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Russia Reveals First Flight Video Of Its Modernized Tu-22M3M Strategic Bomber


On December 28, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV released a first video showing flight of Russia’s modernized Tu-22M3M strategic bomber.

The first upgraded Tu-22M3M made its debut flight from the airfield of the Kazan-based Gorbunov Aircraft Enterprise on December 28. This flight started the strategic bomber’s flight tests. Prior to this, the bomber passed a series of ground-based tests, during which specialists were checking its new onboard radio-electronic equipment, carrying out the ground-based engine runs and testing compatibility of the aircraft’s artificial intelligence elements.

Earlier, Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation earlier said that the upgrade of operational Tu-22M3 bombers to the level of the Tu-22M3M would begin from 2019. According to the corporation, the first serial-produced bombers would start arriving for the troops from 2021.

Considering reports and statement on the issue, the Tu-22M3M features considerably greater combat potential, including the enlarged operating range and is capable of carrying Kh-32 cruise and also hypersonic missiles. The bomber boasts new navigation, communication and targeting equipment, new engine and fuel consumption control systems and radio-electronic warfare means.

The Tupolev company says that the replacement of 80% of radio-electronics has improved the accuracy of navigation and automation of the plane’s control and made its maintenance simpler and easier. The Tu-22M3m is also equipped with a new information and control system with digital indicators in the cockpit and the function of intellectual support for the crew.



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  • Jesus

    Way to go Russia, upgrading platforms for hypersonic missiles, Tu22M3M is an economical way of upgrading the medium range bomber fleet to deploy the KH32 and Khinzhal hypersonic missiles.
    More bad news for the NATO navy.

    • Tudor Miron

      7000km (M3 version) is not that medium I would say :)

      • Jesus

        7000kms is the ferry range, combat range with full armament complement (24,000kgs) is around 2500 kms, unless they use fuel tanks.
        Of course they can carry a couple of Khinzhals or KH 32 and their range should improve decently. Of course mid air refueling is an option as well.

  • Sukhoi-35

    Awesome! Now test some of these out in Syria against US/israel/saudi backed proxy terrorists and turkish jihadis!

    • Attrition47

      the Zio-filth too.