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Russia Offers Turkey Advanced Su-35 Jets Day After US F-35 Program Expulsion

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Could NATO show Turkey the door in the near future? Things could easily reach this point considering the alliance’s most easterly member is fast amassing significant Russian defense hardware. With reception of Russian S-400 anti-air components, and now blocked from the F-35 joint strike fighter program per Wednesday’s White House announcement, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to be mulling a new Russian offer.

“Russia is ready to sell its super-maneuverable Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey, the head of the Russian state conglomerate Rostec said Thursday,” according to Turkey’s English language Daily Sabah.

“If our Turkish colleagues express a desire, we are ready to work out the deliveries of the Su-35,” Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov said.

Russia Offers Turkey Advanced Su-35 Jets Day After US F-35 Program Expulsion

Russia’s Sukhoi Su-35 fighter, via Russia Insider/Asia Times

Russia’s TASS news agency also confirmed the offer, which a Turkish military source said was “premature” but noted that Erdogan will assess the proposal. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu had stated previously that Ankara stood ready to sign a contract for jet fighters with other countries should the US block transfers of the F-35.

After the White House statement confirming Turkey was booted from the program, Turkey urged the US to rectify its “mistake” while also calling it “unfair”.

The Su-35S is Russia’s latest advanced fighter, a derivative of the Su-27 plane, having been in service with the army since 2015, as TASS describes further of its specs:

The Su-35S generation 4++ supersonic fighter jet performed its debut flight on February 19, 2008. The fighter jet is a derivative of the Su-27 plane. The Su-35S weighs 19 tonnes, has a service ceiling of 20,000 meters, can develop a maximum speed of 2,500 km/h and has a crew of one pilot. The fighter jet’s armament includes a 30mm aircraft gun, up to 8 tonnes of the weapon payload (missiles and bombs of various types) on 12 underwing hardpoints.

The first foreign purchasers of the Su-35 were China and Indonesia. Russia completed delivery of two dozen of the supersonic jets to China in November 2018 as part of a deal said to be worth about $2.5 billion.

Indonesia reportedly is awaiting delivery its own order of 11 Su-35s, expected by the end of 2019.

Should at some future point Turkey actually possesses advanced Russian fighters in the air, with Russian air defenses on the ground, the mainstay of NATO leadership would certainly find it hard to stomach Ankara’s continued membership in the alliance.

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  1. Xoli Xoli says:

    Erdogan makes real perfect deals with Russia while Trump is insulting and fighting with none white Professional ladies.Soon his gay bafoon Boris will join Trump.Gays like to quarrel and get angry for years with women just like alient pink Trump.Watch his hands when he talks his performing.

  2. verner says:

    yep, that’s the way to go erdogan – fast, cheaper and more dependable than anything that is delivered by the disunited states of A. and geo-politically turkey is better suited to be part of the eurasian continent than the corrupt to the core nato europe/disunited states of A including the illegal settlement called israel and since erdogan hates hates the squatters it’s better to break away from nato (where turkey just been the easterly goalpost and with no chance to become a eu-member) and aim for tel aviv together with the other forces in the region.

  3. World_Eye says:

    Damn these Flankers are no fucking JOKE.. They are the real deal tho.

    1. JPH says:

      Given the lack of F22 (total of 120-130 aircraft) with operational squadrons and the F35 being a stealthy light strike bomber lacking in self defense capability the US is now looking into the F15X to supply air cover to the F35. However even that F15X with no vector trust capability and its more conventional shape is not at the level of the SU35 with respect to aerodynamic performance.

      1. World_Eye says:

        Fully agreed.

  4. LR captain says:

    Turkey is linchpin if that means anything. Without it the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) would have spend millions of euros on Greece to build up its forward launch platforms. While giving more leverage to Greece in the Cyprus debate. But honestly does not want a helping hand they want the whole arm.

    Keep in mind the That Greeks do like the Russians, even more so when the Russian offered Greece a Bailout loan, Witch EU forced them to turn down. I expect that the Greeks would use the Russian Card to get even more money out the US and company. However the US might also give Greece the boot when it becomes too demanding.

  5. RichardD says:

    There needs to be a SCO and EEU alternative to the NATO/Jew world order criminal insanity that has terrorized our planet for the entire post WW2 era. That allows targeted victim nations like Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Iraq, Russia, China, Yemen, India and others. To meet their economic, political and defense needs without having to deal with the US, France, the UK , Saudi Arabia, Israel and other Jew world order crime syndicate members. So that the more antisocial and abusive the US and it’s partners in crime are. The more self sanctioning and increasingly self isolated they are by their Jew boot licking.

    There also needs to be an increase in anti Judaism in the US, Russia, Ukraine, France, the UK, and elsewhere as part of dejudifying the US and our planet to create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity, including former Jews freed from this evil blood sucking Jew pedophile mass rape cult. That felony statutory rapes 1,000 children worldwide every week. These cultists aren’t god’s chosen people. They’re criminal organization members who are collectively the primary problem facing humanity.

  6. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

    lol typical erdogan trying to have it both ways, in my honest opinion they deserve neither until they stop supporting terrorists everywhere

    1. Xoli Xoli says:

      Let Erdogan destroy NATO and USANATO and Russian relations.

  7. goingbrokes says:

    Turkey about to become a real military powerhouse. SU35 has the edge!

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