Russia Says US Is Responsible For Dire Condition Of Refugees In Syria’s Rukban Camp


Russia Says US Is Responsible For Dire Condition Of Refugees In Syria's Rukban Camp

FILE IMAGE: AP Photo/Nataliya Vasilyeva

Russia says the US is responisble for the dire condition of 70,000 refugees in the Rukban camp in southeastern Syria.

“We think it is necessary to reiterate that the above mentioned refugee camp is located close to the American military base in the area of Al Tanf settlement,” Lieutenant General Vladimir Savchenko head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria told reporters on October 11.

“It was the US that banned entry into the 55-kilometer base around their base to Syrian government structures and humanitarian organizations,” Lieutenant General Savchenko said. “As a result, the Syrian government and the Russian reconciliation center have no possibility to organize the dispatch of humanitarian aid to the Syrian nationals in the Rukban camp.”

He also urged the US to provide humanitarian access to the camp, to assist refugees to return to their homes and to close the military base.

According to the Russian and Syrian governments, the US has also established bases to train former members of ISIS and other terrorist groups in the closed area.



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