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Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy As Chaos Spreads Across Europe

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The Russian Aerospace Forces are forming a special air group to deploy Russian medics and supplies to rescue Europe from the COVID-19 crisis. The deployment will start in Italy on March 22.

Russia will provide teams of doctors, protective gear and medical equipment to Italy to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision followed an appeal by Italian PM Giuseppe Conte during a phone call with Vladimir Putin.

“In response to a request from the Italian side, the Russian president confirmed his readiness to promptly provide the necessary assistance and outlined the specific parameters [of what Russia can offer],” the Kremlin’s press service reported.

Eight mobile teams of Russian military doctors and virologists, automotive complexes of aerosol disinfection of transport and territory, as well as medical equipment, are set to deploy in Italy.

Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy As Chaos Spreads Across Europe

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The Russian response came in time as EU bodies and ‘American partners’ of the NATO and EU member state, Italy, appeared to be unable to provide any real assistance, or just do not want to do so.

There are already at least 4,825 deaths in Italy. This the highest number around the globe. Furthermore, there are only 6,072 people recovered from the COVID-19, while the total number of cases was 53,578. For example in China, 72,440 people recovered from the COVID-19, while  there were 81,054 cases. The European health care system demonstrates its inability to contain the crisis.

The situation is slightly better in other Western states, like the US, Spain, Germany, and France. So, there is no surprise that chaos is spreading across the West. MSM and Western diplomats are trying to keep the siuation under the control accusing China, Russia and Iran of spreading ‘disinformation’ about the COVID-19 crisis. However, it’s hard to do so when the Russian Aerispace Forces create an emergency force to deploy Russian medics and supplies to rescue Europe, while the Italian Army is transporting coffins with coronavirus victims’ bodies out of its hardest-hit region, Lombardy, as overworked medics set up makeshift triage tents outside of overloaded hospitals.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called the crisis the “most difficult” in Italy’s post-war period and ordered all businesses and activities that are not vital for providing basic necessities to be closed until at least April 3.

Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy As Chaos Spreads Across Europe

Source: statista.com

Earlier, Russia delivered coronavirus testing kits to 13 countries. Public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said on March 21 that the Russian-manufactured equipment will be capable of conducting over 100,000 tests for Covid-19, and has already been used to track down the first cases of the disease in Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Moscow is due to ship kits to Serbia, Iran, and North Korea as well as to Egypt and Venezuela, among others.

The developing global economic crisis and COVID-19-related issues publicly demonstrated to the entire world that there is no unity and solidarity in the so-called ‘collective West’. The EU and NATO, led by the United States, have been blaiming and shaming ‘agressive Russians’ and ‘coward Chinese’ for years. The EU and the US imposed sanctions on Russia. At the same time, the NATO is increasing military presence near Russian borders. The US is openly preparing to defeat and destroy Russia and China. Key international defense treaties, like the INF, are collapsing because of actions of the US. The US best ally (after Israel) in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, is advancing on the oil market worsening the economic crisis and aiming to destroy economies of Russia and Iran. Nonetheless, it’s the Russians who come to rescue Europe in the face of the crisis, while the Washington establishment, the EU and NATO bureaucracy are mostly concerned with rescuing their own asses and finding an opportunity to blame somebody for their own failures.


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  1. BMWA1 says:

    That confounded Putin again!

  2. occupybacon says:

    The last part of the article, the bold text, destroys the whole message. It sounds like a comment made by ‘Hasbara Hunter’

    1. jade villaceran says:

      because most people specially from the west doesnt understand a thing.

      1. occupybacon says:

        The bitter language of hate

  3. Karen Bartlett says:

    Lord have mercy. Thank you, Russia and China, for sending help to other nations.

    1. Xoli Xoli says:

      Thanks for Russia and China. But Karen fear no more.God has solution he is going to make the least respected nations great before their Goliaths.Iran and Russia and many many nation which USA,BRITAIN,France and Germany discredit will eventually find the cure.Italy,Iran and China cases will drop dramatically in near closed future.The powers in Heaven and earth were given to Jesus the Messiah. Coronavirus and ochestrators will be defeated.Humanity trust Jesus Christ from his 19 strip we have received healing.Karen we will together celebrate the defeat of coronavirus and the enemies of humanity.

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        I believe that, too, brother. :)

    2. BMWA1 says:

      Kuba also

      1. Ronald says:

        This is addressed to Garga as one who might know;
        Why are the Iranians burning gas in Tehran that has such a high sulphur content.

      2. Karen Bartlett says:

        Yes, Cuba doesn’t have a lot of money but they have good doctors and always are willing to help other countries. God bless them.

  4. Redadmiral says:

    As has been identified by Japan, Taiwan and India, this Covid19 virus began in the US not Wuhan in China. However, The Yanki propaganda and mis-information machine was quick off the mark to frame the narrative and point the finger at China. That aside it has now been demonstrated beyond all doubt for profit health care systems are exactly what they are. FOR PROFIT and NOT FOR peoples health care. But what is really the cause behind this pandemic? The Yanki dollar while momentarily riding high on the exchange markets is now firmly on the chopping block. The Petro-Dollar is no more and it is only going to take a few months before all those criminal “Central Banks” that have been printing fiat money are on the verge of collapse. The Yanki Fed, the largest criminal banking system on the planet thinks that by throwing 5trillion worthless dollars into the black hole it will somehow or another prevent it’s imminent collapse. It will for as long as the illusion is talked-up. But there is more than one little boy shouting “the Emperor has no clothes”, so the next Big thing is to try and prevent all these little boys from being heard. The internet will be closed down, roits will begin the world over, mobile phone communications will stop. Marshall Law will spread from one country to another like Covid19. But just before this nightmare takes place Joe Biden will select Michelle Obama as his running Mate. Welcome to The Not so New Fascist rule by Force. Of course WW3 will erupt shortly afterwards. Seems We are witnessing the end of the daze and days too……..

    1. Xoli Xoli says:

      The God of Isak,Abraham and Jacob whom Israel Jews rejected.Will shake Basilica the powerhouse of catholic liars and sodomites and separate the I’ll informed Christians from this Pharaohs centre completely. Jesus in trinity is God himself who came from God and lived on earth in flesh to lead,experience and save the humanity.The world is going to be aligned for the world powers of greed and deception by Father God.Saudi Arabia is going to fall in its trap of flooding world markets with oil.USA wishes to make gain and benefits out of coronavirus infections will be doom.Out of desperation Satanyahu is going to wage a war against Iran to get USA involved with the hope to remain leading economic powerhouses which will end in total defeat and surrender. Whereby Satanyahu will be force to sign the seven years peace treaty which is a false treaty.Erdogan will be arrested by own army.Turkey will be destroyed by Syria and Israel will flatten Damascus before Israel false completely.

    2. roland says:

      Yea it’s got to the point where im wondering who’s going to push the button first

    3. Lone Ranger says:

      It’s a U.S. made bioweapon.

    4. Ronald says:

      Redadmiral you’ve managed to paint a very nasty painting, no wonder though.
      Michelle Obama as Biden’s running mate is enough to give anyone in the world a nightmare.

      1. Redadmiral says:

        Like most on SF just trying to read between the lines to make sence of the tea leaves in my cup. There are still a lot of folk in the US who solmely believe ‘Obama was a good guy’. And by definition his wife too. Obama has made threats to intervene in the undemocratic Democratic Primaries should Bernie threaten to snatch victory from from his younger adversary. However, the Democrats know from their polls, Slow Joe hasn’t a chance of beating Trump unless he has a glittering side kick and Obama ticks all the boxes. She is instantly recognisable, Princeton & Harvard educated, Keynote speaker for both her husband and HRC, ROOTS all the way back into slavery, will follow the party line to the Letter. And, while all that glitters is not gold, Michelle has at the moment a gold plated steel fist, so very scary but probably no worse than Pence. On the other stuff, can’t see Trump being able to prolong the Fracking Fiasco much longer with oil and natural gas being pumped into the market at less than half.the price it costs to produce shale. This can only mean that very soon $700 to $800 billion of Shale Bonds are going to Frack a very big hole in the Bonds Market. The ramifications of that will be far reaching. More importantly with MBS pushing the price of oil to an all time low the Yanki dollar’s value is not just over inflated it is de facto been decoupled from the “petro-dollar”. While the Fed are pumping $Trillions into the banking system the banks are doing what they always do in these instanced, stock buy-backs, mergers and acquisions, et cetera so forth and so on. Sorry for painting such a bleak & nasty picture. It is just the way it is and now with this coronavirus the Banksters and their Governments have a lame excuse to cash in their chips and head post haste to one of their bunkers ‘neath the Rockies. Hasta la vista….

    5. Peter Jennings says:

      Shadow gov’t has the cause and their pharma friends have the solution. Nice and neat.

  5. Kamīrusan says:

    Even if this doesn’t change anything for Russia in terms of relationship in the long term with the west …. doing the right thing is doing the right thing

    1. Хасен Жасем Халфет says:

      I say doing the right thing to your people is over doing the right thing to those who sanction you and your people. help paid for by taxpayer money that could be used to better a russian family’s life …

      I am not saying not to help them but unless this help brings some benefits I think it is a bad thing to help those who do not stop backstabbing you (Italian gov have been saying they want to end sanctions for a year… nothing happened… did not even recognize Crimea)

  6. Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0) says:

    Russkies preparing to ANNEX ITALY. If I’m wrong then I’ll delete my account.
    But I swear with full confidence we will see another repeat of the Crimea Annexation happen to Italy!

    1. Jakke1899 says:

      With a comment like that, i think Corona is rotting your brain away!

    2. Ronald says:

      It will be really sad to see you go Schwartz.

    3. Lone Ranger says:

      +25 matzo balls Shlomo…
      Bibi sends greetings….

    4. Garga says:

      That is what I consider as great humor.

      The sad reality is, this troll is not joking. He is just bored and wants to forget his itsy bitsy you-know-what for a few seconds.

      1. Ronald says:

        Garga, as one who might know;
        Why are the Iranians burning gas in Tehran that has such a high sulphur content.

        1. Garga says:

          Do you mean sulfur emissions? If yes, it’s high emission is not because of gas, but mostly by Mazut.

          Unfortunately, like many other things it’s because of the lack of insight and will in Rohani administration. Seems they are in a fierce competition with Trump administration to win the 1st place on the number of bad decisions or indecision.

          One of the biggest culprits in this regard is Tehran’s cement factory. It’s a very large plant that uses Mazut. They should have changed the fuel into natural gas more than a decade ago.
          We also have a couple of power plants near Tehran which use this fuel to generate power. Like the cement factory, they also should’ve changed the fuel. Not to mention Tehran refinery. These industries generate huge amounts of SO2 and H2S, but “some” officials like to say private cars are the cause of pollution, despite numerous times it’s been proven private cars’ part in Tehran’s air pollution is small. Like last weeks when traffic reduced greatly but the pollution went up.
          Another reason is aged public transport. Again, Rohani could renew all the buses in his 2 terms using domestic auto makers but instead he preferred to import them and as predicted, not a single new bus came in.

          A month ago we elected a lot of new MPs for a change and threw out many of the old ones. Hopefully when the new parliament is formed in a couple of months it will be different. in 15 months there will be a new presidential election and we can rid ourselves of this administration and choose wisely, someone who believes in Iran and it’s capabilities and doesn’t seek every solution beyound borders. In the meantime, if it wasn’t for Ayatollah Khamenei we were in a much worse situation.

    5. Concrete Mike says:

      Oh thank the lord the day is here, proceed to delete ALL your accounts now.

    6. Peter Jennings says:

      You mean, delete your account and immediately make another.

    7. Daily Beatings says:

      US already did this with the 7 military bases they have. WWII was more than 70 years ago. It’s time to leave.

      1. Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0) says:

        hey guess what? 2001 was 19 years ago, (felt like yesterday) and multiple that by JUST 3 and BOOM, it’s the 1940’s. time flies, 70 years ago feels like yesterday to the boomer generation

  7. Ronald says:

    The air pollution in the Po River Valley is so bad it apparently has been causing large numbers of ‘flu season’ deaths for a number of years.
    No wonder their Corona numbers are high.

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      And if you compare this numbers with COVID19 than it seems that latter is insignificant in comparison to simple flu. Yet, no one was crying aboud pandemic.

      1. Bru says:

        The big difference is that with SARS-Cov-2 (name of the virus creating the Covid-19 disease) there is an exponential growth. If unchecked the growth rate would lead to many millions of death.

        1. Tudor Miron says:

          This is what media is trying to feed you :) How does flue growth differ from covid19?

        2. Ronald says:

          Your right, as it is a ‘new’ item, caution is wise, 3500 dead is nothing to sneer at, but there is more in play here.
          Like Tehran, if they don’t get their air pollution under control, numbers like that make Corona only one of many problems.

        3. Peter Jennings says:

          Nobody under the age of forty has died of the virus, as far as i am aware. Those who did all had underlying medical problems and would have died if they had caught a bad case of flu, which can develop into pneumonia.

          We are right to be cautious, but cutting world supply lines, making billions of people unemployed, putting soldiers onto the streets to prevent the virus from traveling is reckless.
          Would it not be more accurate to say that according to our present leaders and their elite shadow gov’t, we are the virus?

  8. Хасен Жасем Халфет says:

    I don’t know how to see this. yes it is a moral/human thing to help those in need regardless of the situation between them and you. But Italy is amongst the nations sanctioning Russian and Russian people. This help is paid for by Russian taxpayer money, money that could be invested/used in projects and programs to help Russians reach higher growth.

    There is an arab proverb that says “beware the evil of those you’ve been good to”.
    I hope they donot get backstabbed again.

  9. Peter Jennings says:

    Italy has the highest rates of migrants, or did for years at any rate. So who isn’t to say that these migrants weren’t infected before they reached europe or as they reached europe. Maybe this is a reason why the ‘virus’ has spread so quickly? Maybe a reason why Erdogan wants them off Turkish soil pronto?
    Maybe the virus was supposed to have a larger affect but was prevented in doing because the migrant numbers were drastically reduced.

    The italian admin has also been very disruptive to EU & UN plans of allowing all and sundry into europe. They have rejected the present manipulations of the financial markets and put spanners into the works of many other EU, UN, US and nato plans.
    Is it any wonder that Italy has it so bad?

    For Russia to have to come to the aid of a nato country and a UN member says that both organisations can no longer cut it. They are going through the motions whilst wasting gigantic sums of public money.

  10. thanatos says:

    “Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy”

    The russians never were modest.

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