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Russia Rejects Navalny Was Poisoned, But Sanctions Appear To Be Just Around The Corner

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Russia Rejects Navalny Was Poisoned, But Sanctions Appear To Be Just Around The Corner

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On August 25th, Russia dismissed a statement by the Charité hospital in Berlin which said that Russian opposition political Alexei Navalny had been poisoned.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there are no grounds to launch a criminal investigation. He called allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin bears responsibility for Navalny’s fate “empty noise.”

“We don’t understand why our German colleagues have jumped to conclusions and are using the word ‘poisoning,’” Peskov said. “That was one of the first theories considered by our doctors, but a substance has yet to be identified.”

“We cannot take such accusations seriously. These accusations cannot be true at all and are more likely empty noise,” Peskov said, adding “we don’t understand why our German colleagues are in such a hurry. The substance hasn’t yet been established.”

The medical staff in Omsk, Russia, where Navalny was hospitalized for two days, has repeatedly said that there was no evidence Navalny was poisoned.

“When Navalny was admitted for treatment, tests for an extensive range of narcotic and synthetic substances, psychedelics and medicinal substances, including cholinesterase inhibitors, were conducted, and the result was negative,” Alexander Sabayev, the chief of the toxicology department of Omsk Emergency Care Hospital No. 1 said.

On August 24th, the EU issued a statement that said it condemned Russia’s alleged actions, and called for a thorough investigation into the matter.

“The European Union strongly condemns what seems to be an attempt on Mr Navalny’s life. It is imperative that the Russian authorities initiate an independent and transparent investigation on the poisoning of Mr Navalny without delay. The Russian people, as well as the international community, are demanding the facts behind Mr Navalny’s poisoning. Those responsible must be held to account.”

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement that if Navalny was poisoned.

“The United States is deeply concerned by reported preliminary conclusions from German medical experts that Russian opposition activist Aleksei Navalny was poisoned,” Pompeo said.

Navalny’s associates said they formally petitioned for a criminal investigation to be opened on August 20th, when he fell ill on a flight from Tomsk to Moscow.

Navalny’s spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh said that both Russia’s Investigative Committee and authorities in the Siberian city of Tomsk had been contacted.

Just before Berlin’s Charité hospital, Yarmush said that both law enforcement agencies had responded.

“A decision to open a criminal case is made within three days in line with the law,” Yarmysh tweeted. “The deadline ended at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday [August 23rd]. A criminal inquiry has not yet been launched.”

Charité said in a statement that it ordered a second round of testing to determine the exact substance that afflicted Navalny, which could provide more forensic evidence as to who might have been behind the poisoning.

It is also the US and its allies’ hope that if it really was poisoning this would spoil relations between Russia and Germany so much that Nord Stream 2 is officially canceled, despite Berlin’s claims that economic issues shouldn’t be related to any political ones.

“Germany tries to not link different issues,” said Marcel Dirsus, a nonresident fellow at the Institute for Security Policy at Germany’s Kiel University. “But it is impossible to see each in isolation. Everything is part of a bigger picture.”

On matters regarding Russia, it is “unusual for the German government to have a unified position on Russia and make concrete demands,” he noted.

“There are significant domestic German political constraints when it comes to Russia,” Dirsus said. “Some people believe the only way to change Russia is by engaging it.”

This “puzzling” German behaviour was obvious during the visit of Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to Moscow.

In statements there, Maas criticized the threat by Republican U.S. senators to impose sanctions on the German port helping finish the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

He also denounced another attack, blamed on Russia without evidence, against a Chechen man with Georgian citizenship, who is a ‘former’ terrorist, who was shot to death in public last year in the German capital.

So the time for sanctions may have come, and the US and EU have expressed readiness for that, similarly to what transpired with Sergey and Yulia Skripal and the lack of evidence that Russia played any part. None of that mattered, evidently.

The line is obvious – German outlet Deutsche Welle even asked the ‘obvious question’ – was Navalny poisoned with Novichok.

Which begs another question, do any of the experts and investigators even know what Novichok is, if it appears to have a different effect on each respective individual?

“The medical staff treating Navalny, who reported on Thursday that he might have been poisoned with a nerve agent, suspect an as-yet-unidentified cholinesterase inhibitor. Navalny’s suspected poisoning is in many ways similar to the attack on former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England two years ago,” DW reported.

“Skripal is believed to have been poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent, which blocks the body’s production of cholinesterase, an enzyme that is essential to the functioning of the nervous system. If untreated, such poisoning can be lethal,” the report added.


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Zionism = EVIL

The stupid Americunt dying arseholes could not do a fucking thing to Iran, let alone Russia. The dumbasses are broke while China grew 5% and they want to “sanction” everyone. Russia should just land 100 SU-35 in Tehran and the mothefuckers will have a coronary.

Damien C

This asshole probably self induced, he is a fucking nobody in Russia he only gets headlines in Western anti-Russian media. This has hoax all over it, why would anyone in the Russian Government poison this dickhead even if they wanted to it just doesn’t make sense. Any poisoning or nerve agent attack would only serve to point a finger at Russia a simple hanging would be easily passed off as suicide

For me this has self involvement with or without outside help from anti-Russian organisations

johnny rotten

Sometimes I think that Russia is selling the rope they will hang themselves with, to the stupid Westerners who seem delighted every time to buy it at such a low price, and I wonder if opening so many fronts is not part of the long-term strategy, for the belligerent ideologues of the NWO there are so many wedding invitations they can never say no to, while they don’t pay enough attention to the economic disaster that is destroying them from within.

Garry Compton

If I was Russia, I would tell Mr. Navalny, that you are not wanted here anymore and tell him to stay in Germany, where his handlers are. This would be if sanctions are manufactured. He’s a dead man walking, if Russia gets sanctions – of course, his handlers would love to see him assassinated – for the cause. The Kremlin, won’t even be able to save him – he crossed the line. Just an opinion. Spacibo


I love Putin style denials. Just avoid the question with a poker face: q-Did Russia poison Navalny? a-I don’t understand why jump to conclusions q-Did Russia interfere in US elections? a-hehehehe. Why would you think its us. It could be anyone with russian IP address q-Do the people blocking Ukrainian army bases belong to Russian Army? a-Why don’t you take a look at the post-Soviet states. There are many uniforms there that are similar. You can go to a store and buy any kind of uniform. All the time no direct answer, just in case a new incriminating fact comes up. smart, very smart.


Lol. These are very logical explanations. Why the hate?


Whose hate? my hate? Why would the hate be mine? You can buy hate at any shop:))))

Lone Ranger

What would Russia gain? Scripals were poisoned by the MI6. Same as Litvinenko. Western accusations like Assad gassed its people are BS. Even most the investigators say so, pointing out U.S. prassuring them to lie. Same story here. Navalny was either poisoned by his own handlers or Germans are lying. Either of the two. If Russia was the culprit they wouldnt let him leave. CIA, MI6 has a long history of poisoning people. Youtube: CIA heart attack inducing dart gun…


Why you think I care about above mentioned cases? Anyone else can care about those issues. You can buy care in any shop. This is amazing. I am so adopting this Kremlin style responses.

Lone Ranger

You obviously care if you post comments backing CIA/MI6 viewpoints… Truth hurts, try to handle it…


I don’t understand why would you assume that my posts back CIA/MI6 viewpoints? Anyone can back those viewpoints. You can buy viewpoints at any mechanical shop. It comes with a bonus handle

Lone Ranger

Are you on drugs?


Are you suggesting Putin or Peskov are on drugs? Anyone can be on drugs. You can buy it on every corner

Lone Ranger

Sounds like you are…


Nah, it’s just a dumb cunt. Treat it with the withering contempt that it deserves.


you heard my voice? damn, i knew i should have muted my mic

Lone Ranger

Thanks for confirmation…

Jim Allen

Maybe, but mostly he’s just a pitiful troll.


They wanna let us believe that GRU and FSB cannot effectively poison people – usually they go on and live


Yes like in Salisbury where apparently the Skripals and a police offcer were exposed to the most deadly military grade nerve agent,but they survived,yes and pigs can fly https://media2.giphy.com/media/kFNNElvL3ZI77n8Y2o/giphy.gif

Me&Myself None

I am usually very hard on Putin, but in this case I do not think that he is responsible for this. Probably a false flag by the west in other to weaken Putin’s hand.

Tommy Jensen

Russians lie about everything. They mirror themselves by accusing others for what THEY did themselves.

Russia accused US for finding WMD’s in Iraq, but it was Russia self who said it to us that Saddam had WMD, and lied.

Russia claimed we invaded Afghanistan to earn money from opium/heroine when THEY did it before we did it, we did it only because they did it before we had to do it, and then they lied and said we did it.

Russia said we invaded a and stole Crimea, but THEY invited us to invest $5 billion bucks in the shithole, lied and then snatched Crimea our legal bought property, just under our nose, and lied.


So you lost in a high-stakes poker game. So what?

Lone Ranger

Sarcasm detected…

Jim Allen

You have Russia confused with Israel. Again.

Luke Hemmming

If there were WMD’S in Iraqi you can rest assured they were supplied by the USA.

cechas vodobenikov

stop projecting your feminine insecurity—everyone comprehends u r fake people—“the cult of sincerity..amerikans are not sincere, it is a performance”. David Riesman “amerikans have been liars and braggarts for 3 centuries”. Daniel Boorstin “Obama’s bob is to lie to a nation of liars”. Prof. Kiese Laymon “Amerika is the ultimate trickster’s paradise”. Sacvan Bercovitch “the functional illiteracy and ignorance have made amerikans an international joke”. Morris Berman


This seems to be the work of Ukrainian SBU with the help of their Western backers. They have been doing such a good job lately including with Belarus. My question is, why is Russia so passive while it is clearly under attack? I wait for some aggressiveness from Moscow but all I see is ”our Western partners”. Say what? You don’t got no Western partners, you got people who want your head and submission. Fire some missiles in Syria or some place and behave crazy. Man only understands pain.


Alexei Navalny is just a tool for the western world. He has no power and no threat whatsoever to Putin so why would he be poisoned by the Kremlin? Furthermore, with everything associated to the Skripal’s and all the accusations done by England, why would the Kremlin use poison to get rid of a nothing propagandist? Now that he is basically useless to the western world, I believe that it was just another CIA and MI6 false flag attack to be blamed on Putin.

The number one terrorist state in the world is the USA closely followed by England and France. I find it hilarious to watch politicians from those countries labeling others as terrorist. Any country who dares to push them back will become under attack by them…not militarily but through constant propaganda and the famous militarized sanctions. No worries about a possible war between them as the US, England, and France would never attack a country that could destroy them.

Servet Köseoğlu

Russia rejects….no surprise…somethings are dna coded.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62b3026adaf713368fd0063def2978f2da74b54510b4b113272709e3b96a4468.jpg


You really believe that if Russia wanted Navanly dead he would still be breathing?

Servet Köseoğlu

intimidation..the grass is always greener on the other side…

cechas vodobenikov

obviously u prudish turkey r sexually repressed like amerikans

Luke Hemmming

Germany and Russia partners in Nord Stream 2. Now a suspected poisoning? Lands in Germany. EU talk of sanctions. Does anyone else here smell a joorat?

cechas vodobenikov

Navalny is a crude anti-semitic idiot—only a turkey or the CIA would bother poisoning him…there is a reason why Snowden is in Russia and Assange is persecuted by USA/UK “censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in itself


Navalny wasn’t poisoned, he was vaccinated with Sputnik5.

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