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Russia Says Number Of NATO Troops Near Its Border Tripled Since 2012

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Russia Says Number Of NATO Troops Near Its Border Tripled Since 2012

U.S. troops, part of a NATO mission to enhance Poland’s defence, are getting ready for an official welcoming ceremony in Orzysz, northeastern Poland, Thursday, April 13, 2017. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

NATO has doubled the number of its military drills and tripled the number of its troops near Russia’s borders since 2012, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced at the final meeting of the ministry’s board on December 22.

Shoigu said NATO conducted 548 military exercises near Russian borders in 2017. In comparison, this number was 282 in 2014. The minister added the number of NATO’s servicemen deployed near Russian borders has grown from 10,000 to 40,000 thousand in three years. Shoigu also revealred that NATO member-states have intensified their surveillance operations near Russian borders.

Furthermore, the US missile defense system in Europe has been brought to the level of the “initial operational readiness.”

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Graeme Rymill

has land borders with five European Union states: Finland, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The aggregate length of these borders is
more than 2,250 kilometers. Finland is not a member of NATO although it does have cooperative agreements in place. In addition Norway, a NATO member, shares a 195km border with Russia.

That gives NATO roughly 18 soldiers per kilometre of shared border. That’s not even a platoon per kilometre.

Raptar Driver

I would not allow even one platoon or one man, it starts with a trickle and then the flood.

Graeme Rymill

“I would not allow even one platoon or one man” – so you are calling for a preemptive strike by Russia to smash this horrible threat? lol

Raptar Driver

No I would reciprocate by putting troops in Cuba, Venezuela and even Mexico if possible and see how they like it. Would the US/NATO do a preemptive strike if the Russians and allies did this in reverse? You bet they would so what is so funny chuckles?

Graeme Rymill

40,000 troops is roughly 2 divisions plus support troops. This small number of troops represents zero threat to Russia.

When Germany invaded Russia in 1941 across a 2,900 kilometer front it required 3.8 million troops and 150 divisions. Even so they still failed.

Russia fears aggression from 40,000 NATO troops? I don’t think so.

Raptar Driver

Have you studied military planning and tactics? This is an honest question because if you did you would understand that this non threat is a very large threat indeed. Those troops in of themselves cannot invade Russia nor is that their role. They are shock/mop up troops and they are very dangerous; you see the plan isn’t to invade old school like Napoleon or Hitler, NATO/US may be idiots but they are not completely retarded. The plan is a first strike with nukes (Russia is surrounded by missile systems some are called ‘defensive’) but these can be quickly converted to offensive so these troops will come in after the strike, millions are not needed for this, understand now? Will the plan work? I doubt it but that is the plan and it is go for now, all pieces are in place or to be shortly.

Graeme Rymill

What “defensive” missile systems based in Europe, either deployed now or planned for the future, can deal with a massed Russian retaliatory ICBM strike? The answer is none!

Understand now the problem with your bizarre scenario?

Raptar Driver

The ones in Poland & Romania, these can be converted to quick strike offensive in minutes, the Russian defenses we have little time to respond plus the Aegis systems on the navy ships which surround the Russian seas, all these will do a first strike with little response time and that is just the first wave to disorient. By the time the Russians launch Russia is gone mostly and the US/NATO insane parade are prepared for the retaliatory launch with massive underground cities that go for miles and are stocked for 100 + years. This is real and in the plans for a long time, it is nearly in place. Logic and reason are no longer, be prepared.

Graeme Rymill

Read my lips! Aegis, Patriot, THAAD all these missile systems are designed to intercept short, medium and intermediate range missiles. They have not been designed and have not been tested against ICBMs. The only pupose designed anti-ICBM missile the US has is the Ground-Based Midcourse (GMD) national missile defense system. This is US based only. It has far too few mssiles and launchers to deal with an all out Russian ICBM launch.

Your “real” plan is just your fantasy plan.

Raptar Driver

“Read my lips! Aegis, Patriot, THAAD all these missile systems are designed to intercept short, medium and intermediate range missiles.”

Yes the ICBM’s will get through, so what? Our beloved leaders know this and have prepared their escape, they don’t care about us Plebs do they? I hope you are right and this is just my fantasy, then nothing lost but knowing how unstable American/Western leadership is today and the crimes they have already committed then should we not take their plans seriously?


Now Russia/China is not mentioned in this but they are the only real targets of this policy; fantasy?


Potato Potato

Exactly, You cannot stand a chance against Russia with a few squads per KM.

Tudor Miron

Those guys (deployed near Russian borders) should not worry about Russia – we would not strike first.They should worry about their own political leaders and commanders. If they send them towards Russia chances they’re coming home are very…odd Many tryed and most of the time it ended in invadors own capital. One particular capital that they can’t forget is Itil (capital of Khazarian Kaganat) – a misterious place which was found not very long time ago. Everyone knew its there but they just could not find it (One of large settlments of those times). History is repeating itself and 3d Khazarian kaganat is being recreated in Ukraine with help of Nato. It just would not work. Again.

AM Hants

Can you imagine if Russia was to do the same near a border of the US or NATO?

Solomon Krupacek

it does


I would love to follow the corrupt money trail that’s been paying off politicians and maneuvering NATO/EU forces behind the scenes.

Solomon Krupacek

Shoigu said NATO conducted 548 military exercises near Russian borders in 2017.


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