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Russia Preparing For Mobilization

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Russia Preparing For Mobilization

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On September 20, the State Duma of the Russian Federation approved amendments to the draft law on amendments to the Russian Criminal Code, which proposes to consider periods of mobilization, martial law and wartime aggravating circumstances in the case of a crime. The bill was passed unanimously.

Amendments are made to paragraph “l” of Article 63 of the Russian Criminal Code which explains circumstances aggravating punishment. Such circumstances are described as follows: “the commission of a crime in a state of emergency, a natural or other public disaster, as well as during mass riots, in conditions of armed conflict or military operations.”

In addition, the amendments introduce several new articles of the Criminal Code: “Voluntary surrender” (art. 352.1) and “Looting” (art. 356.1).

In case of surrender a detainee may face from three to ten years in prison, if there are no signs of treason. The draft law states that “a serviceman who has committed a crime under this article for the first time may be released from criminal liability if he has taken measures for his release, returned to the unit or to the place of service and has not committed other crimes during his captivity.”

The article “Looting” (Article 356.1) has been amended to provide for imprisonment for up to 15 years. At the same time, it is proposed to consider the commission of a crime “during the period of mobilization or martial law, in wartime” (Article 63) as aggravating circumstances.

According to the draft law, unauthorized abandonment of a military unit during mobilization and martial law (Article 337 of the Criminal Code) will be punished more severely: from two to ten days — up to five years of imprisonment; from ten to one month — up to seven years of imprisonment; — over a month — from five to ten years in the colony.

At the same time, for non-fulfillment by a subordinate of the order of the chief, given in accordance with the established procedure, during martial law, during wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or warfare, as well as refusal to participate in military or combat operations, it is proposed to punish with imprisonment for a period of two to three years (Part 2.1 of Article 332 of the Criminal Code).

The upcoming changes in the Russian legislative system are probably aimed to create the legal basis for partial mobilization into the Russian Armed Forces. This was expected in recent weeks, after Ukrainian troops managed to regain control over almost the entire Kharkiv region, and the Russian offensive on the front lines almost stopped. The Kiev regime has about a month or two to develop any offensive operation in southern or eastern regions, the preparation for which is reported by the military of both sides. Then the units of the joint forces of Russia and the L/DPR will be significantly strengthened by newly enlisted servicemen. The Russian special military operation in Ukraine may end soon, and a real war will break out.


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John Tosh

Finally the West Gets what it wants but not as they had hoped for.

The Western G7 NATO countries were hoping the mobilization will cause widespread rioting in Russia in which the CIA and Victoria Nulan will step in with her world famous Cookies for Regime Game and Color Revolution in Russia.

This will not happen.

Russia will muster up enough to knock the NATO hounds and their Roaches (Ukraine and Poland) off their high horse.

This is a victory for Russia and the free world.

The world will no longer live under a demonic entity called the G7 Beast with its prostitute (CIA) flashing wealth and blood globally.

Holy Bible Revelations 17

Last edited 6 months ago by John Tosh
Ed Theman

If you don’t allow USA to control you, you will end up like IRAQ, Libya, all the other countries which USA has punished. Russia will be no different and Russia should know this. Russia will be punished for what they are doing by USA.

Don’t believe it? History has shown that every country that disobeys USA gets punished. Name one exception?

John Tosh

Unfortunately the cries of the planet has reached the most high. This evil that has befallen humans will be cut out.

It took the devil just one little doll in a so called flying saucer to crash into Roswell New Mexico s few decades ago to convert a great Christian Nation like the USA into what it is today. One silly doll in a machine which does not fly on any physical principles of physics and the whole USA turned away from God.

That was one evil intervention. Now comes the Good intervention from the most high.

Your belief system is not required. Just as Moses warned pharaoh about crossing the Red Sea.


nah they sent a doll to probe the human race

unlucky of them, they met the low iq muricans and concluded that earthlings are just two legged lizards

they got away very first to never return again


Yet their national IQ average ranks higher than Russia’s (by a single point). Go figure…

You don’t understand the volatile racial climate in Western countries, while confusing the subversive news and entertainment media with reality.



“I don’t know if the Russian propagandists realize what cartoons they are. Recently watched a post on the boss of Putin’s bikers. He sat on an American Harley, put on Ray-Ban sunglasses and Italian-made leather clothes. Takes a selfie with an iPhone and writes: ‘We don’t need anything western. We have everything in Russia.'”

Last edited 6 months ago by Jack
U S Asylum

Dunno about national IQ ranks (according to CNN and your boyfriend from twitter, we all know Muricans are very intelligent) but you have to be extremely retarded to seriously consider some dumb gay fake meme as something serious while babbling about “confusing the subversive news and entertainment media with reality”.

Last edited 6 months ago by U S Asylum
Slava Russia

Harleys and Ray-Bans are made in China these days retard.


Guess who China’s nr.1 ally is?

What a hilarious self own from yet another ignorant Yank.

America doesn’t produce shit anymore, only trannies and porn.

Last edited 6 months ago by Slava Russia
Vlad from Romania

Trannies are imported from Latin America. And they get their implants etc in Romania.

Slava Russia

I’m impressed by your awareness of the alien psyop! Many people are falling for the alien end times agenda hook line and sinker!


Yes with every little shit hole this is a fact but Russia is an enemy like none the USA has ever faced. They can level the whole east coast of the USA in twenty minutes and sink ALL their air craft carriers in a hour.

Vlad from Romania

If they can, they should do it.


Let Jewmerica fire the first deliberate shot at Russia and become the aggressor, and they will, but till then Russians are adult enough to not take the bait infantile Jewmerica is throwing them.

John Stone

Hmm… Vietnam.? Hubris: excessive pride or self-confidence. Often considered a character flaw.


Russia is not just any country !! Name a war that USA won?? USA can only punish small nations like the ones you listed !! You are delusional as are most westerners due to lack of education and drug abuse !!


WW II vs Japan


Not like they won on the field, they used not only 1, if not, 2 atomic bombs and on the civilians. Surely, anyone can win that way, when the other side has none.


France. They got out of nato, pissed on the head of the muricans and got out with it scot free.

Also this crap about murica, when murica isn’t even able to defeat the Taliban. How the fuck they can scratch Russia, that is the first nuclear power in the world. Good bye idiot, let’s see you washed away by a tsunami generated by a wandering Poseidon LOLOL

Last edited 6 months ago by rex

Unfortunately France is back in NATO since 2009. Sarkozy the traitor did it… The entire country is flooded with third world people since the 80’s. Today all the big cities are beds for racial tensions. To hide the invasion created by the globalists in charge of the country racial statistics are forbidden. But we still have medical stats : In Paris 75% of the new born babies are tested for drepanocytosis. It’s 40 % in the entire country. Only black people have this this blood cell disease. It means that french gvt work to wipe out white people from its own country. Their dream is to create a mixed human race. A global race for a global world…. that’s why i’m so sad to see white ukrainians killing white russians. God bless you all.


This is totally true. France is one of the 3rd world countries anymore.. The population is %40 black + %19 muslim..Total %60 of the France invaded by the 3rd world country population..its together with the Germany..(Turkish 3rd world population and syrian refugees invaded Germany)


And your point ???

I’m astonished all these Europeans supposedly so concerned with the ethnic makeup of their countries

But were do they go for “vacations” ???

You guessed it

The places where the DARKEST PEOPLE ARE.


Whiny racist and supremacist hiding on corners of the internet where’s no moderation, no doubt you think anything is a threat to you.

Funny enough for you, Russian Federation is a diverse country and they never feel ashamed of that, even their war WWII films they show soldiers from the different ethnic groups of Russia, who also fought against your supremacist idols in reality, not only in films. A random Argentinian Nazi on Twitter was attacking exactly that from Russia, while saying in Ukraine everyone was blonde, funny how always you have to be blonde to be European, when there are brunettes, too and brunettes can also have that view.

The EU elites think they’re morally superior to anyone, they’re just like you, Spain pays Morroco to stop and kill migrants, even that Sanchez praised them, in Poland they secretly killed and buried immigrants they didn’t want, at their borders. EU countries survive from taking advantage of the countries you look down. The West cause more problems in Africa and Middle East, than they create to themselves, that’s how you get those human crisis.

Some Europeans have always blamed others for what they pretend they’re not, like there’s old writings about why the Germanic tribes were the way they are, their conclusion it was because “they have blood from somewhere else”. Thomas Jefferson also said the Germans weren’t white, only from the very west were, later changed his mind, and in the case of USA, they also didn’t like other Europeans, the time had to pass to accept other Europeans as part of white club, i.e. Irish and Italians. See how it is? Sad racists have a bad life, then they start to blame someone else for all their problems.

Slava Russia

Imagine being dumb enough to tout Iraq and Libya as successes .

Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria were the thousand cuts that lead to the death of the USA.

Those wars are the reason why the US is being lead by insane reprobate devils, why your children are being groomed and castrated by pedo trannies, and why patriots are being hunted down like dogs.

Yet all of these countries still exist and are now independent nations. Meanwhile the only people that are being punished ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! By the demonic reprobate tyrannical neocon vampire state which they have empowered.

Last edited 6 months ago by Slava Russia

You Sir know what is happening all too well in “America” !

Years of Lead

True! It takes pure evil to justify profiteering from the deaths of tens of millions in all those wars. And just 5 months before the evil psychopath bastards ambushed him in Dallas, JFK gave a speech where he declared World Peace the most important topic on Earth, and we should banish nuclear weapons, have peaceful cooperation and mutual respect with Russia and use the money to fight disease, poverty and ignorance at home. The rhetoric of President Putin, and President Xi is reminiscent of the rhetoric of JFK in his final months. I wish them success in all they do!


Divide and conquer is a tactic used by USA to approach wars, for example, there was tensions in Iraq, before USA invaded them, once that started, a full scale civil war started in Iraq, it wasn’t USA Vs Iraq only and USA received the help of other NATO countries with soldiers, too, plus Australia which always want their part of the loot. Inside Iraq, USA was creating ethnic divisions, instead of preserving their sense of nationality. You can see the same thing is being made in Ukraine, an ethnic conflict, where they support the side which is with them, in Iraq they gave the territory with oil to the group/s that sided with them.

In the Middle East, they subtly and not so subtly support terrorists groups, that’s to create divisions and more death, less people, less opposition, as they’re doing in Syria currently. They have a similar plan for Russia, trying to divide it in small countries, reason of that, it’s more easy to take advantage of those, than from united people, plus, those divisions reduce the potential they could have for growing.


North Korea. Iran. Cuba.


Idiot, the countries you mention had one thing in common, no nuclear weapons. The Yanks are even running scared of north Korea.


No the weapons have never been an issue every country that was torn apart or had sanctions placed on it refused to have a central bank, linked to the federal reserve. This has always been the deciding factor in the way it is treated.


The origins of the banking system.

Deuteronomy 15:2 This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel the loan he has made to his fellow Israelite. He shall not require payment from his fellow Israelite or brother, because the LORD’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed. 15:3 You may collect something from a foreigner, but you must forgive whatever your brother owes you 15:6 For the Lord your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.

Jesus said no to that jewish system of domination. He fights against the merchants and the money changers in the Temple.

Southfront resident nigha

Great comment. Kind of describes every xoxol dickhead and every xoxol cunt in that shithole country.

Jews do not exist. Jew is just a misspelling of the word “lewd” from Greek letters. They were wiped by Titus. 2000 years ago.

When people say Jews, they unconsciously mean Rent Seeker/Servitor/Idler/Unproductive/Useless Class/Nigger/Lawyer/Journalist/Actor/Politician/Prostitute/Liar/Thief. The best term is from Biology: Homo Parazitus. Strangely enough, Zionist also called them parazytes.

Last edited 6 months ago by Southfront resident nigha

The idiots here cannot understand you were being sarcastic.


You idiot don’t even know what “sarcasm “means. There is nothing “sarcastic” in his comment you brainless idiot.

Last edited 6 months ago by Brian

No history shows that every country that tried to march on Moscow got their asses kicked.

What the USA does is slap countries and occasionally it works out for them like Grenada, Panama, Iraq to a certain extent, Libya … but for every one of those there’s a Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iran who return that slap with a kick in the nuts and a punch in the head.

The USA has slapped Russia with sanctions and a proxy war in Ukraine … sanctions have backfired and Russia is just putting together the “kick in the nuts, punch in the head” part by putting their legal ducks in a row and getting the Duma onside.

It’s gonna get very ugly … WAY uglier than WW2. In modern warfare … not circle jerk NATO wars in the middle east and Africa but modern industrial warfare against peers … it’s the country that runs out of food, fuel or ammo first that either surrenders of nukes the other side. Russia is in pretty good shape on the guns, fuel and ammo front with the worlds industrial superpower at their back for the second time in a century.

If this is really what the USA wants this is what they’re going to get.

Last edited 6 months ago by HB_Norica

in WWII globalist scum has millions of brainwashed western soldiers to make fight. They forced other millions from colonized thirld world. Where are now those soldiers? They have a bunch of trannies only and you can imagine the military values of those.

Tommy Jensen

Wait a minute mister wise guy. If anything, America is the land of the free and the land of milk and honey. We have everything we need in our back yard and we never give up. After we have sucked the European sisses dry we will get back to you! We will be back!!

Michel LeBlanc



lol that’s the best one. USS Liberty

hunter bidé lab pork !

their famous cokies with lgbt covid 1984 with tons of steroids for terrorists abortions !!! and trilions in bags for abortions parazites !!!

Johny cash

You really think with shoigu and outin as the head they can achieve this. Has thr past 6 months no opened your eyes sho these 2 incompetent bastards are especially shoigu

John Tosh

Watch and learn!


Finally! Long overdue IMO

I’m kind of shocked these articles are not part of the Russian legal system already because in my country all of them are in the Criminal Code since WW2 or WW1.


As I posted earlier the Lower House of the State Duma passed this Legislation and the Upper House will approve it soon .

Yes its a legal move to introduce new military laws affecting Russian troops and a “getting ready ” for a real war against Zelensky + the EU/USA .

Meanwhile Kherson & Zaporozhye Regions to hold Referendums on Sept. 23-27- Donetsk & Lugansk proposed the same to become part of Russia.


you can delete clownensky…the Russian state security apparatus knows something we don’t know

and judging by the maneuvers of the muricans, they are desperate to start a shooting war

this mobilization is the second phase ( the Russian did know it from the start ) of the war and isn’t against Ukraine, but against the muricans and their minions

this explains why Putin and friends have sent into Ukraine a ragtag army with old weapons


NOT A RAG TAG ARMY they only sent in anywhere between 130,000 to 190,000 at any given time and have been rotating troops continuously these are only support troops or mop up troops supporting the Donbass forces but that is about to change when Russia vote on mobilization tomorrow and then the entire Russian army which there have been 3 full combat ready armies waiting at the border since the operation started will roll forward that is over 1 million men and machines and NATO are shitting themselves you only have to read the flurry of press releases and statements from NATO to know they are absolutely SHITTING THEMSELVES NOW and are desperate to try and persuade Russia NOT TO MOBILIZE as it will mean the end of their NATO TROOPS IN UKRAINE they are now in full panic mode trying to think how they can extract all those NATO troops without the front collapsing considering nearly all of the troops involved in last pitiful offensive from NAZI UKRAINE was NATO troops wearing Ukraine chevrons. =Z=

Slava Russia

Imagine the shock of the retards who have been saying for months that the Russian military is already dead and depleted.

That little bit of “Russian disinfo” about the Russian military not even being engaged in the SMO is about to hit them hard.


It’s dead, indeed.


poor idiot, all the infos point to the exact opposite

the Russian regular army has been in Russia all the time, scratching their bellies, while a ragtag army of DPR + LPR conscript + some inmates employed by Wagner and a bunch of “volunteers” were fighting in Ukraine using old soviet weaponry

the Russians have been studying the murican moves and weapons, in order to prepare for the true war that is starting soon

Florian Geyer

What you describe as the Ragtag DPR and LPR is in fact a battle hardened and brave group of men and women who are fighting with all that they have.

I fully understand though why the best Russian equipment, with the trained soldiers to use it, is being saved for the USA and HATO.

Slava Russia

Of course some of the aforementioned retards will maintain their delusions regardless. It comes with the territory of being a retard.

Just as there were those whom got the clot shot whilst the people in front of them who had just received it were dropping dead in front of their eyes.


your brain is dead, indeed.


Normal effect of qabbalah. Otherwise why the name sephiroth?


Punishing surrender? Like under Stalin? Good night Russia. Everyone has the right to surrender their arms in battle. Sadly, those that approve such laws never go near the front.


No dumbass, punish cowardice and treason. Something that every army in the world does, I can’t understand why this is not already criminalized in Russia.

Back in 19th century Russian gunners refused to abandon their cannons even when faced overwhelming enemy charge, they were hacked to pieces by heavy cavalry at Borodino but they stood and died defending their cannons (unlike British artillerymen at Waterloo who fled). Yet we see too many times in this war a lot of equipment was left in perfect condition (including a brand new T-90M a few days ago). Not just they fled, they didn’t even bother to destroy it so the enemy can use it against your own soldiers. That’s not just cowardice, that is treason. These cunts should be court martialed and shot dead. Ukros regularly kill their own soldiers but Russians don’t even punish cowards and traitors. So spare me your bullshit about Stalin.


zelensky is something between Stalin, Hitler and Krusty the Clown


you should explain why elensky thugs shoot everyone not wanting to fight to the death then


Not without a fight they don’t,i believe in WW2 some military age males who tried leaving Moscow as the Nazis were at the gates were dealt with,its the only way to go.


You forgot to mention the word that proceeds it. Volunteer to surrender……… willingly …….. but I think you knew that. Funny that in Russia this has to be added only now yet in the West it has been part of freedom for the better part of 100 years.

Assad Defeated Zionists

Just in time for a winter offensive. I predict Russia will steamroll over the territory East of the Dnieper and will also take Odessa before the US elections.

Slava Russia

It better be before the US elections. Trump will win and surround himself with Neocon scum again, like he did in his last term. Bolton, Pompeo, all the old Neocon Trotskyites.

Unlike the low IQ diversity hire Democrat clowns, these are battle hardened true Neocon scum with a long resumé of foreign messes.

Putin better make the most out of the last 2 years of the senile vegetable president.


We all knew this coming, though Russia offered the EU and Ukraine a peaceful deal..(No NATO and Nazis in Ukraine and we would live happily after). But the EU is a slave of Yanuqis and Zionists and said no to that deal.

When Russia attacked power plant/grid which is a civilian infrastructure and was not allowed under Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, you could tell they were changing their plan, and it is a good time as winter is coming to the EU soon.

The war in Ukraine is over, we are going to see yanquis and NATO running away as they did in Afghanistan again… Taiwan is next (that gonna end even sooner).

So, “President Joe Biden says United States would defend Taiwan” – A.K.A Ukraine Nazis couldn’t do shit and lost to Russia so we have to start a WW in Asia against China – the US main enemy which is going take over the US place in the world.

I’m going to laugh my ass off when this Taiwan&US/NATO vs China start.


Time is ticking for Nazi Ukrainian scum

Billy bean

All Russian males over the age of 18, please report to the front lines for military service. All those who refuse will be shot.


don’t worry, soon you little shithole will be forced to mobilize everyone, after losing their professional thugs in the war against Russia

this will not be a problem for you, because probably you will freeze to death even before


So when she will mobilized in US tranny arny, she could take the lesbian part like “Frozen”

Slava Russia

Was that supposed to sound scary and tyrannical?

If it was, then it’s kinda ironic, since that’s what Zelensky has been doing for the last months. And is about to do to all Ukrainian WOMEN over the age of 18.

These are the tactics of your filthy crossdressing Khazar president. Sending women into battle to be raped so you can get headlines in the Western Khazar media.


I still think that volunteer military units are the answer and that there will be more than enough personal to get the Joe done. An increase in air support would help greatly and the targeting of nato supply lines wherever they may be would make the world of difference. We need a Red Army Faction operating in West Europe Germany Poland and the rest of it . Hit them where they feel safe give to them what they are giving to the people of Donetsk and the Donbass and as I have said before start by hanging any and all foreign mercenaries caught


Volunteers are not enough. American civil war or British army in WW1 and many other examples, they tried with volunteers but eventually had to switch to conscription.

peter mcloughlin

Every action and reaction in this crisis brings mankind closer to WW III. The warnings from history are not being heeded. https://patternofhistory.wordpress.com/


RT Editor in Chief, Ms. Margarita Simonyan: “Judging by what is happening and still about to happen, this week marks either the eve of our imminent victory, or the eve of nuclear war.”


Donbas becomes part of RF by October. Uki attacks become attacks on Russia! All hell breaks loose.


About time, but just another step to inevitable nuclear war.


About damn time…

Johny cash

Absolutely pathetic putin and shoigu. All those people dead for nutin. Any Russian with 1 braincell should refuse go serve them. They dnt value no soldiers or donbass peoples lives. Psthetic leadership extremely cruel too

Slava Russia

As usual with Western propagandists like you, we don’t just get lies, we get a total inversion of the truth (and poorly spelled at that)

Translation: Absolutely pathetic Zelensky and NATO. All those people dead for nothing. Any Ukrainian with 1 braincell should refuse go serve them. They didn’t value no soldiers or Donbass people’s lives. Pathetic leadership extremely cruel too.


Preparing for mobilization and mobilization are 2 separate items. i’m surprised that the RF did not have these laws in place earlier. After the referendums, if successful, the 4 regions will be part of the RU federation. The UE and Nato will be in conflict with RU. The laws are necessary and prudent.




Soviet juggernaut is awaiting.


3 full combat ready armies have been waiting at the Ukraine border since this started and those units have been rotated through the battlefield to gain experience that is over 1 million men and machines waiting to roll forward i would not like to be a NAZI NATO or NAZI Ukraine fighter when they roll forward DEATH TO ALL NATO AND NAZI UKRAINE FORCES NO MERCY =Z=

The truth is out there

I would say it might be a part mobilisation. But still this should of been done 3 months ago.


Russia needed to do this long ago, they have wasted so much time and now the lives they tried to save will be lost and then some.


There wont be a mobilization, this law was passed just in case, the majority of fighting in Dobass is done by militias. Russia has a million men army and only around 80k are in Ukraine Southern part. There is no point in mobilization when you still have many resources left. They might mobilize some reservists.


they have a lot more than 1 million men, they have 3 full combat ready armies waiting at border of Ukraine since this started and that alone is over 1 million men and machines in those 3 armies and they have another 13 armies (partial strength) spread around Russia so you are looking at well over 4-5 million men and machines altogether WITHOUT MOBILIZATION, Mobilization will see those other 13 armies brought up to near full strength. =Z=


Nobody in the world takes it seriously – it’s only for dumb russian fascists 😆😆😆


The change to making the DPR and LPR and other areas part of Russia would allow the Russians to use conscripted forces and reserve units in the defense of those areas. This is the biggest change. If they asked for it they would get another 100k to 150k prior service people to return willingly.

The bigger deal would be for Russia to declare war openly and then target anything related to the government of Ukraine. As well as the unrestricted destruction of all infrastructure related to war making. Something that Russia has not done.

Time will tell … I would not hold my breath waiting for the impacts of what is announced other than open bombing all others will take quite some time to have an effect.

And so …. CHAPTER TWO …..

Joseph similia

Competing world powers

It’s just as the bible said it many centuries ago. Predicted in Daniel chapter 11, the pull and tug of the King of the north and the king of the south. Two great powers on earth both under satanic influence have been battling for centuries, both have the same purpose and that’s world domination exclusive of God Jehovah’s sovereignty. Furthermore, they want people’s worship as Revelation 13 describes.

These two great powers will come to to an agreement of peace the bible prophecy predicts. When the political system thinks they have succeeded in enslaving mankind, the bible says:

” Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape. 4 But you, brothers, you are not in darkness, so that the day should overtake you as it would thieves, 5 for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We belong neither to night nor to darkness.” 1 thessallonians 5:3-5.

Satan the devil is behind this struggle of the great powers on earth. His plan is similar to the political system objective, ” rule or ruin”. Diabolical objective is to distract people from the real source of peace and good health, which is no other than God’s kingdom- Revelation 11, 13, and chapter 21.

The Universal issue is: ” who has the right to be rightful sovereign of the earth and universe”.

It’s not really about jabs from pfizer, it’s about total control of the Earth’s inhabitants in whatever means possible and strangle all aspiration and hope of God’s kingdom and it’s rightful ruler for the earth , Jesus Christ appointed by Jehovah God.

We need to pray for God’s kingdom to come soon and judge these beastly powers that disdain Jehovah’s appointed king in heaven, none else but Jesus Christ.

“Your will be done on earth as in heaven, your kingdom come.” Matthew 6.

greg robinson

the word should be ‘superior’, not ‘chief’.

Bigg Chungus

They need at least a month to get the legal framework straight, another to prep infrastructure, and three months to physically train the recruits. This war will be a year old before the mobilization actually hits Ukraine.

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