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MARCH 2021

Russia: Police Violence in Podgorica over mourning


Russia: Police Violence in Podgorica over mourning

Originally appeared at IN4S, translated by Igor exclusively for SouthFront

Russia expressed regret over recent events in Podgorica, stressing on the occasion of removing the stage and tents outside parliament and disruption opposition protests in Podgorica, the inclusion of Montenegro in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration does not lead to its consolidation and prosperity.

“It is noticeable that, despite the belief that the Montenegrin leadership receives incentives from Western countries, the inclusion of this country in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration lay no leads its consolidation and prosperity. Rather the opposite – there is a political and ideological polarization of society and intensifying social-economic problems, “stated the release of official Moscow.

“There appears to be a focus for rapidly moving Montenegro towards NATO and suppression of alternative approaches,” the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The statement reiterates the media reports according to which the Montenegrin police removed the “camp” of the opposition, which at the parliament building protesting since 27 September and that the police have detained 11 people, including MPs from the opposition Democratic Front.

Also, the media said that the medical institutions in Podgorica have revived several dozen people and to some been killed by police.

Russian Foreign Ministry said that among the detained and injured no Russian citizens and emphasizes that Russia has repeatedly expressed that it’s interest is a stable Montenegro, which is successfully developed, reports TASS.



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