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MAY 2021

Russia: No War Now

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Russia: No War Now

Russian Aerospace Forces in Taganrog (Photo: Eric Romanenko / TASS)

The troops of the Southern and Western military districts will begin to return from the southern Russian borders to the points of their permanent deployment on April 23. The statement was made by the Russian Defence Minister.

“The goals of the surprise inspection have been fully achieved. The troops demonstrated the ability to provide a reliable defense of the country. In this regard, I decided to complete the verification activities in the Southern and Western military districts, ” Shoigu said at a meeting in the Crimea (quoted by TASS).

On April 22, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu arrived in Crimea, where the exercises of the Southern Military District and the Airborne Forces, which are part of a sudden global check of combat readiness, are taking place. Shoigu flew by helicopter around the areas of deployment of troops and military equipment, checked their readiness for the exercises.

According to him, during the check, actions on the anti-amphibious defense of the coast were worked out, the exercises involved coastal missile systems “Bal” and “Bastion”, drones “Inohodec”, patrol boats “Raptor”, as well as “other latest advanced weapons”.

Russia: No War Now

Multi-purpose military unmanned aerial vehicle “Inohodec” Source: http://super-orujie.ru/

Russia: No War Now

Raptor Source: http://www.pellaship.ru/raptor

Russia: No War Now

Bastion. Source: nevskii-bastion.ru

Russia: No War Now

Bal. Source: nevskii-bastion.ru

Units of the field army, Air Force and Air defense units, warships and vessels, military units of the coastal troops of the Black Sea Fleet, part of the forces of the Caspian Flotilla of the Southern Military District, as well as units of the Airborne Troops took part in the training ground “Opuk” in Crimea. The troops were transferred there a day before. A group of ships of the Black Sea Fleet, part of the forces of the Caspian Flotilla went to the area of the exercise a few days before.

Previously, on April 18, the Sunday Times reported that Britain would deploy its warships in the Black Sea in order to show solidarity with Ukraine and Britain’s NATO allies.


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  1. Tommy Jensen says:


  2. Jihadi Colin says:

    It means that Putin is still showing “restraint “.

    Meanwhile Zelensky called up “reservists”, meaning the Ukranazis, because normal Ukrainians won’t sign up. Putin will keep showing “restraint” and making ambiguous statements about “red lines” while NATO gathers at his borders.

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Putin have no choice but to show restraint. It’s smart of Russia to gather their forces to meet NATO head on. The gloves come off if NATO is stupid enough to invade.

      1. disTheeNot says:

        he definitely has a choice.
        what is the threat that takes his choice away?
        the Ukies?

        1. Jim Allen says:

          The arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics at The City of London. The Zionist Khazars. They’re totally unpredictable, and provoking war against 3 countries. Unable to win against any one of them. Their Globalist agenda’s are falling apart, US is being destroyed from the inside, yet The Globalists are in increasing need of US military protection. The pretenders may choose to destroy the world, and themselves if they can’t have it their way. Beyond batshit crazy.

      2. Raptar Driver says:

        Like the Soviet union waited for Nazi Germany?
        How much did this cost you?
        No that’s not dollars or rubles.

        1. pasin_calo says:

          Ukraine is a weak country that could be conquered within a week. It is
          nothing like nazi germany. Who could inflict such casualties? NATO? They
          would never fight russians even if they annexed the entiry ukraine

          1. Raptar Driver says:

            It is not the Russians in the Ukraine. It is that the country will be used as a forward base.

      3. John Brown says:

        Russia and China both militarily and economically get stronger every day, while the empire gets weaker every day so why not wait unless the Zio empire crosses a red line, as the odds of winning and winning easily are rapidly increasing for Russia and China.

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Russia could take Kiev in a week with relative minor losses.
      The question is how many ukropnazis would die. don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind, But Russia still tries to maintain the moral high ground.
      In case of taking Kiev overall projected casualties could be as high as 40-50,000 within a few days.
      So if Ukropnazis back off and thats a big if Russia may rethink.
      As for the invasion I wouldn’t lay back if I was an Ukropnazi, it will take weeks to pull out, they can reverse it anytime in the next two weeks if it needs to be.

      1. John Tosh says:

        Why would Russia pickup Ukraine? It is poor useless and full of hookers and NAZIs. An eyesore. It’s like the USA fighting Canada to take over the black ghettos in Canada!

        Now those fools in Ukraine will trend sensibly.

        Russia can plan for the coming World War with NATO and the seven headed beast of Western Hegemony.

        Trigger may be environmental or perhaps the collapse of the US Dollar as a reserve currency !

        1. Assad must stay says:

          because the west wants to use ukraine to setup their missiles

          1. Jim Allen says:

            The City of London wants to restore Khazaria to it’s borders circa 1250(+/-)AD. To destroy Russia, Russian’s, and Iran.
            Russia takes Ukraine The Zionist Khazar pretenders are denied the restoration of their country, having been slaughtered, stripped of their religion, and run out of Khazaria.
            For their criminal conduct, despite warnings. But, only the land, the population, not so much.

          2. AM Hants says:

            If you check out the DNA of Boris, he is pure Khazar and Great Nanny was from North Caucasus and Great Grandpa was Turkish and political. Now why do Nomadic Turkic Tribes, so come to mind, when thinking of Boris and his Zionist mates?

        2. John Brown says:

          Russia has to take Judeo Nazi Ukraine Candyland, so the empire does not fill it full of first strike nuclear weapons aimed at Russia.

          However, it does not need to become formally part of Russia right away. Russia needs to population boost anyway. China will also help out with huge investments like with Iran as long as it is under Russian control.

          The Zio empire with Jewish law, meaning Jews are the master race and can do whatever they want to the Goyim, and they have been
          doing whatever they want, like seizing Chinese assets in Judeo Nazi Ukraine






          1. John Tosh says:

            No no

            Ukraine today? Poland tomorrow? Romania? Never ending

            Take out the mother of the beast CIA.
            All countries return to normal.

          2. John Brown says:

            Wrong I guess you flunked Geography as to where Poland and Romania are compared to Ukraine and Russia.

            As for the CIA, NSA, FBI etc., they are the dishwashers, toilet cleaners, broom pushers for their satanic Mossad slave masters. Look Jonathan Pollard just walked out of prison, the biggest living traitor in USSA history laughing at them.

            I expect them their current membership, staff etc. along with top defence department staff etc., to be totally exterminated by the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship they helped bring to power in America very soon as the empire did in the Soviet Union.

            Its right out of Machevealli’s “the Prince”. As they assisted the Zio empire take over America they could also overthrow it so they have to go. They will share the same fate as the Red Guards, GRU etc when the Zio American version of Yagoda exterminates them, their children, families, friends etc., along with at least by my estimate 150 million Americans deplorables, they call them.

            For any of them reading this read about what happened in the Zio Soviet Union. Your fate at the hands of your Zio masters will be the same and make hell seem like a vacation.

            Why anyone threatens the CIA, FBI, NSA etc with violence en or anything I have no idea. Never do such a stupid thing. You should be arrested and punsihed by god.

            Their satanic slave masters will be giving them a reward far worse then any human could even imagine and it will happen very soon. Their body and souls now belong to their Zio satanic slave masters and their lord Satan will be coming to collect them. Why do anything to prevent this?











          3. John Tosh says:

            Blah blah blah !

          4. John Tosh says:

            Double blah blah blah!

        3. Oliver Eitel says:

          For Russia just the Eastern part with nativ Russians is import to bring them back home and also to integrate the resource rich and industrial parts which would add to Russian GDP….. the poor West the EU and USA can have and feed

      2. Jihadi Colin says:

        Banderastan is centred on Lvov, not Kiev. The Ukranazis would happily sacrifice the Kievans if necessary. They despise them as closet Moskals anyway.

      3. John Brown says:

        Russia has to take Judeo Nazi Ukraine Candyland, so the empire does not fill it full of first strike nuclear weapons aimed at Russia.

        However, it does not need to become formally part of Russia right away. Russia needs to population boost anyway. China will also help out with huge investments like with Iran as long as it is under Russian control.

        The Zio empire with Jewish law, meaning Jews are the master race and can do whatever they want to the Goyim, and they have been
        doing whatever they want, like seizing Chinese assets in Judeo Nazi Ukraine





        1. Fog of War says:

          ” Russia needs to population boost anyway. ”

          Dont worry, China will gladly help Russia with that. Gladly.

          1. John Brown says:

            Don’t worry 10 years from now there will be 25 million more Arabs and Africans in Israel making Israel an Arab / African multicultural state.

          2. Fog of War says:

            I cant wait.

          3. John Brown says:

            I see Israel’s Iron garbage systems can’t defend Dimona against a 45 year old Soviet missile.

            If Israel attacks Hezbollah or Iran and either decide to destroy Dimona all of Israel will be un-inhabital for over 500 plus years.

            After this lesson the Zio empire retreated in Ukraine immediately.

          4. Fog of War says:

            ” After this lesson the Zio empire retreated in Ukraine immediately. ”

            Thats great then !! I guess the ZioWest is defeated and world peace and prosperity has broken out. Its game over right ?

          5. John Brown says:

            For the moment Yes. Long term if Russia were to place a few 10 plus megaton short range missiles of the Syrian border with Israel so even destroyed on the ground Israel would be destoryed and let the Zio global empire know any war they start Israel will be among the first to be totally destroyed then yes instant world peace.

          6. Fog of War says:

            People keep focusing on the servants instead of the masters. You can only have “world peace ” by eliminating the Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Sassons, and so forth. Why does no nation ever take them on ?

          7. John Brown says:

            Hello can you post more pictures like this please.

          8. Franck Vadim says:

            All in all, there is already a common ethnic group between Russia and China, the Mongols, and then the Russians have Caucasian origins.

          9. Fog of War says:

            White Russians are actually a combination of Slavs and Nordic / Viking stock.

    3. disTheeNot says:

      if they are “ambiguous” as you say.
      then how will you know if you cross one?
      that’s the beauty of it.
      chess not checkers.

  3. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    I think Nato now understands regardless of Article 5, it is going to get a proper thumping if it thinks numbers provides any herd immunity to the safety of it’s misguided and misdirected membership.

  4. Ricky Miller says:

    The United States really wants war with Russia, right now. How do we know? Because of the over the top provocations (Novichok tripled, WADA, OPCW, a ten time increase in Air and Naval recon near Russian borders, endless sanctions) but also we know because of what the American leadership has said and done. This includes an American Officer openly addressing a NATO exercise conclave in Norway saying “A big fight’s coming.” And an American submarine, an Ohio Class Cruise Missile Sub went on an 850 day deployment between 2018 and 2020, no doubt off Russia’s Northern Coast. They already expected the sanctions and provocations to work.

    Why? The United States wants to fight and to use a dozen or so high performing secret aircraft and stealth missiles in order to change the military balance in it’s favor before the S-500 begins to be mass produced and deployed later this year. Also before the Yasen-M submarines begin to commission, two of which are due this year. But also: Sarmat testing and deployment, two 949A’s are set to emerge in 2022 as 949AM’s, and armed with up to 72 Kalibr and P-800’s each. The first Su-57 pygmy squadron will form by the beginning of 2022 and three new TorM2 regimental sets will come into service by 2022, as will the Tsirkon Hypersonic missile system. If you’re the United States and the U.K you no doubt want to fight Russia now, before these new online weapons make accomplishing your military goals so difficult as to be practically impossible.

    1. John Tosh says:

      You are wrong. Did you see how scared NATO was just over exercises that were announced as EXERCISES!!

      Ukraine needed diapers etc. Kiev would have to rethink who will come to its defense if war goes out.

      There is one way to deescalate world war 3. The USA cancels Russian sanctions and move to a friendly posture. Surrounding Russia will not improve the outcome of a nuclear war for NATO!

      1. Ricky Miller says:

        NATO officers not British or American have the good sense to be wary. But the American and British political, media and military elites are crazy and doing crazy things all while being hell bent on being more crazy. Canada too. They are flying military cargoes into Ukraine, moving fighter jets into Poland next door, American officers are touring the Donbass front lines with Ukrainian neo-nazi military patches on their uniforms. Two British warships are to enter the Black Sea in several weeks.

        That’s not acting scared. Crazy is as crazy does.

        1. John Tosh says:

          That is real fear. There is no point in fighting Ukraine.

          World war 3 will fry the biggest problem makers.

          The calm before the storm. When they say peace. Suddenly war comes.

          The USA will be nuked not Ukraine.

          Ukraine needed to know it would be easy for Russia to take over Ukraine why do that?

          Ukraine is useless full of NAZIs and poverty! Who wants that headache.

          Take out the CIA and Ukraine will behave.

          Time to prepare for Third World war !

          It will only escalate from now on!

          Remember you heard it from me first !

          1. Ricky Miller says:

            There’s not going to be nuclear war. The United States wants Russia out of the way before they get into a titanic military conflict with China. A short and quick exchange where one side is conventionally outgunned and outperformed is what both sides are building up to and rehearsing for. It’ll be mostly in non critical geographies. Russia wants to stiff arm American and British military might and break their illusion of superiority in order to achieve political objectives like the affirmation of the Minsk agreement, the status of Crimea and the end to pressure and over the top provocations. The USA and the U.K and friends want to demonstrate that conventional superiority and aid Ukraine in retaking the breakaway Republics in order to humiliate the Kremlin and cause a change in government in Moscow more friendly to the West, or scared enough to go back into a Russian shell as the hegemons pivot to taking on China before she grows more powerful than she already is.

            Forgive me for saying so but your analysis on things that I’ve read, including the above, are nothing but Juvenile hyperbole in thoughtfulness and credibility. Your comments are becoming the digital equivalent of a small circus act and I have a hard time taking you or your ideas seriously.

          2. Robert Ferrin says:

            Attack the message not the messenger show a little class if you have any, from your post I take it your an American so that would give you a little leeway as far as manners go but there is a limit…

          3. disTheeNot says:

            Dear ricky,
            Have you thought about asking the cookie lady whether she would take you on as a geo-political analyst?
            You have all the qualifications.
            A good imagination, a lack of intelligence, a disdain for facts but, and this is critical, can you bake cookies?
            get on it boy–chocolate chip with walnuts for starters.

          4. Ricky Miller says:

            The cookie lady and I are not on speaking terms. And I much prefer Brownies anyway.

          5. John Tosh says:

            We shall see who is correct.

            I remember when the CIA and all you guys said North Korea was bluffing they did not have nukes. Go back a few years and look it up clearly. I said specifically the CIA is wrong North Korea has nukes. This became fact after the North Korean nuclear test. Proved me right. Please look at the date I posted that particular statement

            Corona Virus will hurt the US more than China even though the CIA released Covid into China. I was right. You were wrong.

            I left New York City two weeks before September 11 th 2001 because I thought something catastrophic will hit New York. I was right.

            Now for the future. Unfortunately it is not good for you or I. I also live in Texas.

            The United States of America will be nuked. One would be in the oceans causing a massive Tsunami to destroy the Eastern coastline from Florida up to North Carolina.

            Another 3 nukes will flatten New York City.

            This is your future. Deal with it.

            You can also stick your head in the sand. It’s better than putting a brown bag over your head!

        2. disTheeNot says:

          Dear ricky, you are really treading water here and it’s not even that deep.
          Military cargos with stuff that don’t work
          The Ukies are not trained beyond popping corks off of cheap vodka bottles. American officers are cannon fodder, you’ve been watching to much hollywood propaganda (if you tell me t. cruz and v. diesel, and m. damon are touring the lines, then i’d be worried).
          Of course wearing a neo-nazi patch is a powerful talisman. It means you won’t be taken prisoner.
          The 2 british tin-cans are a real worry though….for the brits.
          nice talking to you, ricky.

        3. Oliver Eitel says:

          You all have to understand, the Americans and British will fight Russia until the last Ukrainian and European cititzen, they give a fuck as they believe they can escape the war…just like WWI and WWII homeland will be save….

    2. disTheeNot says:

      The difference between you and RU is that they can recognize BS as it’s coming around the corner.
      Your 1st par. is a litany of fails that the cookie lady and her khazarian neo-con crew have made.
      Why are they “fails?” Because they did nor produce any results.

      As for the submarine here’s a rule-of-thumb for you. “If Ricky Miller knows it, the russians know it better.” Save you a lot of embarrassment when you’re talking to the adults in the room.

      This is really great:
      “dozen or so high performing secret aircraft and stealth missiles in order to change the military balance”

      These are so secret that only you know about them, right. Why not share your sources for this reeeeally secret stuff.

      have a nice day ricky

  5. The problem is the Kiev regime is still blocking the canal to Crimea, which needs that water, so Russia might have no choice than to capture that area

    1. Ricky Miller says:

      Crimea has enough drinking water, it’s water for agricultural use that is running short. What Crimea needs more than anything is rain. They’ve had several dry seasons in a row. But the answer to the water problem isn’t war, it’s de-salinization. Russia could build a nuclear plant just to power several large de-salinization facilities and reservoir that water, as a long term solution. I see the Russian buildup and exercises as a response to military threats, not as an option to the water issue. But if Ukraine listens to the American and British war pigs and starts a war anyways, Russia might as well secure the water supply, temporarily. They’d never hold on to it in the negotiations after the conflict, as returning territory to Ukraine outside of Crimea, Donbass, and Luhansk would be part of EU sanctions relief. But it would give Russia time to work on other water solutions.

      1. disTheeNot says:

        thank you

      2. Tommy Jensen says:

        good analyse

  6. johnny rotten says:

    The situation is quite clear, NATO is not able to fight Russia in Europe, not even elsewhere to tell the truth, Russian missile systems is able to destroy every strategic military and civil structure throughout the European territory, and without need to resort to high-end hyper-sonic systems, the Iskander for the short ray and Kalibre for the long ray are sufficient for this purpose, and there is nothing that the westerners can do about it, the result would be that the americans access to the european continent would be denied, this is well known to the Pentagram, so americans will not start any war.
    The only problem is that ember by hell called England, whose dream is to destroy both the US and Russia, he could do some action to start hostilities, the usual english way to unleash a world war.

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      Shoigu has told that equipment of the 41 army of the central district will remain in Pogonovo ( Voronezh) for Zapad 2021 exercise!…anyway I have seen many times ” How Russia has withdrawn” his jets and troops from Syria….

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        “Next time US/Nato/Ukraine is threatening Crimea and Donbass with 90 000 Nato military on Russian borders again, we will give Assad the S-300 if Nato do it just one more time again”! ”
        “Next time we will do it, this is our red line!!”

        1. Rhodium 10 says:

          NATO and Ukraine are useless vs Russian army!..they will need Turkish backed terrorists to fight on ground

        2. pasin_calo says:

          Russia won in both ukraine and syria. US/NATO can do nothing about it. I dont get your point

        3. disTheeNot says:

          90 000 Nato ???

          everything about you is über-exaggerated it seems.

        4. batavian01 says:

          Pretty sure Assad already has the S-300. They were shipped in after the IAF hid behind a Russian IL-20.

  7. IMHO says:

    Since Russia practices the same false Christianity that the U.S. does then i don’t see why they are at odds with each other in the first place. That is one reason I tend to think we are being played and this is all just theater.

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      Comparing heterosexuals to trannys is about as ignorant as anyone can ever be,
      Don’t insult the truth,biden is an illegit fake unelect nothing burger,Putin is the real deal!

      1. IMHO says:

        Christianity does not condone sexual deviants. The U.S. sanctioning of such is because of it’s Constitutional rejection of God’s Law, NOT a Christian approved doctrine.

        Both Russian and American “Christians” worship falsely and almost identically in their falsehood. They just live under different state constitutions. And Putin is not bound by the same constitutional restrictions. The U.S. is and that is why we are degenerating so rapidly.

        But Russia has embraced many of the U.S. constitutional doctrines, as has much of the world, so they will also degenerate in time.

    2. disTheeNot says:

      more like IMAO

      1. IMHO says:

        Most ignorant people cannot argue a point. They just throw out insults.

        1. disTheeNot says:

          “Most ignorant people cannot argue a point”

          yes, i notice that about your posts

          1. IMHO says:

            LOL. Like I said.

    3. cechas vodobenikov says:

      dimwit atheist with boyfriend on LSD

        1. Raptar Driver says:

          I would say that math helps us understand reality.
          But it is not reality itself.

          1. Tommy Jensen says:

            True. But in these fake times math is a good measure to see if something is fake or not.
            If people dont know math its more difficult to see and document their claim of reality.

      1. IMHO says:

        LOL. A false Christian calling a true Christian an atheist with additional insults. Just what you would expect from the deviant left.

        Perhaps you should study Scripture instead of exposing your ignorance.

    4. John Wallace says:

      Most of both sides fighting each other during WW2 were Christians all claiming God was with them as they killed each other..

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        Maybe God really was with them all. God saw an opportunity to get rid of all these fools.

      2. Fog of War says:

        The Soviets Christian ? You should do stand up.

        1. John Wallace says:

          Most people would realise I was talking of Germany , Italy , England , France and other European countries , Canada , Australia ,New Zealand ,USA but Not Russia , Japan and other Asian countries .. Got itchy balls today ? Don’t ask me to scratch them

          1. Fog of War says:

            Most of both sides fighting each other during WW2 were Christians ”

            Nice try but you cant dig your way out of this one. The greatest numerical troop contribution to the allies came from the Soviets which squarely puts them in the ” most ” category.

            I’ll pass on your ” ball ” offer also as I dont swing that way, but whatever floats your boat, who am I to judge ?

          2. John Wallace says:

            Maybe it was a little too esoteric for you but I never did make any offer so looks like you grabbed the wrong ball again.. If you wish to be pedantic that’s fine on an inconsequential comment.. As I say you must have itchy balls that YOU need to scratch , not me..

          3. Fog of War says:

            Nothing esoteric here. You got caught in your own logical fallacy and now desperately want to argue otherwise. So repeat after me: Most allied troops were atheists aka Soviet .

          4. John Wallace says:

            I’ll pass on your ” ball ” offer also as I dont swing that way,
            WHAT ????????
            Well you failed to comprehend what I said to THINK I said anything that would get a reply from you like this. Not even close so my comment way over your head . You want to get pendant when most people clearly understood what was meant , your problem.. I used to think your comments were at times astute and worth pause for thought but now you have shown yourself to be nothing more than a jumped up arrogant pseudo intellectual who fails to comprehend what is said with a need to denigrate in the mistaken belief it makes you superior. . Go suck your own dick as you are off my Christmas card list.. Oh just in case NO !! that is not an offer from me just in case you assume out of ignorance that it is… .

          5. Fog of War says:

            A eunuch protesting his impotence. How cute.

          6. John Wallace says:

            Your examples of conclusions just reduced your credibility to zero.. How you came to those conclusions show a problem that exists of your sexual fantasies that you should contact a physiatrist as soon as possible for badly needed treatment..

          7. John Wallace says:

            Now that is pathetically stupid and so funny. A bit like calling Trump a left wing extremist socialist.. Shown you completely misunderstand or lack the ability too understand .. Your problem ,

      3. IMHO says:


    5. Raptar Driver says:


    6. James says:

      Christianity includes good values as a belief system, and Russia is well known for this. They don’t seek war unlike the Orc’s blindly doing the US’s dirty work.

      1. IMHO says:

        They have different politics but they have the same false religious teaching. The reason the U.S. has degenerated so much more is because God is absolutely eliminated in the U.S. Constitution which prevents any legislation that is or can be attributed to God’s Law.

  8. disTheeNot says:

    so the troops will be home for easter. nice.


    1. Robert Ferrin says:

      Seems like I have heard that somewhere before I think it was Korea that they would be home by Christmas, and then on the night before Christmas the Chinese hit them and as they say the rest is history..

      1. John Wallace says:

        Pic is of the American retreat from the battle with the Chinese at Chosun which was a couple of weeks before Xmas but it certainly upset the Americans Xmas plans.
        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5611aceffb6bcccfb3e0eb78ba077d35687f817903118e8d66d48a3fadd2f8e9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/12e0fd1b0741f223aba38b27c479b5b3a69b8c6a1617f6434f8820ff61442693.jpg

        1. Robert Ferrin says:

          And you will notice that the troops are still in their summer uniforms while the temperature was minus 40 below, from the book “The Coldest Winter” taken from the men themselves who fought in another loosing American war..

          1. John Wallace says:

            Yes I think most or a great proportion of the casualties were from the cold. Men dying in their sleep frozen solid. Men taking their boots off ended up losing their feet or dying. Oh the joys of war . The Chinese suffered from the cold as well . The Chosun Few being the survivors. I saw a doco years ago with men from both sides telling their stories..

  9. Assad must stay says:

    so he thinks if russia pulls back then there will be no war? ukraine will see this as a sign to push even further!

    1. Al Balog says:

      My thoughts exactly. This will be Ukraine’s biggest trap.

    2. John Wallace says:

      The US will see this as a sign to push Ukraine further.

      1. Assad must stay says:

        my sentiments exactly, it seems a strange move from russia, i hope they realize this

        1. John Wallace says:

          Russians play chess , Americans play poker .

          1. Raptar Driver says:

            And they both play with each other in a circle jerk.

          2. John Wallace says:

            Never seen a circle jerk or is that like a twitch.

          3. Cray Brand says:

            Think you mistake checkers for chess :D

          4. John Wallace says:

            Arr Now I see that nationalism is the problem , thanks.

          5. Fog of War says:

            Nationalism was never a problem.

          6. Fog of War says:

            5D or 5D Ultra ?

          7. John Wallace says:

            I am sorry it was a little over your head but I am sure with a little cerebral input the light will go on.

          8. Fog of War says:

            Dont be sorry . I find your clichéd ramblings amusing.

      2. Tommy Jensen says:

        The hope is both US and Ukraine will take the bait.
        As I said, Russia knows the importance of wellies and if US/Ukraine invade and attack now, THEY will end up in smut and mud again. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ab2dbdcde8b582c3251aba65a8bae394313b71bacc32bf4b4520b51ecd22bd9b.jpg

        1. SwordOfLight says:

          Nothing will happen until the fields dry out. Conditions simply aren’t favorable atm.

  10. Ma_Laoshi says:

    This is Russia offering Ze the Clown a face-saving escape ladder; they like to do that, and this time it may make sense. Ze can now claim “The might of the Ukie legions has chased the evil Moskali away; Europe is saved!”, and withdraw from the front line. Everybody will be too polite to contradict him. Of course, this is Kiev, so assumptions of sanity may be misplaced; we’ll have to see what happens in practice.

  11. Rhodium 10 says:

    Not April 23…Shoigu told that May 1 some troops will return to deployment bases…76º paratroops, 58th army of north caucasus and some brigades of central district…so it means that South district army, caspian marines and some units from far east will continue deployed

  12. Black Waters says:

    No war, trolls wanting a global war or even mentioning such things are CIA paid bots (and UK paid script kids), the U.S regime needs a war to save the kaput dollar.

    The key is to make the U.S bleed by any means necessary… there other ways…

  13. cechas vodobenikov says:

    anglo cowards do not want war w Russia—even the idiot solzenitzhen observed Americans are cowards….they know they will be obliterated, humiliated and Alaska will be emancipated and return to Russia if the idiot anglos provoke—they are so incompetent they cannot address their own disintegrating cities, ghettos, except with LGBT parades feces in the streets

  14. Good News, with the world economy strained by corona virus we would have risked collateral victims (=deaths) from Australia to Mexico – bullets kill but also unemployment and lack of resources kill.
    Good that so far the conflict is not escalated.

  15. farbat says:

    so putin also calls russians to heroic patience quite a blow to the west

  16. farbat says:

    we will see alot of wargames in the near future between nations while the west will cut itself in the flesh desperately

  17. John Wallace says:

    According to Fox Putin is getting ready to attack poor innocent Ukraine.

    1. farbat says:


    2. farbat says:

      dont get me wrong this two headed bird there already looking at it kinda annoys me but the west is compared a worm totally lacking a backbone

    3. Tommy Jensen says:

      Exactly. Russia has updated all their nuclear weapons and are now threatening to nuke America on our own soil if we dont stay away from “Russian waterways”.

      These “Russian waterways” were before International waterways of freedom, and we have not even started to think updating our nukes because we were soft, and only had our minds on world peace.

      1. dreamjoehill2 says:

        Obama started the updating of “our nukes.”

        Your assertion is false.

        1. farbat says:

          who did fire plasma particle weapons on america last summer and what did america do against it?

          1. Raptar Driver says:

            Elaborate on that.

          2. dreamjoehill2 says:

            No idea what you’re referring to.

    1. John Wallace says:

      All the have to do is do a Donald Cook and it will become a Donald Duck

    2. farbat says:

      how hard do you think it is to seize such a carrier and sink or seize the entire scrap metal group around it

    3. farbat says:

      we might figure out how hard and how costly it is to do such a thing

    4. farbat says:

      the most scary thing about the so called “sturzflugbomber” of the second world war was the sound they made while they would pretty much fall towards a target and drop their bombs and this works nowadays as well as it worked in the past wars as you can see with the saudis who have ptsd of drone sounds

    5. Oliver Eitel says:

      and the moment Americans heard Irainian missiles they started to cry for their mothers ….

    6. Jon says:

      Don’t talk nonsense. Any move to de-escalate is good. Putin gained ground several years ago and still has it. Why kill each other when the status quo can be maintained without the war and is a win.

      BTW: Nordstream 2 will soon be finished.

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        Chicken talk.

    7. James says:

      lol those relics of the past are no use against Russia. Go back to bullying defenseless nations.

    8. pasin_calo says:

      Americans would never dare to fight russians. They have 0 chance to beat them in ukraine or any other european region. Even if russia annexed the entire ukraine the american response would be a few sanctions

  18. Me&Myself None says:

    Putin weasels out because his western bosses ordered him to do so. He was doing so well lately, he showed poised, determination and not the usual coward attitude; so much so that his new determined tone caused Biden to quickly offered him to talk, now he goes back to his normal self — feeble attitude.

    1. pasin_calo says:

      Western bosses? Damn you guys are deep in the consiracy theory rabbit hole. Btw NATO was the one who showed cowardness refusing to let ukraine join them in fear of russian response

  19. Raptar Driver says:

    All this building up only to stand down over and over.
    It seems foolish!
    Is it a show for us?
    A circus?

    1. Fog of War says:

      ” Is it a show for us?
      A circus? ”

      No, its theater .

  20. Joe Stevens says:

    Big mistake by Russia if it doesn’t attack now and annex the Donbass and Ukraine’s remaining coastal territories. The U.S. and the kiss ass British are bluffing and they won’t dare intervene directly because they don’t want to be turned into radioactive ash.

  21. JIMI JAMES says:

    It gets better any fascist pink caught in unauthorised protests in russia here on in will be totaly banned for 40 years,that ought to teach the bozos a lesson for a fair while,imagine when they are 60ish,in the present mindset?suicided or plain too weak to make it outdoors,let alone complain
    of course that is,if they even make it?
    Bravo Russia,here’s to the future,salute!

  22. Franck Vadim says:

    IMO, Russia wanted to send a message to the Ukies and NATO. Russia simply demonstrated her ability to quickly concentrate a truly huge force (2 Armies and 2 Airborne Divisions) along her border. She also redeployed the Caspian Flotilla into the Black Sea. At present, the West is more into staging than actually positioning itself for a war.

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