned with rescuing their own asses and finding an opportunity to blame somebody for their own failures.




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