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Russia Reopening Its Oldest Dry Dock For Business: The Kronsdadt Marine Plant

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Russia Reopening Its Oldest Dry Dock For Business: The Kronsdadt Marine Plant

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On April 28th, the Kronstadt Marine Plant JSC, the oldest dry dock in Russia, after being subject to conservation for more than 25 years, is once again accepting ships for repair, the company’s press service announced.

Two fire-fighting and one diving boat of the Leningrad Naval Base were accepted for docking as part of the state order.

The underwater part of the side of the boats will be painted, as well as the repair of bottom-outboard fittings. Dock repair will last until mid-May.

These are the first ships being accepted in the dry dock for repairs for over 25 years.

In 2018, the dock was removed from conservation and surveyed.

During 2019, the specialists of the marine plant repaired the main communications, caisson, dock bottom. Repair was carried out at the expense of the plant.

Given the two-chamber configuration, the dock is capable of receiving small ships and vessels with low draft: tug boats, boats, diesel engines, minesweepers, barges, and yachts.

The plant also intends to use the dock in its plans for the construction of small vessels.

The Dry Dock (named after M.I.Surgina) is by far the oldest active dry dock not only in Kronstadt, but also in Russia.

It was built between 1830-1846, even before the founding of the Marine Plant, during the reign of Emperor Nicholas I, and after his death until 1919, the dry dock was called Nikolaev.

It was designed for the repair of frigates, brigs, corvettes, gunboats, later destroyers, submarines, minesweepers, small steamers and icebreakers.

Characteristics of the dock:

  • length of the southern chamber – 99.9 m;
  • length of the northern chamber – 75.4 m;
  • width of the southern chamber is 25.5 m;
  • width of the northern chamber – 21.1 m;
  • depth (above the threshold) of the southern chamber – 6.2 m;
  • depth (above the threshold) of the northern chamber – 5.8 m;
  • equipped with mooring devices and a crane with a lifting capacity of 10 tons.

Kronstadt Marine Plant JSC is the largest ship repair company in the North-West region of Russia. It was founded in 1858. It performs complex repairs and maintenance of ships and vessels of all types, classes and purposes with a displacement of up to 60 thousand tons.

Currently, the factory is repairing more than 100 ships and vessels annually. It is part of the United Construction Corporation JSC.

United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC is the largest shipbuilding company in Russia. It was created in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2007 with 100% of the shares in federal ownership.

The holding includes about 40 enterprises and organizations of the industry (major shipbuilding and ship repair yards, leading design bureaus).

Currently, on the basis of USC, a large part of the domestic shipbuilding complex has been consolidated.

The Russian market is the main one for the state corporation, which also exports its products to 20 countries around the globe.

This reopening is likely necessary with the recent announcements of new ships being laid down in Russia. In addition there are extensive plans to build facilities that would accommodate the growing Russian naval fleet.


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Good,destroy the covert nwo/nazi red tape authorisation (period) bring back jobs,real benefits for the peoples and persist to overturn policys made by the corrupt godbachev admins back then,these days russia don’t need their pittance wealth,where in reality russia economics is now proven much stronger
than all them fake,phoney and scam banks run by the fake bonds and assets regimes,like climate sht!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

it seems that russia is gearing up its defenses in preparation of what might come.

cechas vodobenikov

this facility is designed more for non military vessels and subs if I remember correctly


Kronstadt. Typical russian name. :)

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