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JUNE 2023

Russia To Oppose US Attempts To Stay In Syria After Collapse Of ISIS

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Russia To Oppose US Attempts To Stay In Syria After Collapse Of ISIS

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

Russia is against the US staying in Syria after the collapse of ISIS. According to the chairman of Russia’s Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Bondarev, this would lead the US to supremacy in the country’s airspace.

According to The Washington Post, the US plans on staying in Syria after the collapse of ISIS and establish a new local governance, apart from the al-Assad government, in northern Syria.

“It’s clear that after us pulling out the Americans get total control over the airspace — without taking off once, without a single combat — not only in Syria, but also in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey (as it is a NATO country). Add to that Saudi Arabia and so on until the coast of the Arabian peninsula,” Bondarev said.

According to him, Russia is against this, considering that the US have not declared the numbers of their forces in Syria, and may increase their military presence in the region at any time.

Bondarev says that the US will be more “carefree” in Syria in this case.

“We all understand that if the Syrian Army is to go on fighting the terrorists, but without the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces and personnel, then the Americans will think of a million ways to hit the Syrian troops under the pretense of them using chemical weapons against civilians, against political opposition, against the forces supported by the US. Naturally, Syrian air forces won’t be able to match them at all,” he added.

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Daniel Castro

USA should be expelled from middle east and africa, tehy only bring chaos and suffering to these parts.

jerry Hamilton

They should be expelled from planet Earth.

Daniel Castro

Well, yes, but that would be much harder to accomplish…

jerry Hamilton

Just a bit. I am referring to the corrupt politicians, not the American people.


i agree 100%


The ISIS sanctuary East of the Euphrates is just another ploy so that the US can say ‘ISIS are still in Syria.

John Mason

Never too soon to bomb the crap out of the Yanks. May as well get on with it.

Bobby Twoshoes

Waiting for them to implode is frustrating but a direct attack to use as a cassus belli is exactly what the Yanks have wanted since congress said no to another illegal invasion. The winning strategy is to keep denying them their priority objectives without providing them any excuses (based in reality at least) for full “legitimised” invasion. The best placed group to curtail American evil are Americans themselves and this will happen as it has with every dying empire before her.

American Troll Hunter

He’s completely right, the only reason the U.S. hasn’t bombed out Assad is that Russia is there https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c1d67cf38e45cbe1d219717ef3ab6129036d9f321b3819ca0f5394157994b85.jpg


Very true indeed! Let us hope Russia makes its presence in Iran and Lebanon as well.

Tommy Jensen

Come on Russia. Just a few batteries of S-300 to Assad and you will see miracles in Syria.

Tommy Jensen

Your claim doesnt meet logic. Syria is under threat from almost everybody, so why should SAA care about little Israel´s stupidities when Iran and Hezbollah are there? US, Saudi, new ISIS waves, even Kurds and lack of anti air missilesystem are more dangerous for Syria.

Daniel Castro

Top priority is taking down is finishing syrian war and remove all syrian state enemies from syrian territory, only after that you can start thinking about external enemies, meanwhile Syria will have to depend upon Russia for protection.

Tommy Jensen

Well, just a good advice: Dont believe everything you read in Washington Post.

Tommy Jensen

Bs article. “Turkey have got S-400, Saudi have got S-400, Israel threaten to grab 40km more Syria. Syria airspace and East Euphrat left to USA. Turkey left with troops in North Syria, Iran left with 1 battery S-300, Assad with old 1970 S-200, and Russia will go home”. Come on folks.


Russia isn’t leaving! They have a rent free 50 year airbase plus the naval base in Syria! Kurdish regions are land locked! I wish the USA lots of luck getting enough supplies to feed everyone! How will they export gas and oil? Fly it out? lol! Oil prices are so low. The USA will need to start a war if the Kurdish region is to succeed! That means a war against Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Hezbollah!

Langaniso Mhlobo

Good detailed explanation. If Russia wants peace leave Syrian government with S-400 and S-300 system and force fat fucks troops to leave Syria.Military solution are opposed by USA troops.Military solution is possible but because Putin wants to be in fat fuck favour he bow down to him.USA is rule by USA military the president is just a spokesperson of USA crime implementation.

Politolog Externista

for some reason a person from my country praised S-200 more than S-300 PMU-2 saying those were buggy and stuff, maybe because of israelis doing the fail software updates, that S-200 system for him was “superior”. S-200 is after all a long range system, “quite mobile” too…


Russia invested so much and on victorious side will all this to happen.

Nigel Maund

The US is little other than a puppet State under the complete control of the Zionist International Bankster


BINGO!!!you hit it right on the head.

Promitheas Apollonious

well for one thing I never believed Russians to be so stupid and short sighted as to go there clean the mess and then leave and give west a clean ride in middle east, beside the fact that ISIS = left overs of Blackwater as a hard core and fully organized by Israel/Anglosionits who run USA as the strong military arm of the NWO.

The stupid amerikans, always play their cards ahead of the game, so this is what the Russians waited them out and lets not forget the Chinese factor that comes with boots on the ground and not only. I believe is time for the real game to begin because the buffer between ISIS and the Russian and allies and NWO armies is rapidly eliminated now we going to see some real fireworks unlike we ever seen before.

exploding popcorn and beers, are ready here for the show. And mark this so you remember it, is been told. If shit comes to shovel for the NATO then the war will spill over to Europe. I hope the Europeans are ready for what is coming against them.


Since 2011 US officials have worked through their entire standard operating handbook, of public marketing rationales to strike or cripple Syrian state – aiding of ‘rebels’, aiding of ‘democracy, toppling a ‘dangerous regime’ and finally their gold standard, alleged ‘chemical weapons attacks’. Yet the US and Israeli based Neo-Con axis have lost the broader proxy war to gain complete control of the Syrian state. But these No-Cons are foreign policy ideologues – obsessively fixated on their fantasies of full spectrum middle eastern hegemony with corresponding Israeli regional dominance – they will hang on and act the spoiler to bitter end.


Former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn told al Jazeera that Obama knew he was helping ISIS to grow but decided to do it anyway. Flynn spoke of the decision to arm opposition to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad that the administration decided to continue despite warnings that those weapons would fall into the hands of radicals.

HASAN: You are basically saying that even in government at the time you knew these groups were around, you saw this analysis, and you were arguing against it, but who wasn’t listening?

FLYNN: I think the administration.

HASAN: So the administration turned a blind eye to your analysis?

FLYNN: I don’t know that they turned a blind eye, I think it was a decision. I think it was a willful decision.

HASAN: A willful decision to support an insurgency that had Salafists, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?

FLYNN: It was a willful decision to do what they’re doing.

Read the article at 800 WhistleBlower here:


i oppose too so you better have a plan to prevent it!!!

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