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JUNE 2021

Russia, Pakistan To Build New North-South Gas Pipeline

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Russia, Pakistan To Build New North-South Gas Pipeline

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On May 28, Russia and Pakistan have signed an agreement to build the North-South gas pipeline, also known as the Pakistan Stream. The document signed by Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov and Pakistani Ambassador to Russia Shafkat Ali-Khan allows to begin in the near future the construction of the pipeline, according to the Russian Ministry of Energy.

“The signing of this protocol will allow our companies to begin the realization of the project in the very near future, thereby helping the Pakistani side to strengthen its own energy security and increase the use of natural gas as an environmentally friendly source of energy,” Nikolai Shulginov claimed.

It is a strategically important project for Government of Pakistan, as energy shortage limits economic growth.

The project was implemented under the Government-to-Government agreement between Russia and Pakistan signed in 2015.

The pipeline will connect the LNG receiving terminals in the city of Karachi in the south of Pakistan with the city of Lahore in the north, where LNG-fueled power plants will be built. The pipeline of 1,100 kilometres will be laid with a diameter of 42 inches with capacity to transport 1.2 billion cubic feet RLNG per day. It will have 5 compressor stations.

In November 2020, the project was renamed from North South Gas Pipeline Project to Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline (PSGP) Project.

Russia, Pakistan To Build New North-South Gas Pipeline

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USA destroys russia

Russians will pay a heavy price for supporting a terrorist government.Putin will come begging to the USA in some days.


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Pakistan pays Russia for gas
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Vapor Trail

You realize that, from cold war the US has backed Pakistan for decades – essentially against India, who looked to Soviet/Warsaw Pact in past for weapons systems – MiG’s/T-55/Shilka etc. The US CIA and Pakistani ISI, in conjunction with Saudi’s, created the Afghan mujaheddin in 1980’s – to fight the Soviets. Then in 1990’s the Sunni fundamentalist branch of this very mujahedin became the Taliban. The US-Pakistani relationship has long been prickly, and probably one of mutual strategic convenience, but historically, Pakistan has predominantly been aligned to US interests. Try learning some very basic post-1945 international relations history. You are making a complete fool of yourself.

Last edited 18 days ago by Vapor Trail

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AM Hants

Keep taking your medication and stop projecting.


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China Is Right

Great move.

Build a stronghold.


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Vapor Trail

The US-Pakistani relations have been souring most recently – this may explain a lot of that friction!

Last edited 18 days ago by Vapor Trail
Brother Ma

Seems awfully wasteful. They will have to bring it to Pakistan on Russian ships. Why can’t they connect it to pipelines ,either extant or not ,via “central Asia “ ie Iran ,China and Afghanistan?

What happened to discus comments? Was it hacked or is this new comment section “app” a hotline to all the intelligence agencies?


Another kick in the beard for Modi 😁


t Yankees invaded Afghanistan 20 years ago because Taliban wouldnt let them run a pipeline through Afghanistan.Now the Taliban humiliated the world last superpower and Russia takes the spoils Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Yanks are Fkin idiots and totally humiliated. all the inbred redneck hicks slaughtered for nothing in Afghanistan

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