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Russia Preparing New Plan To End War While Pentagon Wants It ‘Well Into 2024’

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Russia Preparing New Plan To End War While Pentagon Wants It 'Well Into 2024'

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Despite its refusal to commit more advanced heavy armor and repeated insistence that its European allies and vassals do this, the US wants the hostilities to last for as long as possible.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

In the last several months, the Russian military has been conducting intensive training for approximately 300,000 newly mobilized soldiers, in addition to other preparations that would enable it to deliver a final knockout punch and end hostilities in Ukraine. The stakes are now being raised even higher with Army General Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, assuming the overall command of Russia’s counteroffensive against NATO’s “quasi-Barbarossa”. The move clearly implies that the Russian military is intent on achieving greater coordination and that it’s focusing much of its conventional capabilities to put the final nail in the coffin of the Neo-Nazi project in Ukraine.

Expectedly, the political West’s mainstream propaganda machine is presenting this change as the supposed failure of General Sergei Surovikin, resulting in his apparent replacement due to perceiving battlefield setbacks. However, quite conveniently, they are withholding critically important information, such as the fact that the Russian special military operation in Ukraine is now expanding in scope and magnitude, making it virtually impossible for Surovikin to coordinate the entire endeavor all by himself. For that reason, Moscow has decided to employ four of its top commanders and give them command of various operational sectors, with General Gerasimov at the helm of this expanded operation.

Apart from Russia’s Chief of the General Staff, three other top-ranking Russian military officers are directly taking part in commanding Moscow’s troops engaged in Ukraine — Army General Oleg Salyukov and Colonel General Alexei Kim, in addition to General Surovikin himself, now assuming the positions of General Gerasimov’s deputies, with special tasks within the enlarged scope of the special military operation. With a force of well over half a million men, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navy firing hundreds of long-range cruise missiles and swarms of drones, the Kiev regime is faced with an offensive the scale of which is incomparable to anything seen in decades.

Naturally, the Russian military’s plan for the new offensive in Ukraine is a secret, but the information provided by several sources allows a reasonable estimate as to how it might play out. Head of the Kiev regime’s State Property Fund Rustem Umerov claims that the upcoming offensive will come from three directions. “The attack will come from the north, [from] across the Belarusian border, from Russian strongholds in eastern Ukraine and from the south,” Umerov stated, without citing any sources or intelligence. The claim comes approximately a week after CIA chief William Burns visited Kiev and apparently warned Volodymyr Zelensky about Russia’s “impending offensive”.

The possibility of an all-out Russian offensive from three directions certainly shouldn’t be excluded. However, it’s also in the interest of the Russian military to maintain at least some element of surprise and deny the Kiev regime forces the ability to accurately predict its course of action. It’s a strong possibility that the Eurasian giant might decide to take control of the entire left-bank Ukraine, which would require offensive operations in at least three sectors, the northeast (toward Chernigov), east (toward Kharkov) and south (toward Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk). All the while, troops deployed in the Donbass are expected to maintain pressure and tie in as many Kiev regime forces as possible, which eventually could result in the encirclement and final elimination of these units.

The success of such an operation would result in irrecoverable losses for the Neo-Nazi junta and possibly even end the conflict or at least wipe out Kiev’s overall fighting capability, limiting it to militia troops incapable of any maneuvers or large-scale movement necessary to stop further Russian advance. Meanwhile, many of the regime’s forces would be tied in expecting Russian advance from the north, which may or may not happen. And while it’s impossible to say how likely this scenario is, such shaping up of the battlefield can certainly be expected from the Russian military, as this would enable it to take key areas and further exacerbate the Neo-Nazi junta’s position, forcing it to negotiate on terms favorable to Moscow or even surrender if the battlefield losses become completely unbearable.

Although the mainstream propaganda machine is spinning the narrative about General Surovikin’s alleged “failures”, the Kiev regime’s high command doesn’t share the same blind optimism. Kiev’s chief commander General Valery Zaluzhny is well aware of Gerasimov’s competence, as he himself once described Russia’s top military officer as “the smartest of men”. Realizing the impending consequences of Gerasimov’s appointment as the overall commander of the Russian forces engaged in Ukraine, the Neo-Nazi junta is fuming at its NATO sponsors for not providing more weapons. The political West is now divided on delivering heavy tanks, with Washington DC and Berlin trying to toss the hot potato to each other.

Despite its refusal to commit more advanced heavy armor and repeated insistence that its European allies and vassals do this, the US wants the hostilities to last for as long as possible. During a meeting at the Ramstein airbase in Germany, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said: “From a military standpoint I still maintain that for this year it would be very, very difficult to militarily eject the Russian forces from all, every inch of… Russian-occupied Ukraine.” While NATO pledged more weapons for the Kiev regime, the aforementioned question of delivering heavy tanks was left unanswered. And although it still hasn’t even been a full month this year, the US wants the hostilities to last “well into 2024”, obviously hoping to see at least another year of stalemate, despite mounting casualties of its favorite puppet regime.


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Russia will have no choice in this WAR it alone started it will be done when Russia is no more . EH Civilized people of the world will decide when it ends and how.

Ultrafart the Brave

“Civilized people of the world will decide when it ends and how.”

I guess that excludes you and yours.

Word on the street is that Canadian Globalist stooge and professional psychopath Justin Castro is on the verge of “stepping down” just like his cross-dressing role model and genocidal Satanist Jack Ardern down there in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Russia’s President Putin has been in power one way or another for longer than you’ve been alive, hiding down there in your momma’s basement.

A word of advice – there are better gigs than your pay-per-post here on this forum.

IOW, don’t quit your day job (or maybe go get one in the first place – I know, that requires actually having marketable skills, but maybe you can start at the bottom somewhere and work your way up).

1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK

For the RF there are just to options: to win the war or to nuke the bad guys (USA etc.).


Very well said.


Russia is now considering to invade USA with 1 mio Chinese proxy troops in a surprise attack on US soil, to show Washington that Kremlin mean business.

This is Russia’s number 26 plan on how to resolve the situation in Dumb_ass.

Last edited 14 days ago by Tommy

the US planned the war from start to finish and expected it to end by now with Russia giving up or succumbing to US financial penalties. The US is highly alarmed as it planned to be destroying China by now and instead it is actually being pushed back. The US deluded itself that after failing to bring down Venezuela and Syria, it can bring down Russia


Russia ends this whole me$$ by leaving the “Aegean $table” at 405 East 42nd Street, New York, NY, 10017, USA and telling the re$t of the loyal peanut gallery that they are starting a new beginning for that entity somewhere in Russia where market(s) and more importantly Nation(s) will be “free”!…

If it refuses to do that after Maidan 2014 it only gets worse for them!

Last edited 14 days ago by Matt
John Kesich

It’s too bad the chicken hawks leading the charge to nuclear war from behind aren’t required to be in the front lines.


Zelensky should surrender and western elements should drive him to the airport and put him on a flight to Moscow.


Rusko sa nemá kam ponáhľať. Rusko sa musí v prvom rade sústrediť iba na jeden základný problém a to na dodávku zbraní na Ukrajinu. Následne až RF dokáže tento problém dostať pod svoju kontrolu, tak potom bude môcť ŠVO do svojej záverečnej fázy. Dovtedy bude musieť RF prispôsobovať svoju taktiku boja danej situácii na frontovej línii. Lebo tá sa vždy zmení po tom, ako Banderovskí fašisti dostanú nové zbrane a zbraňové systémy zo západu.


Sami to môžete pozorovať ako prehnitý západ neustále zvyšuje stávku. Ako zakaždým mení svoje vyhlásenia a stále dodáva nové zbrane a zbraňové systémy pre Banderovské fašistické svine. Zbrane a muníciu ktorú vlastnilo NATO ešte z čias keď jeho východné krídlo bolo vo VZ sa už pomaly minuli. Teraz prichádzajú na rad zbrane a zbraňové systémy ktoré má v držbe západné krídlo NATO. A práve preto bude musieť RF začať s ich likvidáciou už po prekročení Ukrajinskej hranice. Uvidíme.


The Russians are very secretive and do not talk about their skills and theories. They use a lot of disinformation and Maskirovka (the Art of camouflage, of hiding, in a general sense). The Great Russia!


does Putin actually going to wait until the the West send those 150 tanks and runs over PMC Wagner ??!! What is he waiting for. Why does he not start to bomb Ukrainian railway from Poland??? Where TU D Bear



The answer is very easy. Indeed this so-called “Special Military operation” is a shame, even in several different ways..

Of course US will not invade Russia, that’s just bullshit media fake-news, and you all know it !! So no need be afraid of that. But yes, neighter side is really interested in winning this fake war. As well as neighter official side is truely interested in nor pushing for sincere peace-talks. But we, the people here, should be interested in ending the hostlities, and should therefore better start talking about making peace on our own. Wouldn t that be better than talking about how to more effeciently kill each other ?

What most here still not realize is that it is not Russia who is targeted by the so-called Ukraine War. It is Europe !!!

Would the USA (which is a fully jewish controlled entity) indeed want to fight Russia ( which too is a completely jewish controlled entitiy) then the USA would of course do it with effective means and gear.

Remember that in 1944, with the Normandy D-Day operation, USA was landing onto the beaches 40.000 US soldiers every single day into Europe against the National-Socialist German Wehrmacht.

Whereas now USA has trained an “unbelievable dangerous” number of 500 Ukrainian troops in Germany Grafenwöhr US base to fight in Ukraine. UK announced to have training 20.000 Ukraine troops, over the past 6-8 month, which will be ready tfor combat within the next weeks. This all knowing that Russia has just drawn in 300,000 (!) conscripts and thrown them to the front.

So for all who have at least 1 functioning braincell left, it should be absolutely clear, that USA isn t fighting Russia, and Russia isn t fighting the USA. They didn t do in World War 1, they didn t do in World War 2, and of course they do not do in World War 3 eighter ! Instead they, like always, work hand-in-hand in order to destroy those who are not accepting jewish supremacy !

Btw. Europe too is already jew controlled but fell to them only in 1945, and the western civilization stemming from Europe, and the anti-jewish knowledge is so deeply routed inside its culture that the jews are very afraid that – especially now after the vaccine-jab-genocide, which the jews commited, the europeans will wake up to who did this to them, and again start rising and fighting the jews to the death !!! That’s why the jews want to eradicate Europe first !!!

See, for example, if USA was truely wanting to prepare Europe for fight with Russia, then USA of course would do the following:

For example: Pushing for nationalism in whole of Europe in order to create a militant maximum anti-russian sentiment inside Europe, and get the populations of the different nations as menly, tough, war-ready and battle-hardened as possible. Get the men to become men again, istead of pussies. Train the armies of that nations intensively, and enlarge their size by a factor of at least 20 !

But what is the reality ? USA pushes for sanctions of Russia which are by design only hitting Europe, not Russia, USA forbids EU to buy russian gas and oil, but USA itself buys and imports large amounts of russian gas and oil and is even expanding it. Moreover USA pushes for homo-globo agenda, degeneration, poisoning of European food, want from 24th Jan. 2023 the europeans to eat vermin, which are mixed into the powdered grain products, bread, potato-mixes etc. etc. Nationalists are hunted down, incarcerated, murdered etc. in Europe (The same direction, btw. is happening even inside the USA)

So here we see it clearly that the USA does the direct oppossite of preparing Europeans for war with Russia. Instead they are weakening Europe and its people in every possible way, in order to make them easy prey, and destroy them completely.

And still you people here not realize that they are in cahoots? Can t you see from all these facts, that they are both working together !???

Why is all that, you ask ? Because both USA and RU are controlled by Jews, which want to first eradicate Europe, then the USA and Japan, then that little bit what s left of fake-christian Russia, then Islam, and finally all none-jews apart from 500 mio, who will be needed as servile slaves and whores to the jewish self-proclaimed masterrace.

The ADL chief, and living scum, Abraham Foxman told this full openly in 25th Aug. 1998 in New York already, but people are to ignorant to listen to announcements of these disgusting, maximum satanist, hook-nosed demons.


And another one, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt goes even more direct on it, listen here: https://www.bitchute.com/embed/U1gOYHsx3nVC/

Or Here too: https://birthofanewearthblog.com/the-jewish-agenda-to-destroy-the-white-race/

Therefore forget all the western (US & EU propaganda) as well as the eastern (Russian & Chinese propaganda) as behind them its just jews who not want to de-nazify or de-russianize your countries, but in fact want christians to slaughter each other. They want that you, as a christian, go out and slaughter your christian neighbors, landsmen and brothers on their (the jews) behalf ! That’s the cause of it all. Therefore, wake up and DON ‘ T do it !!! If you start see through the fog of jewish lies and there media propaganda and refuse to kill your fellow christian brothers and sisters, these jewish vermin are the fucked ones.

And, god-willing, all christians and muslims one day will unite and hunt down all these hook-nosed filth of the earth, till the last cockroach is eradicated from the face of the earth, and mankind will be free of these satanic world-parasites once and for all.

Last edited 14 days ago by Boohootin
The Objective

Somehow, youre saying it’s now a quagmire


Prepare to FLEE NAZI WEST as RUSSIA is COMING and has abandoned all previous plans to limit its use of force to a minimum now you will face the true FORCE OF RUSSIA, so RUN NAZI NATO RUN =Z=

No To NATO In Finland

Washington regime have expressed their satisfaction with the current state in Ukraine. Their evil regime can be at war against Russia with “no boots on the ground when they can instead sacrifice the whole male population of Ukraine ☠️. If my country Finland 🇫🇮 and neighbor Sweden 🇸🇪 joins 👹NATO👿 then one day Yankees are willing to do the same to us! They will use our 1300 kilometers long border with Russia to attack Murmansk in north and Saint Petersburg in south. It will mean nothing to Washington that our people will die as a result – as we can now witness happening in Ukraine💀. Let’s all pray for an end to NATO and to US world domination and their evil globalism and hegemony, Pray for the Russian people living in Russia and in Ukraine, pray for the holy Russian Orthodox Church ☦️ and for a Russian victory over USA & NATO ✌️🇷🇺☦️🤲🙏.


Looks like Putin has found his Zhukov.


Ukraine only has 150,000 men lefe at fronline, I thinks 2-3 months from now Ukraine army will collapse, except Poland and NATO will sent their uge regular soldiers pretend dressing as Ukraine soldiers more into Ukraine.

Last edited 14 days ago by War
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