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JUNE 2021

Russia, Philippines Negotiate On Deliveries Of Subs, Helicopter Equipment & Small Arms

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Russia, Philippines Negotiate On Deliveries Of Subs, Helicopter Equipment & Small Arms

IMAGE: Alexei Pavlishak/TASS

Russia and the Philippines are negogiating on a possible delivery of Project 636 conventional submarines, helicopter equipment and small arms, CEO of Russia’s state arms seller Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheyev announced, according to the state-run news agency TASS.

“We are holding talks not only on this [submarines]. In general, we are now discussing the format of further work with the Philippines,” Mikheyev commented on the negotiations on Project 636 submarines to TASS.

Project 636 submarines are among the most noiseless from among Russian conventional subs. They have been dubbed the Black Hole for their quietness. These submarines are equipped with modern radar and communications systems, the sonar, 533mm torpedoes and Kalibr cruise missiles.

Mikheyev added that the Philippines are also interested in Russian-made helicopter equipment and small arms.

“We expect that the Philippine Ministry of Defense will be interested in our products, the products of military-technical corporations. These are helicopter equipment, small arms, automobile equipment – so we are conducting negotiations and we hope that we’ll have some preliminary results in the near future,” he said.

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jade villaceran

Hoping that it will go through with the deal, as a filipino, we are tired of american 2nd hand weapons with a price tag as high as new, i believed those pro usa lobbyist cannot stop the negotiation between duterte administration and russia


Unless US finds the way to stop it …there is no other reason not to work out well.
Russia is willing to sell and offer good conditions and Philippines are interested to buy modern, new equipment of the highest quality for reasonable price.
Your army will be able to launch from those subs “Kalbr” cruise missiles that have range over 1500 km.

jade villaceran

The problems are the politicians, most of them are pro usa because they can milk with the contract since they know that the population are ok as long as the usa are the one who transact with the government, many filipino are blind, they dont know russia and for them, the usa are the hero of the world and the russians are evil since the occupation of usa from 1890 until the present day


“they dont know russia and for them, the usa are the hero of the world”
I don’t get it!?
And what about Philippine–American War ?!?
Did they already forgot that?!!
Russia was NEVER in war with Philippines so why would they “hate” Russia and like US who used to kill them?!

jade villaceran

Thats how usa propaganda works my friend, kill them and give mercy to others so they will be indulgent and obidient


What else could you Filipino’s desire but to become obedient U.S. bitch.
That will bring you luck for sure.
Look at the progress of “democracy” in Libya or Iraq.
They used to be examples of decent living in Africa, Middle East.
And look at them now totally ruined.
US doesn’t bother any longer to hide that they looking to rip off the countries….They just come and destroy.
Wherever they go they just leave destruction and death behind.

Anja Boettcher

Jako, what did they delete your account for on RI? I just discovered it and followed your comments here. This is highly ironic! They allow criminal denial of Nazi atrocities there, historical revisionism blaming Russians for the bloodshed of WW2 and permanent genocidal hatred against Jews – but delete accounts of decent commentators like yourself.

This is madness!

John Brown

Surprised you complain about censorship and discrimination since it is what you advocate all the time for the Goyim.
I am against all censorship and I am glad you post on these boards as you expose yourself as a racist supremacist Jewish Nazi.
part 1 Now This is Racism
August 22, 2018 / Gilad Atzmon
This is what happens to JVL’s ‘principle statement’ once you replace the word ‘Jewish’ with ‘Aryan.’
By Gilad Atzmon
What do you call an exclusively Aryan club that welcomes support from ALL members of society but only allows Aryans in as members?
Nazis I guess.
What would you call a white nationalist campaign organisation that welcomes support from people of ALL colours who agree with their ‘statement of principles’ but only allows nonwhites in as ‘solidarity members’?
I think that ‘white supremacist’ is the term the Left uses to refer to such groups.
Would Jeremy Corbyn accept support from groups that name themselves ‘Aryan Voice for Labour’ or ‘Whites for Corbyn’? Would the Labour party allow any such groups in its proximity? I don’t think so, they would be booted out in seconds. The Labour leader would be very quick to disassociate himself from such racially exclusive bodies. But neither Labour nor Corbyn have ever contemplated denouncing the Jews only, racially exclusive enthusiasts at Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL).
One finds the following statement on their front page.
“We welcome support from ALL members of the Labour Party who agree with our statement of principles. If you are not Jewish you can join us as a solidarity member.” (jewishvoiceforlabour.org.uk)

This means that even if you are not racially qualified as a Jew, you can still ‘support’ the Jews only group. You can make a donation, you may even be able to join their miniature protests but you will never be a proper member of the clan, you can only be a class B ‘solidarity member,’ like the Druze in Israel.
This is very revealing: first, it positively confirms that Corbyn isn’t an anti-Semite. He may even embrace Jewish racism when it is executed to support him. A less positive observation is that Jewish racism may be attached to most if not all forms of Jewish politics. Without Jews being a race or forming a racial continuum, Jewish politics is, unfortunately, racially oriented. Every political Jewish activity seems to adhere to a certain type of Jewish tribal biologism. Shockingly, it seems that Israel is slightly less racist (for the time being) than the JVL. While in Israel the 3rd biggest party in the Knesset is an Arab Party, in Jewish Voice for Labour, Arabs and Goyim can only participate as ‘solidarity members.’
Since JVL accepts support from Goyim who agree with their Statement of Principles I decided to examine how unprincipled their statement is.
“Jewish Voice for Labour is a network for Jewish members of the Labour Party.” What qualifies one as a Jew, is it the mother’s blood or is it merely the sustained consumption of chicken soup? The JVL doesn’t provide an answer. We can assume that for JVL, Jews are those who fit biological criteria, otherwise they would provide a chicken soup recipe for those who insist upon joining their ranks as equal members.

John Brown

part 2 “Our political priorities are universal human rights and dignity; justice for all; freedom of expression; and democracy in the Labour Party.”This sounds spectacularly good, but begs the question of how they claim to adhere to universality when they don’t even accept Goyim as equal participants in their club. Apparently the ‘solidarity members’ do not enjoy voting rights as the JVL’s constitution specifies that the organisation is led by Jewish people. The inevitable answer is that the JVL’s statement is duplicitous at its core.
And the lies continues: “Our mission is to contribute to making the Labour Party an open, democratic and inclusive party, encouraging all ethnic groups and cultures to join and participate freely.” The Labour Party should be an ‘open space,’ but the JVL is clearly not. It is a tribal, racially exclusive setting that operates in total contradiction of every Labour Party value.
And again, “we (JVL) aim to strengthen the party in its opposition to all forms of racism including anti-Semitism.” The JVL is against all forms of racism except their own. I am pretty sure that the JVL would oppose groups called ‘Aryans for Jeremy’ or ‘White Voices for Labour’ but for some reason they fail to see that they themselves engage in identical racist activities.
The JVL opposes Israeli criminality and this is a good thing. “We stand for rights and justice for Jewish people everywhere, and against wrongs and injustice to Palestinians and other oppressed people anywhere.” A welcome statement, but if you are against Zionist injustice, why do you repeat the Zionist procedure by making non-Jewish Labour members into class B members of your ranks?
I agree with many of JVL’s ideas. The Jewish group opposes “attempts to widen the definition of antisemitism beyond its meaning of hostility towards or discrimination against Jews as Jews.” Yet, I wonder why these Jews feel the need to do it while celebrating their Jewish privilege in Jews only political cells? If, as they claim, they uphold a universal ethical stand, then surely they should operate as ordinary humans as the universalist Labour standard would dictate.
My answer is this: they do it because: 1. they are not the most sophisticated amongst people, 2. in total contradiction to their statement, they actually enjoy celebrating their Jewish privilege and operating in racially exclusive political cells, and 3. the Jewish activism in support of Jeremy Corbyn reduces any questions regarding Corbyn’s electability into an internal Jewish affair. Once again, the Goyim are excluded from the debate over the prospects of their own futures.
The only question left open for the time being is why Jeremy Corbyn allows all of this to happen within the Labour Party.


Well I got blocked TWICE !
First I’ve got blocked on my “jako” account without warning or explanation…
So I have no clue why exactly I was kicked out.
And than I have created this new account just to say good bye to the people and to explain why don’t I answer to the comments…..

Than they blocked me again IMMEDIATELY and have deleted all my comments.
I will never go back on “RI”.

“They allow criminal denial of Nazi atrocities there, historical revisionism”
They promote revisionism themselves just pretending to be somebody else!
Oh, common Anja they publish Neo-NAZI articles from Neo NAZI sites like “Daily Stormer” and you think that “Russia” is not just facade for the sake of appearance?
Russians are almost 100% anti-NAZI .
So why would they relate Neo-NAZI articles with Russia and Russians?
When they publish those articles about rural Russia or Orthodox religion that is just travesty!
All they want on “RI” really is promotion of extreme right.
comment image

“Russia Insider”as name is just cover up for some right wing Neo-NAZI revisionist news outlet… Certainly not pro-Russian site..
They only pretend to be pro Russian as you say it yourself.
They are “close” to “Russia” the same way pedophile site with with photos of children is close to children….

The problem is today that freedom of speech is sanctioned everywhere every day more.

( image is LOGO of “Daily Stormer” )

Take care!

Anja Boettcher

You are right, Jako, and I have indeed protested very early against their historical revisionism, their white-washing of Nazism and their echoing Nazi propaganda on the Soviet Union. However, I do not assume that their ’embrace’ of Russia is ‘a fake’, but I assume these people are obnoxious enough to project their fascist hopes on Russia. No doubt that this ambition is perverse and insane, but I think these people are indeed insane.

Still, it’s ironic that they block people, as Bausmann (the editor) attacked me and called me when I complained against Nazi propaganda in their comment section a ‘fascist’ opponent of ‘free speech’. He called in his email to me the German criminal law that forbids public denial of Nazi atrocities ‘fascist’ – and while I think a lot utterly rotten in German politics, I am absolutely in accordance with having Nazi propaganda persecuted as criminal offense. Propaganda cheering up and fuelling mass murder is criminal. What else?

So these lunatics are not only without any moral base, they are as well lousy hypocrites. Nazis who pretend they were advocates of “free speech”! – and then they censor civilised people!

That is the threatening point about it: Not only that there is censorship, but that while everybody can spread the most racist, massmurderous and hateful dirt, they start increasingly to censor humane protest against dehumanisation. That is worrying. That’s exactly what Nazis were like.


“these people are obnoxious enough to project their fascist hopes on Russia”
Those who have “fascist hopes” about Russia have no clue about Russia at all.
They are victims of Western anti-Putin propaganda.
Where Putin is seen as some kind of dictator.
And Russia as country sliding to the fascism.
But Russians are not pro fascist in majority of cases.
Despite their undemocratic past their fascist movement is
proportionately low comparing to EU average
They were under the communist rule for almost 100 years.
So there are consequences.
Putin’s rule is way autocratic for Western taste.
But Russia is different and West does not want to comprehend.
They can not emulate Western democracies yet, because their past is totally different.
People from “RI”… judging by the content they publish too many pure fascist articles dissimulated behind would be “pro-Russian” content.
30% of content is about U.S. & Trump and others that in some way relates to Russia or not at all.
So they conveniently slip in pure fascist article from time to time to feed their Neo-NAZI visitors.
That’s even better for them that way, because those articles are mixed with the rest only to be less visible.
All that anti-Russian WW2 revisionism which shows regularly there in comment section has nothing to do with declared Russophilia.
I can not possibly see why would they permit some people posting comments about Hitler and Nazi Germany being victims of Jewish conspiracy?!
Or Stalin being aggressor and Hitler only defending himself?
That is pure victimization of NAZi Germany of the worst kind.
That is revisionism on steroids.
And that is anti-Russian by definition.
One can’t be more anti-Russian than that.
Yet those people kept posting those comments undisturbed and I was blocked?!
Why would “RI” people permit that if not for covertly developing such environment?!
And who are they?
Who are those anglophone would be “Russophiles”
These people are not even of Russian origin.
They probably don’t even speak Russian.
And about anti-Jew content I don’t even want to start…
If I would only know where to report that site and to have them punished for what they promote I would do that.

Anja Boettcher

Jako, I gave you a long answer, but it was deleted as spam. Strange. That is what often happens to my longer answers. So I will split my answer in three parts and try to repost it again:

Post 1.

I know that nothing they write goes well with Russians. First heated
battle in the comment to an ugly historical revisionist article by their
author Phil Butler was between the author and typical RI Nazis on the
one hand and another Serb, two Russians, me and Constantine, a Greek
historian, on the other hand. Butler turned ugly and when I contacted
Bausmann per email (and made him delete two articles I had in an earlier
phase translated form them from German websites), him too. He
pathetically took the defense of an old Nazi bitch (and Nazi mass
murderer’s widow), who after most obscene public Nazi speeches and
offensive shows in which she seriously insulted victims of Nazi genocide
finally went to jail one year and a half. All these Nazis on RI are mad
with her and whine along that she was a poor old granny and fighter for
“freedom of speech”.

RI first started relatively decent, when
Bausmann was part of a team of several editors he sacked later (and
cheated economically). Constantine wrote that he was a reactionary
radical Protestant extremist and monarchist. Bausmann lives in Moscow –
and at the beginning, RI was even granted a Russian media prize. The
Saker wrote about it – and likewise about the later rift within the
editorial team. At that time their later turn to the extreme neofascist
right was not yet forseeable. A Russian wrote to me that Bausmann had
contacts to the Russian fascist oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, likewise a
fanatic Tsarist. I found some articles in the net about him, European
and USAmerican, which have, indeed, to be abstracted from the
propagandistic post-Maidan goals of Nato. They try to insinuate the
Kremlin was behind stuff like RI, which is, of course, complete
bulllshit, and claim that RI mirrors reactionary Russia’s state of mind.
(The latter is even preposterous: I could witness in the last three
years that numerous Russian commentators – like Germans too – left the
RI’s comment section in disgust.)

Anja Boettcher

Post 2 (third attempt)

Why Rusians allow RI’s editor to promote such gargabge from Moscow, without making clear that this is against their interest is something I cannot explain. As they rewarded RI in its beginning, they must perceive it – and cannot have missed its drive to the extreme right.

However, if this is due to relations he has to Russian fascist oligarchs, than these people must be satisfied with the confrontation – even if they have different reasons for wanting a rift than USAists. When ugly fascist voices popp up in masses, then there are always quite a lot of people around, who follow their own dirty plans behind the noise of fascist big-mouthed lunatics.


Sorry to not answer your comment in due time.
I have plenty things to do lately
I might stop writing comments completely starting from today.
One thing is sure I will be doing it much less than before
All this has no clear purpose any longer to me.

“claim that RI mirrors reactionary Russia’s state of mind”

How convenient to label any crap that comes their way on Russia.

And on top they do it all the time.

To qoute Bush W. the Retard

“You are with us, or with the terrorists”

The only problem is that they are the terrorists.

And they’ll use anything to remove their opponents.

That’s the name of the game.

“no idea why Russians let Bausmann publish from Moscow,”

We could only be guessing. He might be useful to them in some way.

I wold be liar not to admit that sometimes I am puzzled myself, with some Russian reactions in general. But than do we must understand everything or explain everything?

Certain things are meant to have their secret part.

Could we, should we dig behind every puzzle?

the Anglosaxons had the upperhand and German elites were idiots.

Is that story about Rudolf Hess and his intention to arrange peace talks with Britt’s in 1941? Instead of peace talks, he got arrested….

That projects German elites long lasting desire to be seen as equals with Anglosaxons.

Churchill was accused to be against any arrangements with the Germans.

Seeing France occupied they were maybe too optimistic about British post-war neo-colonial future.

Heaving whole planet for themselves (an Anglosaxon planet) which came to be true.

They didn’t plan to end up as less than junior partner to U.S. though.

Talking about the Anglosaxons….

I remember Poland did not even see fit to invite President Putin to commemorations of liberation of Auschwitz

And Poles had nerve to say in public that camp had been liberated by “Ukrainian troops”.

And who better transcends expression of Anglosaxon power and policies in Europe than Poland ?!.

That was vivid example of radical revisionism.

And open call to MSM and other stooges to follow the example.

They were distorting history in front of our eyes and they do it all the time.

(USSR) Russia was removed as liberator of Nazism to install in its place the myth of an Atlantist (therefore NATO) liberation of Europe.

NATO whose only purpose is to keep this world order and US in charge…against Russians and whoever is labeled as “terrorist”

So it would be nice to stick responsibility of the world war on Russia and declare Stalin as aggressor and Hitler defending himself.

Fits perfectly into narrative they want to create globally. Backfires only with growing of fascism in Europe as collateral.
But than US elites are fascists not believing so much in U.S. but in corporatism.
Germany is already down so they need the same with Russia and China.
And if they get to the Russia they will get to the China and the World will be again 100% dominated by Anglosaxons.
Only acceptable way for them.

That would be all from me.

I’ll come from time to time to see what’s happening, but for the time being I’ll be off the grid.

Take care Anja.

Anja Boettcher

Dear Jako, I wish you all the best.

You are right about US elites, and as well about the likewise rotten general public here, who need to spread their dirt and poison about an epoch in history they themselves and their ancestors had no business with personally, and a phenomenon, like fascism, they cheer up as they share the bloodthirst and craving for hate it embodies.

None of them is accessable for historical evidence, as none of the seeks truth or human decency. Spending more time than necessary on them, infuriates and poisons from within.

However, I do not regret commenting here, as I owe as well valuable exchange with about a dozen really decent people here. Apart from yourself, I recall, except of one nice Dutch, two Germans and one Philippin, who left early when fascists crowded here, good discussions I had with two other Serbs, one Greek historians and three Russians.

I wish you and yours good luck and inner peace, all of us that the current instability and confrontation will not develop as seriously as needs to be feared (and that countries under pressure will prevail) and hope we might cross one another’s paths perhaps in a more agreeable context.

Kind regards,

Anja Boettcher

Post 3 (of my deleted post)

The game is a dirty one. Fascism has always been the exit road of
Anglosaxon-led capitalism, when it was under pressure. Not only are not
only RI, but all those apparently pro-Russian websites in reality not
only anti-Russian, but pro-US hegemony and US-chauvinism. Nazis were
undoubtly German chauvinists, but they wanted to rule the world with
Anglosaxons. They wanted Anglosaxons to “rule the waves” and have the
European continent for their own imperialism. In their conflict with
Anglosaxons, they wanted eye-level relationship in a common imperial
frame – and the Anglosaxons wanted to have the prime role only for
themselves and Germans under their thump. Within that game, the
Anglosaxons had the upperhand and German elites were idiots. That was
the sole difference – not only in respect to Nazism, but as well to the leading Prussian aristocrats.

I have no idea whether these fascist idiots grasp it or just act as they act intuitively, but their game and that of Neocons is exactly the same. I have likewise no idea why Russians let Bausmann publish from Moscow, but they must know. As they rewarded the website when it was not that obviously fascist, they must know as well that it changed for worse. Who could you report it to? I reported it to German authorities: They deny Nazi atrocities and that is a crime here. But as Germans stopped commenting here (luckily only 1% are rotten enough to to cheer up Nazi revisionism), authorities were apparently not interested enough. If Bausmann came to Germany, however, he would risk criminal persecution.

I distrust all Anglosaxon fake pro-Russian websites. I had as well a charming encounter with Flores at Fort Russ, which disillusioned a Russian commentator who stopped writing comments there, and the Duran is not different either. Likewise New Eastern Outlook. They are not as bad as RI, but the tendency is the same. Thus I would not be surprised, if in reality US services endorse thesse websites. They make vilification of Russia easy, as they leave the impression that only ugly reactionary people would oppose Nato confrontation and just help discrediting opposition to Nato war mongering.

In my view all these USAists are in the same boat.


Trump and the Deep State will not be happy campers to see Russia selling equipment to another US ‘colony’ :)

AM Hants

Do not think Duterte will bother with regards their opinions. Thankfully.


We, (US) want to keep the Philippines as a vassal state. For them to push back against this we declare an act of war. We will engage our WMED’s against them Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction.(sanctions)


Weapons that Russia can only dream about

Concrete Mike

Weapons of cowards… thats not russias style…history has enough examples


Son, it’s not your style if you can’t afford it.

AM Hants

LOL. Russia spends $47 billion on her defence budget, which includes leaving all that Nato has, obsolete.

The US, spends $717 billion on her her defence budget, which gives her the largest and most expensive military, but, not the most powerful.

Which is why so many nations turn their back on leasing expensive items of junk, with a late delivery date, over budget and sadly not in full working order. They go for cost effective, delivered on time, ‘freehold’ weapons/systems from Russia, knowing they will be in full working order.

It all comes down to ‘TRUST’, which the US is finding, very few have trust in there:



That’s why Russia, Iran, NK, Venezuela love the sanctions, they wouldn’t even make business with the U.S., it’s not their ‘style’ to do businesses with partners that lacks trust, like USA.

Concrete Mike


Son remember, if your head is in the sand, your ass is up in the air.


Pumpkin, in case you are worried about the ‘US national debt’, it’s the same thing we call ‘inflation’. The large number is given by the difference between the Dollar now and the Dollar 100 years ago. I understand you are scared when you see large numbers you can’t comprehend but don’t worry, there is nobody coming to size their country.


Actually if US keeps aggressively applying economic sanctions as tool of political foreign policy (Neo-Con politics over market economics) this will create an increasingly aligned coalition of the sanctioned – Iran/Russia/Syria/China/Venezuela – who will not forget their treatment in a hurry.


What ‘economic sanctions’ means is actually: we don’t want to make business to you. making business with USA it’s a privilege, not a right. Isn’t it funny how the western-imperialism fighters that were against the globalization and consumerist society promoted by USA, are in hands now for the global free market?


What a steaming pile – state to state economic sanctions are a political policy tool used in an attempt to force political compliance – but in examples cited above these US political policies actually restrict the interests of US based multi-national businesses as well.


Yes, USA is sanctioning countries by not doing business with their companies or their partners. Is that not a right, to do business with whoever you want?


‘Is that not a right, to do business with whoever you want?’

Guess what, the US previously signed a bunch of international policy agreements on relations and trade. Now, US Neo-Con driven foriegn policy is driving unilateral with-drawls, violations and threats of primary and secondary economic sanctions against previous agreement partners all over the globe. This means from a global perspective it is increasingly evident the US negotiates and makes agreements in bad faith – they will be unilaterally junked whenever it suits US policy. No wants to be dealing with an untrustworthy and duplicitous partner – no matter how powerful they are – and that is exactly where US foriegn policy is taking the reputation of the United States in all matters of international trade.


Yeah, big powers, don’t keep their promises? tell me something new! It’s a sign that globalization is reversible, less consumerism, better for the planet, win-win.


The US is increasingly perceived as a party dealing in bad faith – you get this or you don’t. Either way – once a reputation is genuinely trashed by poor behavior it doesn’t come back in any hurry.


Keep dreaming for that day, meanwhile put your money where your mouth is, I mean stop using the Internet.


As ever, your response literally makes no sense.


You are not in any hurry to stop using the Internet, credit card and Paypal, but you hope others will do it for you, so you won’t need to make such a hard decision.


Divert, divert, divert. Alas, that is some truly lame arsed trolling.


You said the word ‘divert’ 9 times already, does it have a special meaning for you?

Anja Boettcher

Your argumentation is foolish. The point is not that the US does not make business with Russia. Business with the US has always been an absolute quantité négligeable for Russians – nor is Turkey dependent on their trade with the US. However, the US abuses their privilege that others use their currency as reserve currency for extraterritorial expansion of sanctions – and thus attack other countries’ trade with the nations they want to sanction. This practise is against international law – and it’s sheer blackmail. Although countries are not obliged to follow any other nation’s unilateral sanctions, they burden arbitrarily companies of countries who don’t follow theirs and cut them off the monetary veins of the world’s financial system. That is the problem.

Therefore having trade with a US is no “privilege”, but a curse – and in the long run it will only lead to the end of the Dollar as reserve currency and to the economic isolation of the US. But this takes time – as nobody can drop from one moment to the next out of a global financial system.

Your rotten country and their rotten elties simply behave like despots and terrorists. That is why they – and the US as a whole – will finally fall into a deep abyss as the most despised nation on the planet, but we all worry how much bloodshed they will be able to cause, till the world will finally have overcome US tyranny.


Actually I don’t have a country, I’m a reptilian, and yes you can’t escape my green tentacles called Dollar, if you take a close look at the eye on top of the pyramid, you will see me fucking your bloody country brown eye till it becomes larger than the grand canyon and deeper than the mariana trench

Anja Boettcher

If I was a psychiatrist, I would be interested to analyse your garbage. However, I am not. Your conspirational crap has, as Germans would call it, ‘such a long long beard’ (i.e. are so old), that they lack all originality. Thus you just makes me yawn.


Son, your grand-grand parents used to hope that USA will be destroyed during their life time and you call me old?

Anja Boettcher

My grand-grand parents didn’t bother with the US at all, nor am I your ‘son’.


Guess what :D that times are long gone. Y’all play as USA sings now.


Hmm, which ‘disincentive’ will come first: US sanctions or a sudden resurgence of ISIS in Philippines?


Hosni Mubarak was regular US puppet dictator… obedient and did everything that was expected from him….
Yet US have created “color revolution” in Egypt and have removed him from power anyway. So he ended up in prison sentenced for life imprisonment…
Released for health reasons….

Why would Duterte trust U.S. ever in anything ?!
US has reputation of not being trust worthy.

Lazy Gamer

Coup probably

AM Hants

Didn’t they try that, without success?

AM Hants

They sorted out the last batch of ISIS, if the US believe sending another batch will change opinions.

leon mc pilibin

This is just part of the NWO,but not the one the satanic zionists dreamt about,lol


After being subjected to gangster government terrorism by somebody other than Russia, who can blame them?


So quietly, the screw turns and a cheap boat with modern missiles winds up turning another “ally” into a foe. So the US retreats to it’s own land and the exodus continues as her citizens revolt en masse. Oh we are patriotic to the flag, but who the hell are all these assholes waving it? You signed an oath to Israel, so just go home and leave us in peace, for once.


Pilipino here. Because Russia offers sophisticated and state of the art military hardware at a same cost conpared to US offered downgraded junky stuff.

John Brown

Anja so you agree with me that most of world Jewry, especially the rich and powerful are racist supremacist Jewish Nazis.
I note you accidentally forgot to mention that pretty much all of the Russia Oligarchs you call fascists are Jews. Why does Anja always forget the J-word of the evil doers and instead imply or out right lie saying they are Goyim or Christians or is Anja saying that the Jerusalem Post is anti Jewish and is lying?? Nothing beats the voluntary confession Anja. You are really stupid for a person who claims to be the smartest of all a member of the master, spiritually, genetically superior slave master Jewish race. You need to tell better lies. AT PUTIN’S SIDE, AN ARMY OF JEWISH BILLIONAIRES Watching the group of mega-wealthy interact, one cannot help but wonder how so many affluent businessmen in the former Soviet Union are Jewish. https://www.jpost.com/Jewish-World/Jewish-Features/At-Putins-side-an-army-of-Jewish-billionaires In one corner sat Mikhail Fridman, the seventh-richest man in Russia, whose fortune is estimated at $15 billion by Forbes. He stayed hydrated in the sweltering heat by sipping a glass of water. In another stood Moshe Kantor, the chemicals tycoon who Forbes said was worth $2.3b. He repeatedly removed the beads of sweat from his head with a napkin. The two men were part of a group of two dozen or so affluent Russian-speaking businessmen who came to the ceremony where President Vladimir Putin was the guest of honor. Some, like Fridman, flew in especially from Russia. Others, like Kantor, drove from nearby Herzliya, where many businessman from the former Soviet Union including Leonid Nevzlin and Gabriel Mirilashvili, to name a few, have made their homes. For many members of this class of ultra rich Putin’s arrival in the country was an opportunity for them to brush shoulders with one another and to mingle with friends and officials from the motherland. The richest man in the room filled with rich men was probably the media-shy Fridman, who declined to speak to The Jerusalem Post. “I am a private person,” he said, displaying seemingly good English. Other faces were more familiar to locals. Lev Leviev, the diamonds and real estate mogul who is a bit of anomaly in this world, was on hand. Although born in Uzbekistan, then part of the Soviet Union, he immigrated to Israel as a teenager in the 1970s and made his money in the Jewish state. Only after the markets in the former Soviet Union opened did the Israeli, whose worth was estimated at about $1.7b. earlier this year, invest extensively in natural resources and property in that part of the world. Not everybody in the room was a billionaire. Some were worth a mere couple of hundred of million dollars. Alexander Levin, a Ukrainian businessman who was among those who donated to build the monument, is one of latter. The real estate developer, who last year set up the World Forum for Russian Jewry, an advocacy group based in New York, explained why he it was an important cause. “My two grandparents were killed during World War II so it’s very important to us,” he said. “We are paying just a little [in comparison to what they paid].” How much is a little? Levin said the exact sum “was not important” but that it was “a lot of money.” Members of United Israel Appeal-Keren Hayesod, which raised the money to build the marble and concrete monument overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea, were also tight-lipped. “We organized a group of 10 to 15 top businessmen who raised the money that helped transform this dream to reality,” said Gadi Dror, the UIA’s director of the eastern region. “We do not go [into the] figures because they [the donors] prefer not to but it is meaningful amount.” A source later said each businessman had donated at least $100,000. https://ucomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image

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