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Russia ‘Said Everything’ Concerning INF Treaty, Will Quit It In 6 Months: Lavrov

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Russia 'Said Everything' Concerning INF Treaty, Will Quit It In 6 Months: Lavrov


Moscow will quit the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 6 month following the US withdrawal from the Treaty, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on February 6, according to TASS.

“Russia has said everything concerning the INF issue, responding to US’ unfounded allegations,” he said. “President Putin outlined our stance clearly. We will provide a tit-for-tat response. The Americans suspended their participation in the treaty, and we did the same thing, which means that the agreement will be void in six months’ time.”

The foreign minister also commented on US President Donald Trump’s remarks about the possibility of signing a new agreement to replace the INF Treaty.

“Concerning further negotiations on this or other issues related to strategic stability and arms control, there is no shortage of our initiatives on those issues, which we have handed over to our US, Western and NATO counterparts,” Lavrov stated.

Lavrov recalled that, since no response followed, Putin issued instructions to him and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu “to wait until our Western partners are ready to respond to the proposals that had been sent to them long ago.”


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Tudor Miron

“to wait until our Western partners are ready to respond to the proposals that had been sent to them long ago.”(c) That’s a bit of a mistranslation. It was more of “to wait untill our Western parnters grow up…”


They are not going to grow up, they are deluded in hubris, petty assumptions of superiority and all the immature attributes related to such a mind set.
Russia should use its technological advantage to have multiple ground based platforms to make its point; a 2-3000kms ground launched Kalibr, followed by a hypersonic missile with similar range and a heavy lift Rubezh ( Yars minus one stage) missile with MIRVS with a range of 5000 kms.

Promitheas Apollonious

you think that an organization that has attempted globalizing the globe and put it under their total control, created the western system and almost dominated and monopolized the entire globe forcing every one to accept their fiat money as something of value and in many respects still do, are immature and kind of like children left alone in a candy shop?

I think you confuse the ones who control the NWO and west along with their colonies, via their global companies and banking system, with the figure heads they put every few years and are used as the errand boys and all are temps, who can be fired or assassinated as their controllers see fit at any given moment. Underestimating your enemy only can bring destruction to you at any and every level.


What is your point?
Telling us that which we already know.

The prior poster, though is still Correct about them.
Meanwhile I yawn at “their management” of what they and many here consider “civilization”


Promitheas Apollonious

little want to be I see. If you did not understand the point I was making not to you that obviously you know so many things as per your claim but to the poster I answered to. If I have to explain my point to an obvious low level as your self it be a waste of time. Keep yawning kid.


You keep talking about these people…..who are they? I can see Jewish influence developing in England and Europe from mid 18th century to present, and Jewish influence in the US from late 19th century to present.
Gold backed currencies or trading in local currencies within the Eurasian block will break the cycle of fiat money printed cheaply and exchanged for real goods. Also militarily, Eurasia through technological advantage in weaponry can drive the fiat block into bankruptcy in more than one way.

Promitheas Apollonious

well go back two centuries and you see more. I give you a head start so you dont waste too much time. See where the jews who been abolished form england with a kings order went in 12th century what they established in holland and who financed Cromwell to drop the king and reverse the kings orders about the jews. if you can not do that keep see what you see because what ever historical fact you missing makes no difference in todays final cycle realities.

FIAT money have been in a bankruptcy notice the moment they been created, as all economies based on debt and not profit.


Accounts of what Cromwell did for the Jews is contradictory, even if it was the way you construe, a few hundred Jews could not become a financial powerhouse in England in a couple of generations. The very fact that none of these Jews was able to help the English empire during the Napoleonic wars is indicative they did not have extensive financial clout. Rothchild old man, using bonds ( 700,000 pounds) for safe keeping from a German prince, sent to his son Nathan in London, allowed Nathan Rothchild to bid 800-850,000 pounds to take control of a large gold shipment to be used for minting coinage. Nathan Rothchild through his family network throughout Europe was able to move coinage to finance Wellington’s war effort in Spain. Up to this point the Jews were not the only bankers in England, they gradually wrested the financial dominance in England and moved shop in the US by establishing the Fed. Nathan Rothchild tried to set shop in the US in the 1830’s, however, Andrew Jackson was against it.

Like wise with the US, there were a quarter million Jews in US in the 1880’s, heavy immigration from Europe addled a strong influx of Jews in the US.
Like most immigrants they had to start from the bottom, working their way up; again to think that within a couple of generations Jewish immigrants would wield great power in the political realm is sheer nonesense.
Jews started to climb the power ladder in the late seventies and were able to infiltrate the executive and legislative branch by mid 80’s.
Same thing on the Wall Street, until late 60’s and early 70’s the WASPS were in control of the Wall Street, Jews were there as well, however, their financial strength was divided with the Wasps’s.

Promitheas Apollonious

what ever you think. Nothing is contradictory as far historical fact goes. Dutch Indian Company – indian company after that in england one that english make war at their demand and also the creators of bank of england and city of london. learn to connect the dots


The main stock holders of the Bank of England were the king and the queen.
The establishment of the Bank of England was implemented by Charles Montagu, of British stock without any Jewish trace.
Jews might have contributed some capital in exchange for acceptable privileges for being recognized and accepted in the English society, however, it appears in 1694 the Bank was under British control.

Promitheas Apollonious

was it?


Yes it is, narrative without valid proof is just …….
Even if Cromwell received a few hundred Jews, the English were not idiots to allow some parasite foreigners to establish the Bank of England. I see English names that are related to the foundation of the Bank of England, not Jewish.
Nathaniel Rothchild’s bank had greater reach and flexibility than the Bank of England during the Napoleonic wars.

Promitheas Apollonious

you assuming many things maybe you should search a little bit and get better informed as to what happen. As how stupid english was and still are all you have to do is follow the actions of the Indian Company, that the english army was making the wars for. As I said many times I am not interested to educate any one here it be time wasted and at the end of the day it does not matter what you think or believe historical fact does not change base on your assumption.


I did research to respond to your assertions. Give me your research showing Jews established the Bank of England in 1694.

Promitheas Apollonious

then if you did and you responding the way you have, I fail to see how you fail to find the truth of the matter and responding as you have. Unless all info have been removed from the net and replaced with something else let me see if the old links work and I send them to you.

Promitheas Apollonious

Ok I make a fast search of what you claim is not there and all the info it is on the net. I often said that to people who rather live in denial of fact, rather than know the truth no matter how hard it may be to them. I assume you are a brit.

The hardest act in the world is awaken one who pretend he is asleep and you appear to be one of them, or a very bad researcher of truth.




One of this days I may decide to release my original records to the world as we did back in the 80s on BBS and maybe you do well to read them, as I am surprised at the extent of the ignorance of the younger generations reading their posts, as to what the historical truth is.


I am an Armenian living in the US, not a Brit……I will comment on your posts later.

Promitheas Apollonious

was just curious, not trying to insult you. K my armenian friend try and get your facts straight as far what happened in history and next time actually research what you claim you have. No need to answer me back on this issue, as I will not respond. You already said everything you had to say, now learn the facts and get educated.


You are right that the world will return to real money(gold), but not until the US dollar has been discredited.
Today if say China backed the Yuan with gold, something I think they plan to do, the US would just print enough dollars to buy it all.

So you have destroy the buying power US dollar, then reintroduce gold backed currencies.

It will happen quite soon, US treasury interest rates have to be below inflation to stop the dollar falling.

Because everybody wants to maximize return on investment, people will invest in things that pay interest, and US Treasury rates are less than 3% so either the US has to stop borrowing money to build bombs, or pay more interest.

The US has painted itself into a corner, there is no way out, the US economy will collapse, the only unknown is when.

John Whitehot

“the US would just print enough dollars to buy it all”

imho It ‘s a contradiction.

In that condition, which will check (it’s already checking in fact), the Dollar and other fiat currencies won’t be accepted to sell gold.


russia should… with no money :) you have no idea, how much cost the maintenance of nuclear arsenal. this is the most expensive part of the military budget.


The American narrative that Russia has no money is just so stupid I can’t believe how they get away with it.

How about we deal in facts and figures instead of BS.
Russia has an income of nearly $20 billion a month after expenses.
The USA loses nearly $50 billion a month after expenses.

Now Americans like to use GDP, which is money spent, and yes the US does spend a lot more money than other countries. That’s money the US has to borrow from countries like China Japan and Brazil.

If you were selling your house and buyer 1 offered you 100 grand today, in cash, and buyer 2 offered you 200 grand in 50 years in IOU’s, which offer would you take?

John Whitehot

considering money as an absolute value is the death of the american dream.

the zionists who dominate that country know it very well, but try explaining that to your average trailerhood dweller.


boy, i lived in socialism, i know exaxtly, how poor is russia. go for 1 minth in rusia, but not to oscow or sankt peterburg. go to murmansk. the most important port ins european nordic part of russia. you will cry, when you will see, in how desolate stage is this city. i can five you travel tips. go by car. you will see teh roads.. in post apocalyotic movies are beter roads.

and so on…

Promitheas Apollonious

not to want to sound as a broken record but russians I think what they mistranslated in their minds is the meaning of the word partner.

John Whitehot

I rather think that mistranslation affects mostly uninformed laymen, not global level leaders.

Also, perhaps if attention was put into actions and facts, rather than the meaning of the words or their translation, some steps would be taken towards a clearer picture of the international geopolitical situation.


nice, taht you bite putin. using putins beloved definition: our western partners.

Tommy Jensen

Russia will wait in passivity with crossed legs, until US shows himself as a man who act and knows what he wants, and who also know what a woman really wants if she wants it.


Come on cowboy make the difference. lol

Brother Thomas

This is a ridiculous metaphor. No self-respecting American would ever say this. Only someone like Zionist, interested in exploiting the US for their own gain would make statements like this.

Promitheas Apollonious

at least are they going to stop calling every one partner ?

Tudor Miron

partner = counterpart. In Russian, word partner doesn’t have any warm meaning to it. There’s nothing friendly about it.

Promitheas Apollonious

thank you for clarifying this, because it is what set me off, every time I hear it.

Kelli Hernandez

Me too. Thanks

Kelli Hernandez

You can’t deal with a bunch of Zionazi psychopaths that are salivating over your geography! Russia rich in resource wealth.
Putin is no Yeltsin. He did the right thing in tossing the US out on it’s ear!
These are not partners Russia! They are fossilized emotional 12 years old!
Some of us in the US know that the sanctions are fraudulent and based on LIES. As is Russiagate.
Our people are either narcissists or NUMB to their pathological government.
I don’t know what it will take for yellow vests here but I think that day is coming soon! Perhaps of Bolton commits 5,000 troops to kill VENEZUELANS and body bags start coming home that will be the end of it. Look how much support Tulsi is getting and corp Dems are just smearing her left and right for her anti war position.
But until she is no longer CFR or until she calls out the occupation of our government by Israhell I would not vote for her


This quit is good for noth sides.


Gazing into my crystal ball I see Russia deploying land based Kalibr cruise missiles in the near future.
Many will be mounted in standard shipping containers which can be transported in standard trucks.
This will allow Russia to deploy thousands of missiles at very low cost.

Also the Iskander, that the US claims breaches the treaty, will grow in length to accommodate the extra fuel needed to reach London.

For less than a billion US dollars, Russia will be able to eliminate every city in Europe.
For 100 billion US dollars, the US will deploy 50-100 unreliable missiles in Europe.

That’s a win win, Russia guarantees its security, and America gets to spend a lot of borrowed money.

Brother Thomas

Well put. In the US, “defensive” is not at all about defense. It is about military contracts and transfering tax payers’ hard earned money to greedy rich private pockets.

John Whitehot

they are owned by zionist banks, because they had to “win the cold war”.

Only a real revolution, with the involvement of most of the US military, can save US independence from such entities.

John Whitehot

the Russians can also revive the Soviet SS-20 and update it to modern standards, for ranges at the likes of London.

And in case the US exit the Outer Space Treaty (forbidding the usage of space to deploy weapons), they can design a new FOBS system, which would guarantee hitting any target anywhere in the world no matter how defended.

The Russian leadership will not repeat the mistakes of the Soviets, which fell victim of their paranoia and believed the disinformation spread by Reagan’s administration (like SDI program and whatnot).

I think they won’t also repeat the mistakes made by Gorbachev, who put unlimited trust and faith in US presidents and american leadership in general.

The US has already uncovered themselves as a bluffing player, only that this time almost nobody believes them – and it’s going to take decades before they’ll pick a decent hand.. always if they root out zionism from their system.

Brother Thomas

It really is no use for countries to talk to the US. Why would anyone negotiate with anyone who goes back on his/her words, keeps changing his/her position, lies, and breaks deals when he/she imagines something better? In a single word: untrustworthy.

stary ujo

All was prepare 2 years ago , Westerns ignore meeting about problem rocket ,it mean all doing by scenario
USA ! Sorry , EU you are target now !

John Whitehot

Perhaps the EU will acknowledge that the ultimate objective of zionist america is the destruction of Eurasia, and that making EU countries targets for Russian strategic nuclear forces by emplacing IRBMs in them is one of the best ways to attain it.

idk how there is people genuinely beleveing that the US, or Israel, or any other zionist power center will survive such nuclear exchanges.

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