Russia Rejects Kurdistan Region Referendum, Supports “Unity and Territorial Integrity” Of Iraq


The Russian Foreirgn Ministry has released an official statement rejecting results of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region independence referendum and supporting the unity and territorial integrity” of Iraq.

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan (source):

On September 25, a referendum was held in the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq on the independence of this national territorial entity. Voting took place within the autonomy itself, as well as in adjacent Iraqi governorates of Diyala, Nineveh and Taamim, which are controlled by Kurdish armed groups.

According to preliminary results, more than 90 per cent of ballots were cast in favour of independence. Final results are expected to be announced on September 28.

In connection with the referendum in the Kurdish Autonomous Region, Russia emphasises the need to avoid anything that could further complicate and destabilise the already conflict-ridden Middle Eastern region. We maintain our unwavering commitment to the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the friendly Iraq and other Middle Eastern states.

Moscow respects the national aspirations of the Kurds. We believe that all disputes that may exist between the Iraqi federal government and the government of the Kurdish Autonomous Region can and should be resolved through constructive and respectful dialogue with a view to devising a mutually acceptable formula of coexistence within a single Iraqi state.



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  • IH8Lies

    Well said Russia.

  • EmilyEnso

    Russia Rejects Kurdistan Region Referendum, Supports “Unity and Territorial Integrity” Of Iraq

    That sorts that.
    Very decidedly and very definitely.
    Anyone coming on here and suggesting that Russia is going soft, that Russia intends to betray its word on Syrian sovereign integrity – is a liar and spreading extremely fake news – anti Russian propaganda.
    Vladimir Putin is the one politician who keeps his word.
    Has some integrity and honesty and is a good friend.
    I just hope that sovereign integrity includes the Golan.
    I trust it does.
    I suspect Israel thinks it does and so they should – under international law and UN resolution – they should peacefully surrender it – the sooner the better..
    Hence the panic.
    Hold in on there – Iraq.
    You need that 40% of your own oil and gas the Kurds are stealing.
    You need it to clean up the rubble and slaughter in what you have left after the USA/UK/NATO have ravaged your country ad murdered your people, illegally.

    • Tudor Miron

      Kurds were always used. They were killing Armenians for Turks (They promised them their lands) and Turks fu$ked’em up and are hunting them everywhere they can. Kurds are playing victim than, but who said that panishment will come from your victims (Armenians)? It usually comes from your master. Now Kurds are being used again. They have a chance to be used to extent of becoming a used condom and everybody knows what happens to those. In case of Iraq the situation is simple. USA (under GP orders) invaded Iraq and occupied this country. Iraq’s natural resources started flawing in the pockets of few while US tax payers kept paying to sustain the occupation. You see two separate venues of cash flow. One from US tax payers is going out without any real flow back other than bodybags and increasing national debt. (Americans, are you aware that you got to pay it one day?) Than comes a time when it is becoming harder to sustain occupation and than they implement plan B – pasting a controlled force that is rogue to locals (divide and conquer). But we all know that plan B is a partial retreat. USA increasingly loosing control even over its puppet federal Iraq government because population demands those (current Iraq “elites”) to serve national interests. Pressure is increasing (PMU and stuff) and NWO partially retreats in the way of Kurdistan hoping to counter attack from there. Kurds “elites” (Barzani and co) will surely benefit from that. US is implementing its usual scheme – “you rob this country as much as you want, but give us our lion share. In return we allow you to keep your money in our banks and spend them in “civilized world” and when things go wrong we send in a helicopter to evcuate you”. Ordinary Kurds who support it will find themself sorrounded by hostile nations (hostile because of Kurds own wrong doings) and considering falling influence of US in the region they may end much worse than where they started a year or so ago. They had a large autonomy in Iraq and sure as hell would have a large autonomy in Surya. But they want more and start grabbing lands that wasn’t inhabited by them. They think “if Jews could do it than why can’t we do it? Jews are cowardy and we’re brave :D) Problem is that 50-70 years is a very short terms in terms of history. Those who don’t learn from history (don’t look past at list 100 years past and in the future) will pay dearly.

      • EmilyEnso

        Good post.
        Thank you.
        Iraq is, in fact, afraid of a second Israel and worried about the dispossession of the arab people in it.
        I agree they should have taken what was on offer but the Kurds have overstepped the mark.
        Neither Iraq or Syria can agree to have their countries partitioned.
        Why should they.
        If the Kurds need a home how about the USA offering them Washington state – and throwing out all those already in it , homeless and destitute.
        Practice what you preach for a change.

        • Mikronos

          Israel would have a tough time supplying the Kurds with matzoh or anything else – even it Eretz Yisroel did stretch to the Euphrates.

      • Jesus

        “Kurds were always used. They were killing Armenians for Turks”

        Eu sint armean nascut in Romania.

        • Tudor Miron

          Buna seara and Բարի օր :)

          • Jesus

            Buns seara Tudor, and have a good day as well.

    • Mikronos

      You notice that among Kurdistan’s ‘neighbors’ Syria hasn’t blackballed their referendum? Syria has a ‘regime change’ thing to work out with Turkey first.

      • northerntruthseeker .

        Close.. .The Syrian government has offered the Kurds some negotiations that would see them have autonomy within the Syrian nation…

        What the Syrians offer is actually a future for these people under the protection of the Syrian state.. Something that they will not have if they stupidly push for this Jewish backed “independence”….

  • Mikronos

    Russia supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine too. It doesn’t support the government claiming that integrity – or their definition of it. And particularly it doesn’t support a ‘US-NATO presence’ as part of any ‘integrity’ on its borders.

    Much like the USA -Cuba ‘relationship’.

  • Justin

    OK so lets put this all into perspective shall we???

    The Jews gain the land of Israel in a deal made after ww2 and the “Jewish holocaust” in which several million Jews were murdered in what is know as the Genocide of the Jewish populations!

    The Armenians were also slaughtered during the ottoman rein with the Kurds doing “the dirty work” for which they admit and atone to! 1.5 million Armenian Christians murdered!

    So in one case we give land for the jews who were “victims” of genocide

    in another case we give land to Kurds who were the ones who committed the murder and genocide of Christians!

    So this is like giving the Nazi’s land after they murdered the Jews! hahahaha its fucking crazy how this shit works!

    Meanwhile back in dumb ass yankee land, we have people saying that America SHOULD attack X and Y nations due to reasons they don’t understand nor do they even know where these nations are on a map of the world!