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Russia Says Radar Data Shows No Missile Attack on MH17 from Rebel Side

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Russia Says Radar Data Shows No Missile Attack on MH17 from Rebel Side

A screenshot from RUPTLY’s video

The Russian military and radar producer announced on September 26 that newly discovered raw data shows no signs of a missile attack on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from territory controlled by rebels. The data was picked up by a civilian radar station (Utyos-T) on the day of the MH17 crash and was announced on last week by the Russian state-owned company Almaz-Antey (producer of the Buk missile system).

The Utyos-T radar station was deployed near the village of Ust-Donetsky village in Russia’s Rostov Region (borders with the Donbass region of Ukraine). The Lianozovsky Electromechanical Plant ( the producer of Utyos-T and a subsidiary of Almaz-Antey) presented the data on September 26 at a media briefing in Moscow.

“The Ust-Donetsky radar picked up no foreign objects near the Malaysian plane which could have caused its destruction,”  Viktor Meshcheryakov, the Lianozovsky Electromechanical Plant’s chief radar designer, said.

According to Meshcheryakov, this contradicts the scenario under which a Buk missile could have been fired from the rebel-controlled village of Snezhnoye (this is the main scenario supported by Kiev and its supporters in the USA and Europe).

“The Ukrainian side has air situation data in the area of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 crash from both civilian and military sources. The fact that Ukraine has not published radar data leads us to the  conjecture that the missile, if it was a Buk, was launched from territory under the control of the Ukrainian military,” Gen. Andrey Koban, the head of the Russian Air Forces’ radar troops added.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry,Gen. Igor Konashenkov, noted that such an approach resembles the way Ukraine acted in 2001 after shooting down a Russian plane flying from Israel over the Black Sea

The incident with Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 in October 2001 claimed 78 lives, but “despite irrefutable facts that put the blame for the Tu-154 crash on the Ukrainian military, [Kiev] refused to take any responsibility,” he added.

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chris chuba

The U.S. should release its satellite data, shouldn’t we?

Boris Kazlov

Please use shouldn’t it?


Uhh in 2014 Russia released information that there was another (military)plane in the area, where is it now? Besides that in 2014 in the radar evidence from Russia MH17 was not flying in a straight line, and now it is….

Tom Johnson

It took how long to make up this, I meant find this data? Ivan drinks way too much vodka. Seriously, are all of your air traffic control stations run by incompetents? Should all internation air travel be stopped until Russia can explain why it took them so long? Do you need some German advisors to teach you?

Tom Johnson

I guess the Russian air defence network is broken. Or did they forget to reboot it? Maybe the operators got a computer virus from looking at Turkish Bath twink porn? Did they drink the fuel intended to run the system’s generators.


Boy you REALLY know your gay porn…..to us straight guys “gay porn” is all you need to say but you are obviously a man’s man who know what he likes and know how to search for it on the internet.

It’s pretty obvious from your comments you don’t understand much about warfare or strategy but this comment sure fills in the blanks about where your expertise lies.

To those of us who aren’t bent what’s a “twink”?

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