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Russia Moved 20 Kinzhal Hypersonic Missiles To Testing Site: Report

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Russia Moved 20 Kinzhal Hypersonic Missiles To Testing Site: Report


The Russian military has moved about 20 Kinzhal nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles to a testing site, CNBC reported citing “sources with direct knowledge of U.S. intelligence reports”.

CNBC report says (source):

Nearly 20 Russian missiles that the U.S. is currently unable to defend against were recently moved to a military testing site, signaling another milestone for the Kremlin’s hypersonic weapons program, according to people who have direct knowledge of American intelligence reports.

“This shows they have the ambition to develop these weapons and that they have prioritized this particular program. The Russians have basically determined that they are comfortable with the design and will now focus on fine-tuning the weapon through testing,” one person, who spoke to CNBC on the condition of anonymity, said.

The air-to-ground hypersonic missile dubbed “Kinzhal,” which means “dagger” in Russian, has been tested at least three times. In July, the Kremlin successfully tested the weapon against a target nearly 500 miles away. What’s more, in another U.S. intelligence report, according to a source, the hypersonic missile was mounted and launched 12 times from a Russian MiG-31 fighter jet. Additionally, work is underway to mount the weapon on a strategic bomber.”

On February 20, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that MiG-31 fighter jets armed with Kinzhal nuclear-capable air-launched hypersonic missiles have conducted over 380 patrols over the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

A flying squadron armed with Kinzhal missiles has been stationed in the Southern Military District since December 1, 2017. MiG-31s armed with these missiles have been carrying out patrols since April 2018.


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for me they might just live test them on tel aviv, haifa und zu weiter. why waste some probably better than half decent hypersonic missiles on a mound of sand or whatever when they can be aimed at netanyahu’s head, and shaked’s rump!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“…fighter jet” my god i hate when they use that term…
Its like saying “Internal combustion petrol/diesel engine automobile vehice” instead of “a car”

And just to be a partykiller: The MiG-31 is not a fighter, its a interceptor.

I’ve heard the term ‘strike fighter’ used for an aircraft that can both attack ground targets as well as shoot down other aircraft. If the MIG-31 can now attack ground targets, it seems like that term would now be suitable just as much as calling it an aircraft.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

The term “Fighter” is used for an airplane that is designed to go in (relative) close and personal against other airplanes, an interceptor is a stand-off platform, kinda of an AWACS with missiles.

Very basic explained: An interceptor shoots at dots on the radarscreen, a fighter goes in with teeth and claws.

If the MiG-31 is just a launchplatform for a preprogrammed Kinzhal, or if it is able to find and lock ground targets i dont not know, if you do the please link to an article or something like that, thanks

John Whitehot

the word “fighter” is more generic than “interceptor”.

All interceptors are fighters, but not all fighters are interceptors.

anyway, semantics again, seems you folks really got nothing better to do lately.

paul ( original )

I am sure the Russians only seek to have this weapon as a deterrent. But as for me I look forwards to the day when I see NATO ships suck on the end of impacting Kinzhals.

John Whitehot

the dimona nuclear plant could also be a legit target if the weapon is deployed to Syria.

paul ( original )

My feeling is that this is the Iranians job. They do have the means but somehow I think they don’t have the b**ls.


“””Additionally, work is underway to mount the weapon on a strategic bomber.”””

Deploying the Khinzhal on Tu-22 and Tu-160 would be awesome as Europe and US would be fully vulnerable to this hypersonic weapon.
Zircon would do the same thing from submarine launches.

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