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Russia Rearms Its Missile Troops And Artillery Units With Iskander-M Missile Systems

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Russia Rearms Its Missile Troops And Artillery Units With Iskander-M Missile Systems


The Russian military began an operational coordination training with the newest Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile system in the Krasnodar region, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on January 11th.

During the exercise, servicemen will deploy the missile complexes, occupy firing positions and prepare for combat launches.

The servicemen responsible for the rocket launches will conduct training on the control modules and the technical support systems. They will also improve their skills in working on the launchers and the transport and charging machines.

The military will have to complete a series of training electronic launches of rockets aimed at various targets at a distance of up to 500 km.

Crews of the OTRK “Iskander-M” also improve their driving skills of military equipment in the composition of the columns on rough terrain and on a high-speed section in marches during both day and night.

On January 1st, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its Missile Troops and Artillery would be supplied with Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems.

“The system’s manufacturer will deliver an Iskander-M brigade to the Western Military District under the State Defence Order … the rearmament of the Missile Troops and Artillery with the Iskander-M is set to be completed this year,” said the Ministry of Defense.

Construction of the infrastructure for Iskander-M units is nearing completion. “In 2013-18, the MoD constructed 458 buildings for 10 [Iskander-M] missile brigades. The troops are storing all the Iskander-Ms delivered under proper conditions and the systems are ready to use,” Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said at an Ministry of Defense meeting in mid-December.

Jane’s reported the following background on the Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile system:

“In 2011 the Kolomna-based Machine-Building Design Bureau (KBM), a subsidiary of Rostec’s High-Precision Systems holding, and the MoD signed a long-term contract under which KBM was to deliver two Iskander-M brigades to the military per year. The implementation of the contract began in 2013 and the first tactical missile systems were supplied to the troops in June and November of that year, according to the schedule approved by Russia’s general staff. In 2011-17, 11 missile brigades were rearmed with Iskander-M systems.”

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Proliferation of Iskander platform consisting of the short range ballistic missile (500kms) and the R500 cruise missile (2000kms) provides Russia with unprecedented firepower and strategic flexibility against NATO ground and naval targets.
As the rearmament program continues it is likely that the number of the Iskander brigades will increase.


They need longer range, you can’t hit New York with only a 500 klik range.

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