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Russia Plans Long-Range, Early-Warning Radar Station For Crimea In 2019


Russia Plans Long-Range, Early-Warning Radar Station For Crimea In 2019

Image via TASS

Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

As both the West and the European-backed government in Ukraine continue to condemn the Russian military build-up in Crimea since it entered Moscow suzerainty in 2014, and especially this week in announcing further S-400 combat ready deployments on the peninsula following Sunday’s Kerch Strait incident, breaking reports of yet more advanced defense measures to be put into place will send tensions soaring.

Interfax reports that Russia plans to construct a missile early-warning radar station in Crimea in 2019, according to a Crimean security source. The new radar station is to have the capability of tracking ballistic and cruise missiles from long distances. The Interfax source identified the planned location for the high-tech radar installation as in the vicinity of the port of Sevastopol  home to Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

It’s not the first time plans for the radar have been announced. It was previously described as a new generation radar Voronezh-SM designed by one of the largest defense contractors in Russia, RTI Systems.

A prior TASS news agency report which first hinted in 2017 that the system could be operational gave a timeline of “in the coming years” — suggesting either Russia will scramble to complete the project amid the current crisis or officials could be merely touting future plans to deter encroachment by NATO.

TASS explained as part of that prior announcement for the radar system:

The missile early warning system is designed to get and provide data on missile launches and missile trajectories to state and military governance posts to warn about a missile attack. The system also provides data on space objects for outer space control. Russia’s new-generation Voronezh radars make the basis of the country’s ground-based missile early warning system.

Interfax also reported on Thursday that Russia is continuing work on a new technical system designed to better monitor shipping around the peninsula in order to protest its maritime borders — which it accused Ukraine of purposely doing during Sunday’s incident in which the Russian Navy seized three Ukrainian ships and their crews.

Meanwhile there are calls from military and political leaders in both the UK and US to increase military support to Ukraine and to deploy assets in the Black Sea, none of which bodes well for the potential outbreak of major war in the near future.

On Tuesday Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko issued provocative statements during a televised interview, saying that his country is “under threat of full-scale war with Russia” while seeking to justify martial law.

The Ukrainian president added that “the number of units that have been deployed along our border – what’s more, along its full length – has grown dramatically.” He referenced unspecified intelligence reports pointing to Moscow tripling its forces along the border since Crimea joined Russia in 2014.



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  • Tommy Jensen

    We is US plan long range sanctions against Russia until its unlawful grabbing of Crimea is delivered back to its historical rightful owner Nato and Pentagon.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I am told by a CNN source that God gave Crimea to NATO and the Pentagon a few thousand years ago Tommy.

      The scrolls have recently been found in a Tupperware box deep under the Dome of the Rock.

      • Sage Durham

        omg.. you cracked me up

        • FlorianGeyer

          I aim to please :)

  • Yankee Doodle


    Below is a Copy and Paste of an article I found on one of
    the many ‘Ben Fulford’ websites. Allegedly it was submitted by a Ukrainian
    Blogger and translated by someone called ‘no hope ’. I have attached a link to
    the source where I found it.

    And guys, don’t ask me anything about it, or beat me up about
    it, or otherwise shoot the messenger, as I have nothing to do with it and
    nothing to gain from sharing it. I am just copying and pasting!!!!

    >No Hope<
    November 27 2018
    New member post


    At the weekend Russia was the target of a very sophisticated false flag attack. It was created to put
    Ukraine in the frame for serious crimes against the Russian Federation and illicit a massive military response from Russia.

    It has now been confirmed that only a few key individuals within the Ukrainian Regime had any
    knowledge of the exact nature of the provocations.

    All evidence currently points to this being a genuine false flag attempt to initiate a conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

    What we know for sure so far –

    1) THE CRIMEA BRIDGE was targeted.


    Contractors aboard a Ukrainian cargo boat (being used as a NATO spy vessel) in the Black Sea were involved in a highly sophisticated and coordinated attack – a false flag event – against the Russian Federation, to be blamed on Ukraine.

    The Ukrainian cargo boat was carrying at least 2 teams of Contractors, one of whom were divers. They were attached to Ukrainian Forces and other NATO advisors and trainers.

    The Contractors on this vessel were monitoring a team of patsies that were sent in to the Kerch Strait on an intelligence boat poorly disquised as an old tug boat, and which was escorted by two modern river patrol boats.

    These patsies were used simply as fodder to create a staged and well planned distraction to the main event to follow.

    Once the planned distraction was in play, including some very sophisted EW in the form of signals control and a second distraction in Donbass, the Contractors on the Ukrainian cargo boat were to go live and carry out the main event.

    The main event was the targeting of the Crimea Bridge, actually just a specific section of one particular foundation near the Kerch Strait which would take many months to repair.

    A major second element to this false flag was for Ukrainian forces facing Donbas to send munitions towards the Russian border whilst other units advanced on Donbas at the same time. This was to be done during the opening minutes of the opening sequence of the Kerch Strait incident.

    EW and fake comms signals would simulate a major offensive beginning on the Russian border.
    The distraction in the Kerch Strait would then be amplified by real and spoof comms and signals traffic. This was intended to confuse and temporarily blind the local civil authorities in Kerch (Coastguard and Police) leading to the military to be put on further high alert, generating further signals traffic and confusion. Then with more fake signals transmitted, further confusion, and so on, creating a positive feedback loop of confusion and actual and spoof comms chatter.

    Further Details and updates now available-

    Key Russian Federation Officers were psychologically primed through planted Intel and disinformation to expect a ‘small scale’ terrorist attack from Ukraine, somewhere near the Kerch Strait,
    and within a certain time frame during the weekend.

    This pre event psy-op ensured the pre-positioning of Russian assets and that a Russian response was guaranteed due to the pre-stressing and manipulation of key targeted individuals.
    ELF’s (translation error?) and combined psychological and physiological techniques were used on targeted individuals responsible for authorising force, or requesting support. This was to prevent cool heads and rational thought and almost assue a fierce Russian response to an attack, even just a
    perceived one.

    Electronic trails and actual Paper trails were created to confuse Russian Intel. Evidence in the form of written orders was pre leaked, and contrived real and false comms traffic, much of it in real time, was created. Combined signals disinformation in the form of apparent movements of known watched assets, including NATO ships and planes conducting exercise, would provide perceived evidence that an attack was taking place. Pre-named Ukrainian Officials and Military Officers would have appeared to have ordered or were ordering / authorising the attacks on the Crimea Bridge and on an unknown target in Donbas, whilst begging for urgent NATO intervention.

    At the height of the confusion and distraction the bridge section was to be demolished. This was called the main event.

    The attack was specifically intended to provoke an immediate military response from the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

    Update –

    It is not yet clear how the Russians realised what was going on, but the Ukrainian cargo boat in the Black Sea which was to deploy divers to attack the bridge was fired upon by Russian aircraft using unknown missiles or devices.

    At least x2 hits on the vessel were registered. Vessel was disabled and multipul injuries reported on board, but vessel did not catch fire, nor was it sinking.

    Search teams were despatched to Black Sea area where cargo vessel was operating to locate items thrown overboard. Items recovered in just minutes by Russian Divers dropped by helicopter.

    Bridge also searched by Divers and specialist equipment for planted devices. No devices found.

    Captured Ukrainan Vessel was towed to Sevastopol. Orders given not to even mention the capture of the vessel or engagement by aircraft of this Ukranian vessel.

    Ukranian vessel now inside and under 30 feet of concrete away from long lenses and eyes in the sky.
    Very sophisticated NATO signals equipment now in Russain Possesion.

    Ex-Special Forces Contractors captured on board were taken into custody and will stay in custody, but Ukrainian Regulars already returned to sender after deals made not to discuss after it is clear
    this was staged false flag attack.
    Usual conspiracy theory defence now in play regarding any talk of Russian aircraft firing upon a Ukrainian vessel or regarding any attempted false flag at the bridge.

    Spiders ensuring all flies removed from the internet so copy this post before it is eaten by spiders.

    further details –

    ·Item recovered from Black Sea by Russian Divers was ‘Compact nutro thermal’ (translation error?) of 0.2 to 0.6KT yeid.

    Note – In NATO terms this device would be called a SADM. It is a class of nuclear device designed specifically for destroying key pieces of infrastruture.

    Note – this device is apparently NOT an old soviet or US device but something much more modern and sophisticated called a ‘neutron eating hot burn’ (translation error?) turn up and down (translation error?).

    Update –

    Russian communications systems were heavily compromised locally by very sophisticated technology. Number 1 suspect is UK Warship in co-operation with US spy and EW plane tracked in area, but unlikely due to implications. Another actor is suspected. State player (translation error?) currently being watched.
    Update –

    Reports that psychological pressure to act irrationally was reported by Coastguard ship crew. Suspect that directed ELF (translation error?) and EWE (translation error?) was used on targeted individuals.

    Update –

    Site of transmission of Pre-recorded spoof chatter and spoof signals transmitted so personal communications used by Coastguard tracked to location inside Ukraine.

    More details
    to follow

    Further Details now translated –

    ‘beyond threshold’ attack protocol was known to Contractors to ensure an immediate response by Russia to a nuclear event.

    The breadcrumb electronic trail was created to show Ukraine to be responsible for massive attacks throughout Crimea and Russian western border, causing the Russian Federation to use ‘Officer in Field Authority’ (do not wait for additional authority from Moscow) to respond immediately. This was the false flag guarantee of escalation.

    The Russian Federation were expected to retaliate with a counter strike of such magnitude that it would shock the entire World.

    NEW UPDATES November 28 2018.
    Confirmation now received that the incident was a complete failure. No damage to bridge and no reports of any very large explosion in Donbas.

    UPDATE November 28 2018 (2)
    Confirmation that further provocation in Syria was foiled. Believed linked to False Flag attempt at Kerch. Chatter regarding Salted Shells (translation error?) on Russian Port and simultaneous toy plane strike (drone?) strike on Russian air base was received.

    UPDATE November 28 2018 (3)

    Orders now given to Ukraine by NATO.

    UK and US now in control of regular Ukraine units.

    Ukraine regime no longer in control. Martial Law will stay in place to allow NATO to integrate military units and resupply with advanced weapons.

    Update –
    This situation is NOT over!

    All sides will useing this as an opportunity to advance their ambitions and consolidate holdings. Skirmishes and blockages expected.

    Situation still developing.
    Further provocations expected.
    Further updates to follow when received.



    • FlorianGeyer

      All of this actually makes perfect sense and I would think that Britain is the major suspect, or Israel. Possibly both.

      It is a plot that is far too complicated for the John Wayne military types in the US to devise :)

  • Smaug

    Keep in mind that this radar can just as easily be used to monitor and target aircraft over Ukraine…

    • Tudor Miron

      Yeah, but problem is that Ukraine has no tangible airforce.

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