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Russia Responds To NATO – Deploying S-400 in Crimea

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Russia Responds To NATO - Deploying S-400 in Crimea

Russia is ready to deploy their best long-range surface-to-air missiles to Crimea, according to  Lt. Col. Evgeny Oleinikov, deputy commander of the 18th missile air defense regiment of the 31 air defense division. He added that the full regiment will be sent in August. The S-400 will be used to shield the Russian territory from enemy ballistic missiles.

The decision comes just days after the summit of NATO in Warsaw where the alliance pointed Russia as their main threat. We remind you that times and times again NATO has been deploying anti-ballistic missile defense systems in Poland and Romania and has plans to boost them in the future. In addition, more and more military exercises have taken place in the Baltic states, on the Russian border. Russia gives them an asymmetrical response with this move.

At the moment, the old S-300 are being used in Crimea, however, the S-400 will definitely boost the defense and will also play as sending a message to NATO that Russia will respond to every action of the alliance which is against their country.

After Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 near the Turkish border, the S-400 was deployed to Syria in order to protect the Russian forces from similar acts of foreign countries.

Video of the S-400 in action:

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Real Anti-Racist Action

Still Mi6 spread’s disinformation campaigns in Ukraine and about the Ukrainian situation. And still SAS continue to take lives of both ethnic-Russians and ethnic-Ukrainians. And still, SAS kidnap people inside of Ukraine who do not buy the Zio-propaganda, and take them away for trying to sway the masses away from wanting to war for their Jewish leaders in the Ukraine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw9pSrOsDwU


But Russian S-400 will help NATO’s defense from Iranian and North Korean rockets?


There you have it Dulebg, brotherhood with NATO at its finest :) What is worrying is that Russia is just reacting on the developments around her, you can call it asymmetric or symmetric or what ever, it still is just reacting to someone else’s actions. Russia needs to become more proactive and start taking initiative again…

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