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JUNE 2023

Russia Pondering Re-Launch of Military Bases in Vietnam and Cuba

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Russia Pondering Re-Launch of Military Bases in Vietnam and Cuba

The former Russian listening station at Lourdes some 20 miles south of Havana is seen in this December 2000. 

Russia is considering plans to re-launch military bases at Cuba and Vietnam, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Nikolay Pankov said on October 7, RIA reported.

Pankov did not provide detailes about the plans but noted that the Russian military is re-assessing the decisions made in the past to shut down the bases there.

The USSR and then Russia had had military bases in Cuba and Vietnam until 2002:

  • The Russian Navy was stationed in Cam Rahn, Vietnam;
  • The Russian radio-electronic intelligence center was in Lourdes, Cuba.

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Excellent idea !! Good for Putin and the US : Maybe the imbeciles running the Pentagon and the Morons of IPAC stop sending our money to Tel Aviv !!


Too late, they breezed 38 billion through congress quicker than sh!t through a goose! Amazing when you consider the state of affairs domestically in the USA! I wonder how far would 38 billion have gone to turn around oh say Detroit?


I think this is a good move. However, my own judgment is that time is short and that we are on the eve of the coming war. I don’t claim any special knowledge or insight but the stench in the air smells of conflict and a serious one as well. I can only handicap future events based on what I see and my assessment of the nature and personalities of the ruling elite. Looking at western leaders and their almost insane behavior I don’t think the fighting will be long delayed.


Vietnam would be a good idea. But let China handle Cuba.


With deteriorating US-Philippines relationship… Russia should consider discussing with Filipino leaders. Personally, i welcome the russians in the philippines rather than the americans who already told Duterte that in spite of the defense treaty between the two nations, they can not defend the country in case of war.

Joseph Scott

A good idea even just from symbolic viewpoint, as it helps erode the US image as ‘the superpower’ and exceptional nation, both internationally and domestically. The USA suffers from a swollen ego, a condition that has been exacerbated by the willingness of other countries to let the USA play the principal actor on the global stage, and this has only encouraged the demented behaviour we see today. The more other countries are willing to go out and play a role in the world, the better. A greater international presence by the Russians is bound to benefit them directly in the long run, so long as they maintain their policies of international cooperation and avoid the American model.

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