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Russia Regrets US Preconditions For Rebuilding Syria: Lavrov

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Russia Regrets US Preconditions For Rebuilding Syria: Lavrov

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The news agency TASS reports (source):

Moscow regrets Washington’s opinion that efforts to rebuild Syria should begin only after the political transition of power is over, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Egypt’s Al Ahram newspaper published on Saturday.

According to Lavrov, efforts of post-war reconstruction and humanitarian assistance are now taking the center stage in the country.

“We need to help all Syrians in need, without preconditions and politicization,” Russia’s top diplomat said. “In this respect, we regret the stance of the United States and the European Union, who keep linking – including publicly – the allocation of funds for rebuilding Syria to the political transition. If this is not politicization of humanitarian assistance, then what is?”

He added that Moscow keeps rendering all possible support to Damascus in rebuilding infrastructure and delivering humanitarian cargo both through bilateral channels and via international mechanisms, including the UN and its agencies.

“The figures speak for themselves: since July 2018, with the help of the Russian side, 800 educational and 150 medical facilities have been rebuilt, over 1,000 km of roads have been repaired, over 1,000 km of power lines have been laid, over 130 of water supply facilities have been put into operation,” the minister said. “The Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring sides in Syria carries out humanitarian missions on a daily basis, delivers aid to various regions of the country and provides medical assistance.”

In addition, the internationally supported effort is under way to clear the Syrian territory of landmines, unexploded ordnances and explosive devices. In February, Russia donated $1 million to the UN Mine Action Service to finance its work in Syria.

No aggression

Lavrov reiterated that Moscow’s approach to the Syrian crisis is well known. “We consistently support a political solution based on respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, with respect to norms of the international law,” he said.

“As the situation in Syria stabilizes and improves, those who nurtured opposition and radical groups in Syria, openly demanding to topple the government of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, have eventually started to realize this [the need to take a similar approach]. And this is good news,” Lavrov said. “At present, this aggressive rhetoric is no longer used with regard to the Syrian leadership.”

According to Lavrov, the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland remains another important topic in Syria’s post-war reconstruction.

“Russia’s initiative on the matter was supported by many countries in the region. We are working with our partners to put it into practice,” Russia’s top diplomat said.

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Did anyone expect anything different from the US and its vassals?


Why does Moscow even worry about what Washington thinks and wants. Washington’s role in Syria is illegal and small at that. The Russians, Chinese, Iranians, …. should just move ahead with helping to rebuild Syria.


The guilty should pay for the damages and they are the US and coalition; they are immune to punishment until a mechanism is in place to prosecute, Russia and her allies may be working on introducing such a mechanism. UNSC is a lost cause.


UNSC is a lost cause indeed, has been for a long time. But as for Russia working on a prosecution mechanism (if that’s what you mean), you are deluding yourself.


There will be no such mechanism. The west will in no way admit the obvious, regardless of any proof, in any sort of setting. Although they should pay, they should in no way be allowed to send in western companies to do the work. First, any such ‘help’ would be very expensive and second, any such work would be suspect as to it’s engineering and quality.

Hasbara Hunter

Why is Russia still negotiating with the United States of America? Home of the Lies… Land of the Broken Treaties….Who gives a shit about USraeli Preconditions? The World can use many things at the Moment…But the Last thing we need right now is a couple of USraeli Preconditions…


Russia is stringing the US along, make them feel important, needed and part of the decision making process; nothing but an illusion.

David Price

I’m sure Moscow is just letting the World know that the US intentions for Syria are still one of destabilising the Country and its allies in the Region. The US has nothing to offer the middle East. Iran Iraq Syria and Lebanon should push ahead with forming a joint declaration on defence. Air defence systems can provide security for that bloc against Israel.
The sooner they do, the better. Dilute the influence of zionist israel. Let’s be honest Saudi Arabia may have nice toys military wise but there army is a shambles and I’m not surprised.
The middle East needs to just sidestep Israel and Saudi, while quickly buying Russian Air defence systems.
With Turkey already paid up for the S400 Syria and its neighbours need to be united in a defence pact.

AM Hants

I love the way Moscow plays the game. Opens it up, so those behind it all, are publicly exposed, in the nicest of ways. Look how far they have come, exposing the US and EU up for all to see, since 2014?

David Price

Yes Alot of the tremendous work Russia has done and is still doing in regards to security stability rebuild negotiations between Damascus and Tel Aviv even if its through back channels, its important it happens.
Russia is playing a dangerous game, but they are masters of restraint. The Way they embarrassed the US especially during the siege on Aleppo was Genius. They practically got the US to admit that the Terrorists where there proxy force and therefore there problem to separate the so called opposition from the Death Cult of Daseh. The US failed and they were sidelined. Imagine how furious they were in DC. The so called spy agents of NATO /Israel are a poor second to Vladimir Putin and his inner circle

AM Hants

Think it is one of the reasons I have found observing events in the past 5 years so addictive, plus, fascinating. The MSN has completely ignored the legendary and historic events, of the 21st century.

Crimea, sorted before the EU managed to hold an emergency meeting.

The counter sanctions, which took out the EU agrculltural market.

Ukraine, not paying for gas, then it was advanced payments only.

Syria, Russia was up and running, before President Putin got home, from delivering his epic UN speech.

Yamal gas fields, when the US believed Russia would not have the technology or access to finance the Siberian find, thanks to the sanctions.

Plus, how Russia became stronger and more self dependent, owing to all the Time 7 nations, plus, friends, threw at them.

Now, I am laughing at the Russian Ambassador, over in the UK, who had tea with the boyfriend of the dead woman, who found Eau Dr Novochok perfume, months after the Skilpals, when Brexit was in trouble. Providing the boyfriend with a dossier of questions, Russia demanded be answered by the U K The government, together with explaining if it was a Russian Chemical Weapon, then there would be no survivors. They do know there foes well, together with their weaknesses, egos and delusions of grandeur. Not Russia, just their foes. Entertaining, plus purely fascinating. Well done Russia. Not forgetting Venezuela.

David Price

That lady was a Drug addict and died in an overdose. I bet you the British used this opportunity to say she had been poisoned by perfume which looked remarkable after been exposed to the elements for a few months.
Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes Truth. The British are fucking joking if they think we bought that crap…

AM Hants

Sadly, the masses still love to be spoon-fed their views and opinions, by the MSM. However, there are many of us who believe Disney are better script writers than the privatised sector of UK intelligence, or Rothschild goons.


The US needs to get out of Syria. The entire US project in Syria is a Yinon plan Hegelian scam for the Jews.


The west may have changed their tactic of publicly calling for ‘regime change’, but they most certainly have not given up on it. Everything they do is a continuation of that policy.

AM Hants

Rebuild Syria, but, make sure the US and EU, who oppose the rebuild, do not benefit, in any way, from the various rebuild projects, required, to get the country back on it’s feet.

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