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Russia Praises Its World War 2 Women Heroes

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Russia Praises Its World War 2 Women Heroes

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The Russians have own sence of celebrating equality. Instead of promoting ‘diverse’ appointment in the army, government bodies and other organizations, they just showed examples of the nation unity in hard times. There is an interesting look at female heroes of WW2

On March 8th, the Russian Ministry of Defense celebrated International Women’s Day in its own, unique way.

Instead of boasting “diversity appointments” in the army, government bodies and other institutions, to show for the token hires of females, the Russian Ministry of Defense released historical records praising the heroism of women who were part of the Russian army in World War 2.

“During the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, female military personnel selflessly and honestly, with full consciousness of their duty to the Motherland, carried out military service. Courageously and steadfastly endured all the hardships of army and front-line life. For military exploits in battle, honest and selfless labor in the rear units and formations of the Red Army, about 150 thousand were awarded government awards, orders and medals of the Soviet Union.

It showed 5 women, heroes of World War 2.

Evdokia Nikolaeva Zavaliy

Russia Praises Its World War 2 Women Heroes

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The platoon commander of a separate company of machine gunners of the 83rd separate infantry brigade of the Marine Corps, Guards Lieutenant Zavaliy Evdokia Nikolaevna. She was drafted on the first day of the war – June 22, 1941. The geography of its combat path: the Southern Front in 1942, then the North Caucasian Front, the Separate Primorskaya Army, the 3rd and 2nd Ukrainian fronts. During this time, she was wounded three times, shell-shocked. In 1944, she was twice awarded government awards: the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st degree and the Order of the Red Star.

Lidya Vladimirovna Litvyak

Russia Praises Its World War 2 Women Heroes

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In March 1944, several articles about the fighter pilot Lidya Litvyak were published in the newspaper of the 8th Air Army. They told about the brave Leela, who, with the calmness of an experienced fighter, destroyed the aircraft of the vaunted Luftwaffe.

“… The Germans marched impudently, confidently, in a large group … Lilya, neglecting the danger, rushed swiftly at the enemies. A hail of bullets rained down on her hawk, but she bravely walked towards the enemy. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through my leg. She was injured. But a keen gaze catches an enemy vehicle in sight. Short queue. The Junkers’ engines began to smoke. Another second, and the German, engulfed in flames, fell to the ground …”

Mariya Ivanovna Lagunova

Russia Praises Its World War 2 Women Heroes

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Maria Ivanovna Lagunovna was drafted in 1942 and served as the driver of the T-34 tank. For all the time of numerous marches, the tank of Maria Lagunova did not have a single breakdown.

On September 29, 1943, in the battles for the village of Knyazhichi, her tank was the first to break into the village and destroyed 1 anti-tank gun and up to 20 enemy soldiers and officers. For that battle, Sergeant Lagunova was awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Ekaterina Ilarionovna Mihaylova

Russia Praises Its World War 2 Women Heroes

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On August 6, 1944, thanks to the courage and courage of medical instructor Mikhailova, who was the first to throw herself into the water when crossing the Dniester estuary and, shouting “Sailors, follow me! Forward, for the Motherland! For Stalin!” carried away the airborne soldiers, an important bridgehead was captured for the further development of the operation. And there were many such examples of her courage in battle.

The commander of the Danube Flotilla, Vice Admiral S. Gorshkov, agreed with the presentation of the medical instructor Ekaterina Illarionovna Mikhailova for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but then she was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. 45 years later, in 1990, by the Decree of the President of the USSR, the retired chief petty officer Mikhailova E.I. was awarded the highest title of the country – Hero of the Soviet Union.

Aleksandra Nikolaevna Shlyahova

Russia Praises Its World War 2 Women Heroes

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On the personal account of the sniper platoon commander of the Guard Sergeant Major Shlyakhova Alexandra Nikolaevna in October 1944 there were 69 Nazis. During the offensive battles for the cities of Nevel, Sebeus, Idritsa, she acted not only as a sniper, but also provided assistance to our wounded soldiers. She died at the combat post during the “hunt” for the enemy’s machine-gun crew.

Before getting to the front, Alexandra Shlyakhova graduated from the Central Women’s School of Snipers. Not for a minute did she forget her teachers, she was sincerely attached to them and wrote often.


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johnny rotten

Honor to every woman who fought for her land, against the attack of armies financed by city and wall street bankers, but the war has not been won yet, we would still need the heroism of these glorious fighting women, today and tomorrow as then.

Jens Holm

Yes, shame on them all situated at the Westbank and corrupted by highly corrupt Leaders in Nablus and the ones getting the bones after every meal by them. .

comment image

jade villaceran

that corruption graph is only for western sheep consumption

johnny rotten

The girl has not yet understood that I have blocked her and I cannot read her delusions, nor am I interested in reading them, snorting the glue produces this type of neurological trauma.

Jens Holm

This is no datingside among You two but comments for all.

I dont write to You only I write because Your socalled comments often are incomptent lies and others can see most of the world has no become barking mad.

Thats the essence for free speech but limited by the Website Owner. If You want to have total control, You easy can make Your own site and block here there.

I know many of those sites. They mainly are unusefull for me, because all agree and by that is not meeting other oppinions by censuring Your own world more, then it already is.

Jens Holm

Its not “THAT” but many.

There are many kinds of well made statistics from consumption. They all has explanations for, what they cover and do not. GDP i very much used too BUT also is and activity for. Here You also have to see what it cover and dont.

Trade in export and import is same thing. You can say a country is rich or poor just because its high or low.

But You probatly is highly infected or dont know much about things for the world and maybee get information from Your Goverment, which is propagandish constructions and eat it, beacause You have “the faith”.

cechas vodobenikov

jens like broken girl w goebbel’s dildo
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Jens Holm

Told by You I take it as a plus. Thank You. You dont need ti confirm how small You are in facts and debates for almost everything.

You win this and enjoy this beautifull “Dane”comment image

Tommy Jensen

Sovjet communist women had black dictatorship uniforms with honeytraps, while America had Marilyn Monroe and freedom to dress individually as we wanted it. comment image

cechas vodobenikov

you have the most obese females/males on earth similar to mexico/turkey—observed in the 1940’s by Gorer who observed that only in America do people act like machines, r treated like machines and only in USA r machine metaphors used to describe human behaviour.
even the parsonian sociologist Philip Slater, observes you are robots: “amerikans poorly understand that individualism produces uniformity”
amerikans described by David Riesman as “over-conformist semi automatons”

Jens Holm

That ROBOT assumption is true for many jobs.

Henry Ford invented and implemented it. You design things, so they can be split up and produced in so smal steps, that anybody can learn it as simple robots.

By that You can see what machines can and cannot and by that need less paid workers for not only cars but most productions and services. It soimetimes can bee sen as madness, buit the result is there.

You can go to work being much more productive with not much thinking.

But the result is there: Its highly effective for the production.

Your computer is split up like that. Its all very small units connected by what we about 25 years leaned to know as PLUG and PLAY.

As long as You You make the plugs well, You inside the robot part can change what the robot/human beings does.

By that You can use the clever ones with higher educations and skills for the advanced things, where devellopment of such systems is a musts and for other things and sectors, where its not possible(yet).

That goes for USA and for many parts of the World and productions. Its very visible , that many things by that can be outsourced to low educated nations, where people can act as highly effective producers lower paid then the ones, where things are invented.

I dont know Philip Slater buit I know the result. At Your job You dont think, but You do at home spending the salery for family, house, car, computer, vacation, health, hospital a.s.o.

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

Р.И.П. Бабушка – Сталинград 14.12.1942

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

Моя бабушка воевала против фашистов в Сталинграде.

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