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Russia Resumes Airstrikes On Greater Idlib, Turkey Places Its Troops In The Region On High-Alert (Photos)

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Russia Resumes Airstrikes On Greater Idlib, Turkey Places Its Troops In The Region On High-Alert (Photos)

A Russian Su-24 strike aircraft in the sky over the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Photo: Dmitriy Vinogradov / RIA Novosti

On October 1, the Russian Aerospace Forces resumed their airstrikes on the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib where several terrorist groups are present and active.

Russian warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on the outskirts of the town of al-Zeyarah in the al-Ghab Plains in the northwestern countryside of Hama. The area is a known stronghold of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, and the Turkistan Islamic Party.

At around the same time, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled the village of Batitiyah in the eastern countryside of Idlib with heavy rockets.

The Russian and Syria strikes came two days only after a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two leaders discussed the unstable situation in Greater Idlib. However, they didn’t reach a new agreement on the region.

A ceasefire agreement brokered last year by Russia and Turkey is being violated by HTS and its allies on a daily basis. Ankara has been doing nothing whatsoever to stop these violations.

Official Turkish sources claimed that the two leaders agreed to maintain the status quo in Greater Idlib. However, the new strikes on the region confirm that this was not the case.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Turkey has placed its troops in Greater Idlib on high-alert. Anti-tank guided missiles and mortars were deployed in several Turkish military posts in the region.

The recent developments indicate that Russia and Turkey are not the same page when it comes to Greater Idlib. It remains unclear however if Ankara would risk its relations with Russia in order to stop a future attack by the SAA on the region.


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The Objective

“The recent developments indicate that Russia and Turkey are not the same page when it comes to Greater Idlib. It remains unclear however if Ankara would risk its relations with Russia in order to stop a future attack by the SAA on the region.”

What a fucked up claim to make. Turkey and Russia are not on the same page regarding Idlib. Turkey has three priorities in on Idlib:

1) Turkey wants Assad to talk to the opposition majority Sunni (who are anti-Russian/Assad).
2) Turkey does not want to absorb more refugees from Syria (About 4 million refugees will enter Syria if Idlib deteriorates)
3) Turkey also wants the Kurdish threat neutralized in Syria.

Russia can calm all of Turkey’s concerns by simply implementing resolution 2254. However, due to Russia’s indiscriminate bombings of Syria since 2015, most of the Sunni population are anti-Russia. Sunnis comprise at least 70% of Syria. That puts Russia on the losing side should democracy prevail.

It’s obvious that Russia is willing to solve the Kurdish problem if Turkey were to withdraw – or at least that’s the impression Putin has made so far. But Russia is NOT willing to allow democracy in Syria. Putin wants to reinstate Assad’s dictatorship. All this talk of HTS terrorists is just nonsense. If there were no HTS left in Idlib, Russia will still look for another excuse to wage war on Idlib.

Erdogan wants to help the Syrian Sunni Muslims. After so much struggle for freedom, they don’t want to be ruled by dictatorship again, and especially not Assad. So, Turkey is using Idlib to put pressure on Assad to negotiate in good faith.

However, America has given up on overthrowing Assad. this is why Assad/Russia feels emboldened to continue their armed conquest of the rest of Syria. The U.S will accept a continuation of the Assad dictatorship provided Iran and Turkey are out of Syria. This is the primary reason why America is staying. They want to make sure Russia gets Turkey out, then the Americans will push Iran out. Assad/Russia do not feel the need to negotiate with the opposition. They intend to rule Syria by force. And that’s a mistake.

To get Turkey out (forcibly), Putin needs the cheap footsoldiers Iran provides. Assad’s original army is almost non-existent. Iran seems to no longer be providing these footsoldiers, sensing (rightly) that all the pressure turn to Iran once Turkey leaves.

It would be a mistake for Iran to assist Russia in pressuring Turkey on Idlib. Should Russia kill Turkish soldiers in these bombings (even mistakenly), there’ll be immediate retaliation against RUSSIAN FORCES. Erdogan’s recent visit to Moscow is prove that Turkey seeks peace with Russia over Idlib. Erdogan is humble enough to go to Russia twice over Idlib escalations INITIATED by Russia. If after all these efforts by Erdogan, Russia or the SAA attacks Turkish soldiers in Idlib, everyone knows that the Turks have tried hard for peace.

It is not militants but Turkish soldiers that are preventing Russia/Assad from taking even an inch of Idlib. And to take Idlib, they must get rid of the Turkish troops. It remains to be seen how they’ll try to do this.

Last edited 15 days ago by The Objective

Turkey wants Syrian territory. That delusional Erdogan is angling for the return of the Ottoman Empire.


Ahahahahah!!!! UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS to spread goodness and democracy????? AHAHAHAHAHAH! They (plural of ‘it’) should become human beings before that!


We can all see you are enjoying yourself I told you I’m not going to hurt you much Vaseline make it easy stand still now


I’ve stopped reading this worthIess drivel at “democracy” lol you fukkin moron support terrorists, head choppers, jihadists and mass murderers, not to mention sultan Erdogan, yet you dare to talk about democracy and dictatorship??? Turkey is democracy? I guess Saudi Arabia is democracy? Sharia is democracy? You’re full of s….

The Objective

No, I support Muslims and we are gonna keep fighting you until victory just like the Taliban. Shariah will prevail. All this fighting is aimed at preventing and erasing Sharia regardless of the excuses made – whether terrorists, fundamentalists, extreminsts, etc. all these describe a Sharia advocate. The battle is just heating up and will reach boiling point. There’s no reversing this trend. But one thing is certain, We Muslims will prevail in the end. Whenever there’s an Islamic awakening, we always prevail. This time won’t be any different. And the awakening continues to broaden. It’s only a matter of time. This time we won’t just liberate the Muslim lands. We’ll go to the source and eliminate the devil’s cancer organ right from its place of origin.

JC Denton

Holy shit whatever they pay you its not enough

The Objective

No one is paying me anything.

JC Denton

Really? Maybe you should try getting a job,

Last edited 15 days ago by JC Denton

Lol. I think he should try getting a brain transplant.


The quintessential low “Turkish” lQ is strong with this one.

Nice set of demands you got there “Turk”. Usually the way it works in warfare is that the losing side doesn’t end up dictating terms of peace. Your delusional clown president invaded Syria with the backing of your American and lsraeIi masters thinking you were about to become Ottoman empire 2.0. You lost and you still haven’t come to terms with that fact. You still think you’re in a position to dictate terms of peace.

You brain-dead brainwashed morons in Anatolia think you can constantly lie about everything 24/7 and the rest of the world is supposed to also accept or go along with your lies. All your neighbors have a huge list of demands that they require Turkey to abide by but do you abide by any of them? Or do you constantly threaten and violate the borders of your neighbors? You think you’re the only one who can plan for the destruction and occupation of your neighbors and everyone else is just sitting there waiting for you to implement your delusional plans?

It’s laughable that you think America is waiting for some event to happen in order to “kick Iran out of Syria”. Nobody can kick Iran out of Syria other than Syria’s official government. America itself is on its last footing in the region, not just in Syria but in many other countries in the region. America doesn’t dare seriously challenge Iran, we’ve already put them in their place once after they crossed our red lines with the assassination of Soleimani. The only thing is we don’t constantly advertise what we do or the result of our actions but your American masters got the message they were supposed to get. If you need a hint go watch Trump’s speech after we bombed dozens of American soldiers in Iraq and notice how his voice was shaking as he was talking. I won’t explain why his voice was shaking because you’re too dumb and brainwashed to believe me anyway.

Not only will we assist our Russian and Syrian allies in kicking you out of Syria but this is just the beginning of your problems with Iran. Our patience with Turkey is over. Your country is filled with hardcore genocidal anti-Iranian people who constantly lie about Iran, attempt to appropriate and re-write our history, openly plan for invading our territory, and constantly work against our interests. You think we’re blind and not seeing what you’re doing? Why are you people so stupid and don’t realize that for every action there is going to be a reaction.

I would love to see your clown president make the ultimate blunder of attacking and killing Russian/Iranian forces. This time around we’ll have zero patience with you and believe me when I tell you the vast majority of Iranians are fuming with Turkey and its non-stop anti-Iranian policies and would love to get an opportunity to put you in your place.

Last edited 15 days ago by Iranian
Chris Gr

You are totally insane. Russia also doesn’t want Iranian forces in Syria that’s why they let Israel bomb them. Also, Turkey and Iran have almost the same culture and religion.

“Iran–Turkey relations refer to the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey. The two states’ relationship is complex and characterized by periods of both tension and cooperation, as both Iran and Turkey are fighting for influence in the Middle East through supporting opposing proxies as part of the Iran–Turkey proxy conflict.[1] The two countries are also major trade partners and are perceived as mutually interdependent due to geographical proximity as well as historically shared cultural, linguistic, and ethnic traits. Notably, the Kurds, an Iranic ethnic group, and the Iranian Azerbaijanis, a Turkic language group, comprise the second-largest ethnicities of Turkey and Iran, respectively.

Historically, the region has shared empires and conquests by the Parthians, Achaemenids, Sassanids, Seljuks, Safavids, Afsharids, Ottomans, and Qajars. As a Persianate society, the Ottomans in particular were very heavily influenced by Persian culture. This legacy has persisted in modern Turkish culture. Iran and Turkey have long been at odds over conflicts such as those in Syria, Libya, and the Caucasus. However, they also have shared common interests in some instances, such as the issue of Kurdish separatism and the Qatar diplomatic crisis.

Turkey has an embassy in Tehran and consulates in Mashhad, Tabriz and Urmia, while Iran has an embassy in Ankara and consulates in Istanbul, Erzurum and Trabzon.”


Russia doesn’t “let” Israel bomb Iranian forces. Russia is neutral in regards to Iran-lsraeI conflict and did not come to Syria to get involved in that fight and we don’t expect them to either. You’re delusional if you think Russia doesn’t want Iran to be in Syria. Russia doesn’t have large ground forces in Syria. Iranian and Syrian forces are the ones doing most of the fighting. Russia is mostly helping with air assets. It’s Western Zionist media that constantly promotes this fake story and narrative that Iran and Russia are in some sort of disagreement or conflict in Syria.

Regarding Iran-Turkey your entire perception of that relationship comes from a wikipedia article which shows how little you understand of what is going on in the region. Iran and Turkey are hostile and are working against each other’s interests. Turkey is a NATO ally, Iran is a NATO target. Turkey is implementing many long term anti-Iranian NATO projects and agendas with the ultimate goal of destroying Iran. You simply have no idea what is going on in the region which is why your comments are always downvoted on this site.

Chris Gr

NATO is mostly obsolete and most European countries are against Turkey and against Iran. My comments are downvoted by trolls because they can’t handle the truth. The unity between Turkey and Iran is well documented even if Iran is more friendly towards Assad.


At this point you’re just a moron, I’ll stop wasting time on you.

Peter Wallace

You would make a better conversation with a brick. At least with a brick you know it won’t change .

The Objective

You are not an Iranian. But if you are, then you are terribly disinformed

Last edited 15 days ago by The Objective
Chris Gr

Ad hominem attack

Peter Wallace

Because you can’t handle the Truth. You know what happened to Jack when he uttered those words. Carted off to the brig which is probably a fitting end .. Of course we downvote you because we are afraid of the truth or in your case ignorance.

Chris Gr


The Objective

Turkey is as much a NATO target as Iran. NATO is NOT independent. America owns NATO and the U.S hates Erdogan’s guts. Do not forget the coup and the sanctions.

Russia let’s Israel bomb the very Iranian forces you claim are helping Russia’s war on Syria. These Iranian proxy forces are IN Syria, not Israel or Lebanon. Would Russia allow Israel to bomb SAA targets?

You are NOT an Iranian. You are a Russian. Most of your comments tend to try misleading Iranian readers of this forum.

Okay, so how do you explain the recent U.S-Putin deal to deliver gas via Syria? America is trying to erode Iran’s influence in Lebanon, and this would lead to anger towards Hezbollah and maybe civil war.

“You’re delusional if you think Russia doesn’t want Iran to be in Syria”
It is you who is delusional. You should listen to the leaked audio of Zarif about Russia.
Russia wants to use Iran, not help Iran achieve its ambitions in the region. Russia is one of the most anti-Muslim states in the world, almost at par with apartheid Israel. And you think Russia would like to see Shiite influence spread in Syria?

Last edited 15 days ago by The Objective
The Objective

“Nice set of demands you got there “Turk”.”

You think I’m a Turk? Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Turk. But it’s funny that you think only Turks support Erdogan. I’ve never been to Turkey even once, but I hope to go some day. Erdogan is a great leader.

“Your delusional clown president invaded Syria with the backing of your American and lsraeIi masters thinking you were about to become Ottoman empire 2.0.”
The events of Feb/March 2020 is prove enough that Turkey doesn’t need the U.S to stand up to Russia. You’ll see what happens to Russian forces in the region if they initiate a conflict with Turkey. And if you are thinking of nukes, have zero doubt that Pakistan will ships nukes to Turkey when and if necessary. Besides, Turkey will most likely be nuclear armed in less than a decade – especially if Iran tests a bomb.

You are the moron here. You think Russia and Iran are on good terms about Syria? You need to read this and then verify it:

“America doesn’t dare seriously challenge Iran, we’ve already put them in their place once after they crossed our red lines with the assassination of Soleimani.”
You are wrong dude. Officially, Iran has not avenged Soleimani yet. I don’t need to post links here. Just read the statements of Iranian officials after the “face-saving” missile strike. Trump is still alive and may come back.

Soleimani’s assassination is a huge embarrassment for Iran till this day. The only revenge Iran can have on Soleimani is a nuclear bomb. It’s highly doubtful the Mullahs will take the last step. If you think America is no longer a credible threat, why don’t you dash for the bomb?

“Our patience with Turkey is over.”
This statement of yours is full of ignorance. It makes me wonder if you are Iranian or a Russian impostor trying to prevent Iranian readers from seeing the real picture of things. If I remember correctly, Iran was bombing Kurdish territories in Iraq just a few days ago.

“I would love to see your clown president make the ultimate blunder of attacking and killing Russian/Iranian forces”
Then you attack and kill Turkish soldiers and see what happens. Your bombings have avoided this till now despite the Turkish re-enforcements.

Chris Gr

That’s right, Iran and Turkey both were against the KDPI and PKK/PJAK.


If you’re not a Turk then you’re probably a clueless Jew or some Sunni Muslim brainwashed by NATO puppet Erdogan’s fake pan-Islamist propaganda campaign, in which case I won’t even waste my time responding. Only in regards to the Iranian missile strike on American forces in Iraq be a little patient and you’ll eventually find out what really happened there. As I said it’s irrelevant to us if you think we did or did not take revenge, what matters is the message your American masters got and Trump’s shaking voice when he gave his speech following the attacks should be evidence for you of the type of message they got.

In the meantime keep deluding yourself with the lies and disinformation that the Western Zionist controlled media feeds you everyday about what is going on in the region. While you do that we’ll prepare to retake Idlib from your terrorist proxies.

Last edited 15 days ago by Iranian

He’s a Somali Al-Shabaab terrorist. Modr jende a refugee in the EU. Here to play spokesman for Al-Nusra/ Al-Qaeda/ HTS.

Last edited 15 days ago by Ahson

rofl, thanks for letting me know

Jim Allen

Nope, you’re still the moron. A long winded, babbler of bullshit.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

That’s a lot of tears Shlomo.
Need a Tampax…?

Chris Gr

Yes, Assad is dictatorship but he has the support of a faction of Sunnis. Iran is not enemy to Turkey. Iran dislikes Saudi Arabia and Israel. Iran is ok with Syria fracturing as long as they control the Alawi state and some place in the south to attack Israel.

The problem with the so called opposition is that they have sectarians in them. But all those hardcore anti-Israelis don’t see that Hamas and PIJ have the same factions that exist in the FSA and HTS. Also, Assad helped several Shia and radical Sunni factions to destabilize the Iraqi government after 2003 and Maliki rebuked him for this. Later these factions turned on Assad himself.

Jim Allen

Pitiful idiot troll.
Where in Hell do you come up with this Alice in Wonderland nonsense ? You’re a bit too much a dullard to make it up yourself, but at least you’re consistent.

Chris Gr



you seriously thinks Turkman want peace??? are you insane? H T S was created By western countries and they just head choppers which changed name multiple times… good joke peace, its land grabbing for islamic Brotherhood! are you blind? Syria was not islamic under Assad! And Russia? business as always and backstabbing as always ask their neibours .

Last edited 15 days ago by Xergoos

Oh this is soweet. I just love it when terrorists die by the dozens. Iran needs to get its PMU’s in there and gut these pigs in the streets and toss the cadavers in them big death pits. There is no other solution for sunni/ wahabbi. They must be killed and disposed off before the next unholy Al-Qaeda jihadist generation grows up to cause trouble. Death is the only way to be sure.

Last edited 15 days ago by Ahson
Chris Gr

PMU is in Iraq only.


You wish.

Chris Gr

Tell me that PMU is not islamist.

The Objective

Unfortunately for you, Muslim fighters are only increasing in number across the Middle East. Thousands trained in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Qatar, etc. We are actually preparing.


Shut up black man. You worry about Somalia no? Al-Shabaab terrorist Al-Qaeda your heroes no? Where you as a black Somalian Al-Qaeda man and where mongol turkish guppu terrorist? Stupid mercenary. You have nothing in common.

Last edited 15 days ago by Ahson
The Objective

I love it when you guys try to guess my country and race.
Anyway, just watch what happens in Syria. Plenty is in store for your eyes and ears. Just take care that your eyes don’t pop out when shit starts to happen. And it WILL happen.



All of you seem to miss that.


The Russians know what kind of fool they are dealing with, as do the Chinese, Iran, India etc.

Play the long game. The terrorists and their idiot supporters will disappear. The whole turkish ottoman expansion is a fkn western joke.

erdotard is useful idiot, to be replaced soon.

Chris Gr

Iran is with them. India, Russia and China can oppose them.

Jim Allen

US is already working on the ever popular “regime change activity for the Sultan. It’s Zionist master’s are nonplussed with his purchasing Russian military hardware it seems, among other thing’s in his loose cannon leadership style. And, his agitating his NATO partner’s.
CIA appear’s it may be losing it’s touch. It’s bag of dirty trick’s must’ve run low, or something.


No one expected any deal with Turks, if they truly wanted peace they would make it long time ago. Erdogan obviously won’t or can not control terrorists in Idlib. Too many of them, too aggressive, he doesn’t know what to do with them if the war in Syria stops. They will all go to Turkey.

The Objective

Mark my word dude. Dictatorship CANNOT return to Syria. Maybe Assad will continue to rule his part of the country. But that’s all.
If Russia could deliver Idlib for Assad, it would have done it long time ago.

Chris Gr

Turkey and Iran both supported the islamist dictatorships of Morsi and Bashir. So yeah.


yesterday you was talking about Islam, today about democracy, tomorrow you’ll support LGBT rights…

The Objective

Democracy is more likely to lead to Islam than dictatorship.


Soon it will be all over. Lots of dead and injured. Syria will be liberated.

The Objective

Can’t wait for it to start.

La Rata

Turk need to be out of syrian land….

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