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Russia Sanctions: The Deep State Unifies Congress – Ron Paul

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Originally appeared at Ronpaulinstitute.org

When it comes to bad foreign policy, the House and Senate are completely bipartisan. Yesterday’s 97-2 Senate vote for more Russia sanctions was a perfect case in point. What justifies yet more sanctions on Russia? Violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine, meddling in the US election, and conducting war in Syria. But if this is the measure, shouldn’t the Senate sanction the US government as well? After all, the US is violating Syria’s territorial integrity with its illegal base, it has meddled in more than 100 elections since 1945, and it has been fighting a proxy (and real) war against the Syrian government since 2011. But the Deep State wants another Cold War, so (with two brave exceptions) the Senate abides.

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Miguel Redondo

—–Besides financial penalties, the new sanctions would also target those involved in

“malicious cyber activity,”

those who give weapons to Assad’s government and operatives

who work with Russian intelligence.——


Please , SF-Team !

You are aware that under the opinion of “Politico” and probaly under opinion of the 97 senators who voted this BS now “Southfront” (and probably all of us who comment here) are sanctionable…….


It’s amazing, a website bringing down the empire. Who would have thought we are that powerful!


The deep state is enraged because of its failures in Ukraine, Afghanistan and Syria at the hands of the Russians. Sanctions do not work, Russia is very resilient and self sufficient and it will get stronger while the deep state is getting weaker.

Carol Davidek-Waller

It’s the drugs Senator Paul. Russia has done none of the things the Senate is whining about. Crimea overwhelmingly voted not to remain part of the CIA’s failed state. There was no violation of borders. The. Russian Navy were based in Crimea by mutual agreement. There is no proof that Russia played any part in the U.S.s unverifiable, bribery plagued, sadly undemocratic election process between two of the worst candidates ever to stand for office. The Senate has no power to levy sanctions or to make foreign policy. That power belongs to the President. Unless mental illness is contagious, these folks and their puppet masters are high on something.

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