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Russia Readies Test Of Nuclear-Powered “Doomsday-Drone” Torpedo

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

As American and Russian military jets operate dangerously close to each other earlier this week, for the third time in months, Russia has just announced, it will launch the Poseidon submarine drone, dubbed the “Doomsday Drone” and or a “Nuclear Torpedo,” with an impressive range that could autonomously traverse the Atlantic Ocean and cause quite a stir in Washington.

Several Russian media outlets are reporting the developments. RIA Novosti said a military source has confirmed the unmanned underwater vehicle, which can carry a nuclear warhead, is scheduled to launch this fall. The source said the launch would be conducted from a K-329 Belgorod nuclear submarine. There was no indication of where the launch site would be.

Powered by a small nuclear reactor, Poseidon has a top speed estimated at between 60 and 100 knots, with an impressive range of 6,200 miles, and when launched from the Barents Sea or somewhere in the Arctic, can autonomously traverse the North Atlantic, an area where Russia, China, and the US are each trying to stake a claim, due mostly to the trillions of dollars of natural resources beneath the ocean floor.

Russia Readies Test Of Nuclear-Powered "Doomsday-Drone" Torpedo

Poseidon drone. h/t Russian Ministry of Defense

On Radio Sputnik this week, a military expert, the head of the Center for the Study of Public Applied Problems of National Security, retired Colonel Alexander Zhilin, called Poseidon a “powerful weapon” and spoke about its features:

“A drone has several advantages. A submarine with a crew on board is, of course, a powerful weapon, but there are certain restrictions on the human factor. Poseidon can practically be on alert and perform assigned tasks at any time. The appearance of drones This class, of course, requires a lot of responsibility, because management is through software. It is clear that there are certain risks when, by convention, hackers can try to take control. But, talking with our engineers, designers, I came to the conclusion that protection against external interference is colossal,” said Zhilin.

We first noted the development of the Poseidon when Russian President Vladimir Putin officially confirmed the weapon’s existence in his annual address to the Federal Assembly in 2018.

“We have developed unmanned submersible vehicles that can move at great depths – I would say extreme depths – intercontinentally, at a speed multiple times higher than the speed of submarines, cutting-edge torpedoes and all kinds of surface vessels,” said Putin.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense released a video of Poseidon’s strike capabilities

We noted last year the underwater nuclear drones are capable of devastating enemy coastlines with a tsunami wave up to 1,600 feet that can leave behind radioactive isotopes.

“The U.S. intelligence agencies estimate Status-6 will carry a multi-megaton thermonuclear bomb payload. For comparisons’ sake the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 16 kilotons, several orders of magnitude smaller. A one megaton bomb is the equivalent of 1,000 kilotons—one one million tons of TNT. Reports from Russia indicate the bomb could be as large as 100 megatons.

Russia Readies Test Of Nuclear-Powered "Doomsday-Drone" Torpedo
Flood model from the wave of 100 Mt explosion near New York City. Clawpack flood modeling (the University of Washington, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and etc.)

“Status-6 is designed to attack enemy coastal cities, ports, shipyards, and naval bases. Once Status-6 arrives at its destination it detonates the bomb, causing an enormous amount of damage through blast and heat. A 100 megaton bomb would generate artificial tsunamis, carrying the destruction far inshore.” -Popular Mechanics

With 16 Poseidon drones ready to launch. There is no adversary of Russia that is capable of overtaking Poseidon at its operating depths and fast speeds.

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Lazy Gamer

Nuclear test incoming? Somebody has to quantify the tsunami wave and its effects? Goddamn, everything will be swept away with a 500 m wave.


Yeah Yeah again with the Nuclear weapons to scare the West, truth is Russia will never use it or else all the people will die in a Nuclear war. Let’s not forget the U.S alone has almos 6000 nukes, more than enough to respond to any attack on its forces or soil.


Do not speak for all westerners bob, I am a westerner and you are not btw and I truly believe in the balance of power.


Just stated a fact, Russia doesn’t scare anyone with their Nuclear PR. I live safely in Israel, the only place Jews can be safe without Westerners Neo Nazis, Russian pogroms or Islamic terrorists.


Its funny to say that because most of Jews, many millions of your people have immigrate to western countries, perhaps if you feel so unsafe in the west, we should pack them all and send them back to Israel.


Fair trade, we can send you the Palis in return. Deal?


I dont care about them, not my people.


Same here, but they do wanna live in the West you can see all the immigrants that go there including Gazans. Let them stay, give us the Jews, and kill each other. Win-Win.


Not our problem, its yours. You can keep your jews and the palis, not our business and Palis were there for centuries. Wrong comparison, try again.


Sorry, too crowdy for both of us here. EU loves Palis, take them and enjoy. We take back the Jews to their historic land, good deal for us.


Nope that never going to happen, Palis live in their land there too, so you cant force them to leave, you will have them there for ever, deal with it.


Either that, or we deport them to Jordan and you need to support us. You wanted a deal no? I agreed. 5M jews to Israel, 5M Palis to Arab states or Europe. Decide.


lol There is nothing to decide there, I think you are mistaken here thinking that you have an option and that we are bargaining, we are not.
All Jews back to Israel living together with Palis which is their home after all and thats it, deal with it.


Won’t happen, we can’t house everyone on this small land. Take some Palis and choke with them, maybe you can understand how its like living 1 week with them.


It seems you have trouble understanding the phrase “I dont care”, its not our problem Mr Jew.
Palis were living there for thousands of years, you cant force an indigenous people out of their land. You need to find a way to live with them because we wont take them no matter what.


Why not? suddenly you are not so pro Palis as you all claim to be? they wanna live in Europe they like you, let Merkel and Macron help them.


I never said that I am pro Pali, read better my texts because it seems now that you have trouble in reading as well. I said many many times that its not our problem, I don’t understand why is so hard for you to accept it.

Europe though doesn’t want to live with them, we have taken enough of migrants already, enough is enough and finally European countries realized that and closing their borders.


Look pal you can’t have it both ways, if you say Jews need to come here (like I support), then you need to give them lands for it. That means mathematically, less Palis here.

Decatur Guy

Vas, these people are no more blood of ancient Israelites blood than I’m the Count of Montecristo. Its all bullshit, including their made-up, bullshit culture of liquid manure.
These Khazars will never, ever have a Brahms, Bach, or Beethoven.. Never, ever..!

Decatur Guy

Vas, these people are no more blood of ancient Israelites blood than I’m the Count of Montecristo. Itss all bullshit, including their made-up, bullshit culture of liquid manure.
These Khazars will never, ever have a Brahms, Bach, or Beethoven.. Never, ever..!

Séamus Ó Néill

How can an intemperate religious sect claim land, you’re not a nation but a conglomeration of satanic worshipping thugs ! You’ve been roaming and aimlessly wandering around the world since time immemorial….thats your destiny and legacy !


Too bad for you now the Jews have a state, and we are not going anywhere. Damn Palis can live next to us, or fuck off to Europe and other Arab States.

Séamus Ó Néill

You just don’t get it, do you? In 10 years Israel will not exist, so my advice to you is buy a good pair of hiking boots….the Jewish tribe will soon be on the march again, I suspect to somewhere around Ukraine …..it’s where a lot of you originated from !


lol, okay man. Israel is not going anywhere, not in 10 years and not in 100 years. Watch for youself, good day.

Séamus Ó Néill

Do not be so self-assured about your safety, whilst squatting in Palestine. The Jews are a very obnoxious and extremely intolerant religious sect and with their incessant genocide, thievery and child butchery have incensed the world at large. The protection of the Yankee bully is no longer guaranteed so a real holocaust , not the laughable fake one you so revel in, may be your final destiny…..if you don’t change your satanic ways !


Don’t threaten us, we will take our chances against your terrorists and anyone else that puts us into test. We will win too, no matter the cost.

Séamus Ó Néill

I was not threatening you, I just mentioned a few, easily observable, facts. When a religious sect parasites a country, genocides a sizeable amount of the population and corrals the remainder into concentration camps, uses its children as target practice and continually attempts to steal more land from its neighbours….then, obviously, there’s going to be consequences…..even an imbecilic moron would realise that !

Chinese Dog

Europeans are in bed with chinese assholes as well


I know man, the Muslims in Europe have already taken over entire cities. India and Israel will never surrender to terrorists.

Harry Smith

Come on Zion. You are nothing without USA.


I beg to differ, it’s true the U.S helps us with weapons but they also help the KSA. However, look how the Saudi army fights in Yemen and compare it to the IDF, which never lost a war (we won in 2006 even if you claim we didn’t, Hezbollah hasn’t dared to shoot one rocket from Lebanon since then). Point is, we don’t surrender. we fight till we win or stopped by some fake ceasefire, but as long as nobody stops us then we keep on advancing, even if it means to wipe out entire villages on the way. I’m sure you will have a good example in July after we annex the Jordan Valley, either from Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon. And no, the U.S won’t help us in that war it will be our blood.


If you annex the Jordan Valley you will have about 2.5 millions Arabs of the West Bank within Israeli border together with 1.5 Israeli Arabs. Demographics is against Israel, in few decades you will have a majority of Arabs. Remember that atomic bombs didn’t prevent the collapse of apartheid South Africa.


No Arab majority, we will deport them.


I took part in a pilgrimage in Galilee in 2015, in places like Nazareth or Kafr Kanna you see only Arabs. We passed alsoclose to several vi


Yes they are Israeli Arabs which I am fine with, we live with each other peacefully. I meant the 2.5M Palis you wrote, they are not Israeli citizens and they will never be. They can either have their own state (minus the Jordan Valley) or start another war and be deported . It’s up to them to decide.


I gave you an option 3, among the Palestinians emerges a political leader like M. L. King or Mandela seeking civil rights using peacefully means. These 2 managed ultimately to cause political chaos in US (look what’s happening in Minneapolis) and SA.

Harry Smith

You understand that countries like Iran are not attacking you only because of USA, don’t you?


Doesn’t matter, Iran can’t win us in a conventional war anyway.


Really? And yet almost half of the world’s Jewish population live in America.


Exactly, which is why I offered a population exchange. We need more Jews here, less Muslims.


Ofc Russia doesn’t want to use it!
That is the whole point of having a no-first-strike-policy.
And ofc Russia has to make sure, it scares other nations off from exerting their first-strike-policy, especially if these countries develop small taktikal nuclear bombs. And Russia can only do so, when there is a guaranteed retaliation even if caught off-guard, and to make sure all decision makers around the world and their voters know about that.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The USA will undoubtedly sink a high percentage of what is left of it’s real GDP PPP into weaponizing space in a futile attempt to attain a supremacy over peer adversaries it would only ever retain for 60 minutes.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have said.
After Putin managed to manipulate the American election, pouring gasoline all over ME, he was all along working on a model for a pre-emptive nuclear strike to wipe America off the world map from the East-side.

Thats why I recommended to Bolton to build up a swarm strategy of tens of thousands of heavy nuclear missile bombs around Russia in defense of America!


And what Bolton answered you? I’m pretty sure he read your suggestions very careful, he even proposed some of this suggestions to your president hahaha.

Omg man stop watching so many Holywood movies, your brain is gonna burn.











































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