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JUNE 2021

Russia Is Ready To Ban Maritime Traffic Through Kerch Strait

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Russia Is Ready To Ban Maritime Traffic Through Kerch Strait

Nord fishing vessel

A coastguard ship of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service has seized the Nord fishing vessel flying the flag of the Russian Federation in the territorial waters of Russia. The incident took place near the sea border between the Russian Republic of Crimea [not recognized by Ukraine] and Ukraine in the Sea of Azov on March 25.

The fishing vessel with 10 people on board was arrested and tugged to the Ukrainian port of Berdiansk.

“It was established during the inspection that it was registered in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. In addition, crew members violated the procedure for leaving the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. All of them had so-called passports of Russian citizens issued in the city of Kerch,” the press office of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service said in a statement.

The vessel’s crew faces charges of “illegally crossing the border.” The Nord’s master has been charged with a “violation of the order of entry into the occupied territory of Ukraine [meaning Crimea].”

The first week after the incident Russia acted carefully using mostly diplomatic channels to solve the issue. Such a careful appraoch was likely implemented by Russia because the Nord case was the first time when Ukrainian forces seized a Russian [Crimean] civil ship. However, on April 4, multiple signals and reports appeared indicating that Russia is preparing for a tough response to Ukraine’s actions. Particularly, Russia may ban maritime traffic through the Kerch Strait thus blocking the Ukrainian economic maritime trade activity through the Sea of Azov.

It is important to note that the current legal status of the Sea of Azov is unclear. A range of international treaties concerning the status of the sea between Ukraine and Russia has de-facto become inoperative.

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HighLord Gaz

“It is important to note that the current legal status of the Sea of Azov is unclear. ”

When faced with intransigence from Banderite retards and war-mongering criminals, the only appropriate course of action is to impose a hard-power solution.

The Ukrop leave Russian-flagged vessels alone to conduct their lawful business, or the Ukrop navy and coastguard vessels get a one-way trip to the seabed courtesy of the Russian taxpayers.

If the Ukropi complain, present them with an itemised invoice:

Item No1: Kh-35 anti-shipping missile QTY 1 unit
Item No2: Project Management services QTY 1 lot
Item No3: Administration fee
Item No4: Export duties payable on item 1

If they won’t pay, sell the debt collection rights to a Ukrainian mafia gang. Let the orcs eat themselves.

Igor Dano

I object to your proposed statement:
the mafia gang is international, with its HQ in USA, Tel Aviv, London and Brussels.The gang has also extensive operations in Okraina.


So basically the Washington backed Junta Regime is now committing acts of piracy and kidnapping in the Black Sea.

Tudor Miron

Somali pirates know a thing or two about dealing with Russians. Ukro nazi are playing with fire.


The U.S. / EU apply economic sanctions , Russia applies economic sanctions.

What’s good for the goose…….


This is Russia’s back yard!
Russia has some leverage with Turkey which could cause problems for any NATO ships trying to enter the Black Sea!
Ukraine is going to be split soon! Split in half!


This is the sort of mess you get when the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire meddles in the affairs of other countries and imposes their choice of government while disregarding the democratic choices of the people of that country. This is HR Clinton and Madelaine Albright’s legacy.

You can call me Al

Here we go – the nonces in the US, instructing or sanctioning their retarded muppets to ramp up tensions with Russia, because their stupid spy killing was a total FU.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Well, the stage is set.

Cheryl Brandon

Ukraine iss tuck between USA who will use one brother slav/Kiev to get at another Slavic nation; Ukraine should never have joined up with the USA???

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