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Russia Offers Militants Safe Passage Out Of Eastern Ghouta. Militant Media Reports New “Chemical Attack”

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The Russians have offered militants a safe passage out of the Syrian region of Eastern Ghouta [near Damascus] suggesting them to leave with their families and personal weapons through a humanitarian corridor out of the region.

The proposal comes amid a rapidly developing military operation of the Syrian Army in the area, which has already led to a situation when joint forces of Ahrar al-Sham, Jaish al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham have lost over 36% of the pocket. MORE DETAILS

“The Russian Reconciliation Center guarantees the immunity of all rebel fighters who take the decision to leave Eastern Ghouta with personal weapons and together with their families,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement adding that vehicles would “be provided, and the entire route will be guarded.”

While the statement provided no details to what area militants would be evacuated, most likely, the proposed evacuation route will provide militants an opportunity to reach the militant-held part of the province of Idlib, which borders Turkey.

Previous evacuation deals reached between militants and Syrian forces across the country have also included an opportunity to settle a legal status, which has been used by a large number of former members of various militant groups.

A representative of Failaq al-Rahman [a key ally of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda)] accused Russia of “insisting on military escalation and imposing forced displacement” on “people” of Eastern Ghouta. The statement indicates that militant groups may not be ready to accept an evacuation deal right now.

Meanwhile, pro-militant media outlets also started dissiminating reports about a new alleged chemical weapons attack allegedly conducted by government forces in Eastern Ghouta. It’s interesting to note that a new “chemical weapons attack” comes amid reprots that the US is considering a new “military action” against Syrian government forces. MORE DETAILS

Russia Offers Militants Safe Passage Out Of Eastern Ghouta. Militant Media Reports New "Chemical Attack"

An example of photos spreaded by pro-militant sources

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andy l

Another militant fake gas attack claim- they’re getting desperate. If they had any sense they would leave while they can

Don't read butthurt replies

Making an excuse to have the U.S. parasites bomb the Syrian Army again. This is what I see.

andy l

This charade is wearing very thin now – how many times can you cry wolf with the same lame story. Only the MSM shills will buy it


How about false flag/hoax school shootings?


Pro Trump terrorists in frustration still struggling to pretend chemical attacks to change the course. LOL


The Trump regime doing their best to make Syria and Afghanistan terrorist safe heaven.

Don't read butthurt replies

Yeah, they’re already doing that in Afghanistan. It’s very obvious that they’re moving the captured or not captured yet terrorist from Syria to Afghanistan. There were reports a few months ago of US helicopters moving terrorist from Syria to who knows where. Now all of a sudden I see more news of terrorist attack in Afghanistan. Very obvious that this is were US transferred them to.


You are right, Israeli migrants have blocked Gaza by ISIS. I have mentioned before when Trump regime were moving ISIS terrorists by their helicopters to commission them there in Afghanistan.

Joe Dirt

I hope the US uses napalm what a treat for those terrorist bastards


The US only bombs its own troops by accident, not deliberately like hospitals and weddings.

AM Hants

It is the only thing that can keep the UNSC sweet and just think how much they have spent on those chemical weapons and White Helmet, propaganda teams. No doubt, they will be using the May fake videos and images, that never got released.

Does anybody remember George Galloway and what he had to say at the Senate Hearing? He could say exactly the same today and still be spot on.

George Galloway vs. U.S Senate (5/17/05)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrdFFCnYtbk

Long Version: George Galloway BLISTERING ATTACK on the U.S. SENATE… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4LDQixpCa8


These Headchoppers snorted Chlorine….. just to end their hopeless & miserable lives…..and they get a free passage?…..I hope they snort some more….stay in Ghouta…. six feet under


If Trump want to make a fool of himself globally go ahead.

It would not make a difference in the final outcome anyway .


Just make sure all the soldiers are protected and shoot down the attacking planes or missiles.

Let US make fools of themselves


As naive as these accusations sound to the majority of people around the world they are a sign of very troubling times ahead. US is preparing the public for another big attack on Syria for weeks now. Even that neutered mutt Macron is barking. I have a feeling that the attack is being prepared but this time they won’t be targeting old SAMs and empty air fields – they will try and kill Assad and members of his family – his wife and kids included. Only way for US to snatch some kind of victory from jaws of defeat is a decapitating strike against Syrian leadership. McMasters, Matiss and Co are willing and capable to order such a thing…I hope I’m wrong…

leon mc pilibin

The only difference is this time they will get a massive reply for their illegal attacks.They have been warned plenty of times by Russia.We will see just how crazy they really are,if they dare to do so.


Russia will only complain before the UN and security Cunsil, that is all.


Thing is though, such a massive attack would require a large lead in time, as the US and its vassals would have to move additional forces into theater first. Thus providing the Russians with ample warning time. A quick out of the blue punishment strike like the previous airbase strike, that they can do, but one that would see Assad overthrown, no, that would require seriously more resources.

Promitheas Apollonious

they have troops on the ground sufficient enough to execute a full scale war. And also in the surrounding countries. It is beyond me though all we know the facts on the ground you and several others insist that are not. All terrorist groups that fighting in Syria as well the americans that went into israel for this reason lately around 3-5.000 of them are on the stand by.

So all they need really is airforce and not ground force and that they also have.


Assad is pretty lax with his personal security – it’s a part of his image. Cruise missile strike on his office during his usual office hours is achievable with assets presently on US disposal…And death of Bashar would be a serious game changer because there’s nobody that could step into his shoes and continue leading the effort with his level of competence and overall support from the army, security apparatus and population, not to mention the level of trust he has with Syrian allies…


Then again such a blatant and open assassination of a head of state sets a bad precedent in international politics. There’s a reason why its only done covertly. Plausible deniability. It would literally make the entire world extremely nervous of the US.

Still, for all we know several Pantsjir units are deployed around Assad’s palace. And they can intercept incoming missiles. And that’s excluding that the Russians would notice incoming cruise missiles. The Tomahawk after all is an old beast, from the days of the Cold War. Kinda slowish. Considering that half of them didn’t even get near that airbase who knows what the Russians would do if they knew that the Americans were going for a decapitation strike.

And that’s excluding the possibility that Assad may not even spent any time at all in his public office. He may appear to be lax in public, I’d bet that that is mostly image and that off camera he’s probably a lot more paranoid.


I agree with you. That type of open assassination attempt should create an enormous diplomatic incident – but then again we are talking about people that invaded Iraq and Libya under totally fabricated pretext and murdered their leaders along with 100s of thousands of their citizens in cold blood. These are people that are pushing for a “winnable nuclear war” for decades and recently introduced an official US strategy of nuking countries that don’t even have a nuclear weapons – the idea itself is likely considered a war crime under international law and yet no one protested. Israel overtly and covertly assassinates it’s political opponents on regular basis – and brags about it openly. Most neocons are either Israeli dual citizens and/or have ties with Israeli security services. They would just be copying a well rehearsed play – only under US flag this time….


Then again such a blatant and open assassination of a head of state sets a bad precedent in international politics.

Kidnapping and taking in custody is better for international law? Hint: Panama


True. But then again Panama was a full scale military invasion, akin to the invasion of Iraq. Hardly a surgical strike to take out a head of state out of the blue.


My opinion is that the military invasion also repaes the international law. Taht means, yanks had here double impact for war crime. :)


Don’t you know? International law does not apply to major states. It’s a tool used by the strong to control the weak. For woo to a weaker nation if it tries to do something which goes against international law. Then sanctions follow, if not outright war. But if that same weaker nation tries to hold a stronger nation to it, then pff, who cares?

But as I’ve said before, hypocrisy in politics? Say it ain’t so!

AM Hants

The other thing, I bet Russia and Syria know more about it, then those organising it.

AM Hants

Did you not notice, that when Trump was dining the President of China, at his Florida country home, what happened to the 60 tomahawk missiles? Now how much did the evening’s entertainment cost the US tax payer?

60 tomahawks, sent to Syria.

1 – flipped when it got out of the tube. Leaving just 59 tomahawks, as the rhyme, ’10 Green Bottle, Sitting On A Wall’ so comes to mind. 36 went AWOL 23 landed at the airfield, leaving so much damage, that the Syrian Forces were flying a few hours later.

It would have been cheaper to get a cheaper and more effective pyrographic display up and running, to impress the Chinese President, now would it not?

Now the question you need to ask, is why were those missiles so defective? Design or intercepted?


Of course the 36 went AWOL number is a Russian claim. I’d love for it to be true, but for all we know that was Russian propaganda and a far greater number hit the base.

As for the damage to the airfield, those are very hard to take out. Ever since the 6 Days War air forces all over the world have invested heavily in dispersing air field hangars and installations, and runways in particular are very hard to destroy. During the 1st Gulf War the RAF was tasked with destroying Iraqi runways, as they had the only working runway cratering system. It cost them heavily as it brought their Tornado bombers into extreme close range of Iraqi air defenses. So unless you manage to destroy the aircraft (very hard), or take out a crucial facility without which an airfield cannot work, chances are airfields will be back up and running soon.

Except for the Russian base at Khmeimin. As that used to a be a civilian airfield, and not a military one it seems to lack the dispersed hardened hangars. With Russian aircraft neatly parked in nice ordened rows any sneak attack there could take them out. As witnessed by the Jihadi mortar attack. But then again the Russians have superior SAM systems to protect them from airstrikes then the Syrians.

Promitheas Apollonious

if they do what you suggesting and I dont put it beyond them, then it will be a total war, or the Iranians and Russians will withdrawn back to where they come from and let the UK/Usrael do what they please in Syria and generally MEast.

The Iranians won’t withdraw even if they have to wage war against the US and Israel. They know that if they withdraw, they will be next. Being in Syria, they fight there not to fight in Tehran. As things stand now, the Russians will also stand their ground too.

Promitheas Apollonious

they will have no choice but with out russia and even china in the picture and china is already involved in syria then nato wins. here the game is who controls not only the pipe line via syria and iraq-iran, but also the gas found in Mediterranean. Is all interconnected as control of energy is the game here.

AM Hants

Believe what you will, but, Russia and Iran are legally in Syria. Do not think that Russia is going to let go of her only warm water port, outside Russian territory, for the likes of an invader, now do you? Or the desires of money orientated think tanks, that Washington DC and the Pentagon are so reliant on.

Follow the Money: A Guide to Top Anti-Russia US Think Tanks and Their Operatives… http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/02/06/a-to-guide-top-anti-russia-think-tanks-us-funds/

Promitheas Apollonious

dont assume you know what i am thinking and tell me kid. Is best you write what you think and understand and not tell others what they think.

AM Hants

Touched a nerve, have I sweetie?

Promitheas Apollonious

dont flatter your self kid.

Promitheas Apollonious

It is left to be seen. I think also as you do but then again the last few years was one surprise after the other, in alliances and backstage politics.


In any case you are right that the USA will not simply leave the field as loser, rather they will try to ruin the game or completely destroy it.


I also hope you are wrong but… those psychopaths from WashingtonDC completely lost their mind, so this scenario is quite possible.


At this point ANY scenario is possible. Such is the state of our government. We will reap the whirlwind (US). We deserve it.


Unfortunately, I have to agree the Yanks seem to be preparing something big. Russian special forced deployed to Damascus early last week, thought they were going to be part of the Steel Attack. But they haven’t featured. Yanks have also deployed an extra 600 plus troops. 2 weeks ago a couple of Yankee aircraft carriers popped into the Med., they are really gearing up. Am more inclined to believe they will try to smash DS, Russia has to provide complete air cover to it’s allies now or have “plausible deny-ability” or accept the fact that the Yanks have decided to start ww 3 now.

AM Hants

No doubt, that was why the State of Nation Address, laid out a major message from Russia.

Langaniso Mhlobo

100% True.

AM Hants

18 March 2018 – who is desperate to stage a massive false flag, 9/11 size, in order to blame Russia and upset the Presidential Election Campaign?

Just posted the George Galloway Senate Hearing video and just as apt today, as it was post Iraq War.


S400 for Assad.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This attack was debunked by the people in the city itself which laughed at these terrorists and told them to leave Hamouraby, several towns asked these Terrorists to leave and flew Syrian flags over their towns.

leon mc pilibin

If they dare attack under these fake chemical weapons videos as evidence,then they can expect to be blown out of the skies by the Syrians and its Allies.Enough of this zionist regime change madness,all for the benefit of the israhelli scumbags squatting in occupied Palestine.

Promitheas Apollonious

but the question is will the Syrians and allies will actually blow them off the skies, or will be a repeat of the past?


We’ll see indeed.

javid soltani

fake bitchs

Joe Doe

Same story again. It’s like hollywood movie


Let’s see if they’re still refusing this time next week.


Hollywood actors ! Well, these (white helmet ?) people just trying to get air support from Israel-USA-NATO to save their ass. Russia and Syria must be prepared to a USA-NATO air attack to Syria air bases.


Sunnis are cheaters, liars and terrorists just like their american masters.


Trump supporter (Richard M) told me last time that he supports Trump and doesn’t support the “Orcs”. XD But, how it can be ???? Trump is supporting the terrorists. XD.

F…ing liar.

Liars gonna lie. If you lie once, you lie twice, three times, …. you lie 1 billion times. Just like Trump. People still believe what Trump says. XD. People are so stupid. Trump says “Fight ISIS and go home” and people believe him.

So funny. You can only laugh about people stupidity. It’s the only thing to do.


Come on, you have to know that Trump has NO control over the military!


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel a great sense of joy and warmth at the sight of the photo in this article? Fake or not fake, I love to see jihadists sputter and choke from chlorine gas or something. It makes me sleep so good knowing some radical Islamist scumbag was vomiting his guts out while I was laying comfortably in bed ready for a good nights rest. :)

David Pryce

Shameless, imagine putting your family through that shit when the game is over! Just leave with your family and go to idlib it is obvious idlib was chosen so international rats could go home or die in idlib.


If they love sunnism, why don’t they go to Saudi Arabia ???


Go to Saudi Arabia !!! You will become such weak and stupid people like saudis.

northerntruthseeker .

So let me get this straight…

US backed “militants” and “terrorists” stage another fake “gas attack” to get the ever gullible and stupid public to believe the bullshit once again that Assad is “gassing his own people”? And we are to fall for this crapola once again and use it as the “reason” to now attack Syria?

Honestly, are people truly this stupid?


Yes, people are truly stupid. 80% of people on earth is stupid.


I bet the % is higher than that!

Leon De Elias

Just like in Aleppo..When they would realize that the west left them again they would seek a deal to evacuate them when it is too late or little chance for it..


The evacuation deal is such a BS. Terrorists know that they can be evacuated. So, they surrender after big losses and then are evacuated without any consequences. XD.



Israeli Army’s Lies Can No Longer Salvage Its Image


It is has been a very bad week for those claiming Israel has the most moral army in the world. Here’s a small sample of abuses of Palestinians in recent days in which the Israeli army was caught lying.

A child horrifically injured by soldiers was arrested and terrified into signing a false confession that he was hurt in a bicycle accident. A man who, it was claimed, had died of tear-gas inhalation was actually shot at point-blank range, then savagely beaten by a mob of soldiers and left to die. And soldiers threw a tear gas canister at a Palestinian couple, baby in arms, as they fled for safety during a military invasion of their village.

In the early 2000s, at the dawn of the social media revolution, Israelis used to dismiss filmed evidence of brutality by their soldiers as fakery. It was what they called “Pallywood” – a conflation of Palestinian and Hollywood.

In truth, however, it was the Israeli military, not the Palestinians, that needed to manufacture a more convenient version of reality.

Last week, it emerged, Israeli officials had conceded to a military court that the army had beaten and locked up a group of Palestinian reporters as part of an explicit policy of stopping journalists from covering abuses by its soldiers.

Israel’s deceptions have a long history. Back in the 1970s, a young Juliano Meir-Khamis, later to become one of Israel’s most celebrated actors, was assigned the job of carrying a weapons bag on operations in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. When Palestinian women or children were killed, he placed a weapon next to the body.

In one incident, when soldiers playing around with a shoulder-launcher fired a missile at a donkey, and the 12-year-old girl riding it, Meir-Khamis was ordered to put explosives on their remains.

That occurred before the Palestinians’ first mass uprising against the occupation erupted in the late 1980s. Then, the defence minister Yitzhak Rabin – later given a Hollywood-style makeover himself as a peacemaker – urged troops to “break the bones” of Palestinians to stop their liberation struggle.

The desperate, and sometimes self-sabotaging, lengths Israel takes to try to salvage its image were underscored last week when 15-year-old Mohammed Tamimi was grabbed from his bed in a night raid.

Back in December he was shot in the face by soldiers during an invasion of his village of Nabi Saleh. Doctors saved his life, but he was left with a misshapen head and a section of skull missing.

Mohammed’s suffering made headlines because he was a bit-player in a larger drama. Shortly after he was shot, a video recorded his cousin, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, slapping a soldier nearby after he entered her home.

Ahed, who is in jail awaiting trial, was already a Palestinian resistance icon. Now she has become a symbol too of Israel’s victimisation of children.

So, Israel began work on recrafting the narrative: of Ahed as a terrorist and provocateur.

It emerged that a government minister, Michael Oren, had even set up a secret committee to try to prove that Ahed and her family were really paid actors, not Palestinians, there to “make Israel look bad”. The Pallywood delusion had gone into overdrive.

Last week events took a new turn as Mohammed and other relatives were seized, even though he is still gravely ill. Dragged off to an interrogation cell, he was denied access to a lawyer or parent.

Shortly afterwards, Israel produced a signed confession stating that Mohammed’s horrific injuries were not Israel’s responsibility but wounds inflicted in a bicycle crash.

Yoav Mordechai, the occupation’s top official, trumpeted proof of a Palestinian “culture of lies and incitement”. Mohammed’s injuries were “fake news”, the Israeli media dutifully reported.

Deprived of a justification for slapping an occupation soldier, Ahed can now be locked away by military judges. Except that witnesses, phone records and hospital documentation, including brain scans, all prove that Mohammed was shot.

This was simply another of Israellywood’s endless productions to automatically confer guilt on Palestinians. The hundreds of children on Israel’s incarceration production line each year have to sign confessions – or plea bargains – to win jail-sentence reductions from courts with near-100% conviction rates.

It is more Franz Kafka than Hollywood.

A second army narrative unravelled last week. CCTV showed Yasin Saradih, 35, being shot at point-blank range during an invasion of Jericho, then savagely beaten by soldiers as he lay wounded, and left to bleed to death.

It was an unexceptional incident. A report by Amnesty International last month noted that many of the dozens of Palestinians killed in 2017 appeared to be victims of extra-judicial executions.

Before footage of Saradih’s killing surfaced, the army issued a series of false statements, including that he died from tear-gas inhalation, received first-aid treatment and was armed with a knife. The video disproves all of that.

Over the past two years, dozens of Palestinians, including women and children, have been shot in similarly suspicious circumstances. Invariably the army concludes that they were killed while attacking soldiers with a knife – Israel even named this period of unrest a “knife intifada”.

Are soldiers today carrying a “knife bag”, just as Meir-Khamis once carried a weapons bag?

A half-century of occupation has not only corrupted generations of teenage Israeli soldiers who have been allowed to lord it over Palestinians. It has also needed an industry of lies and self-deceptions to make sure the consciences of Israelis are never clouded by a moment of doubt – that maybe their army is not so moral after all.

A version of this article first appeared in the National, Abu Dhabi.

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More articles by:JONATHAN COOK

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His latest books are “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is http://www.jonathan-cook.net/

Langaniso Mhlobo

Perfect timing of UN huminaterian aid to lie .Even if their killed with gas it is fine.Why is USA/NATO having nuclear weapons.Russia is there why woukd terrorist abd Syrian destructor USA intervene.Gas all terrorists let them die and get their 12 virgins in hell.Israel gas Palistinians and Lebanon no one talk including agent UN.Same in Iraq and Lybia by France and USA.

jim crowland

safe passage to the gas chambers…..


Russia is the only country which can stop USA and Israel, if they want to. Otherwise, the Syria army and his chief will be destroyed under heavy USA bombing, the only things they know very well to do.

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