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JUNE 2021

Russia May Respond Military To US Aggression Against Syria – Defense Committee Chairman

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Russia May Respond Military To US Aggression Against Syria - Defense Committee Chairman


Russia would take all political and military measures if necessary should the United States deliver a strike on Syria, Chairman of the Defense Committee of Russia’s State Duma Vladimir Shamanov stated on April 10, according to the country’s state-run news agency TASS.

“The politics of double standards have hit rock bottom. And here the United Russia party conscientiously states that all political, diplomatic and military measures if necessary will be taken. No illegal action will remain unanswered”, Sharmanov said.

Shamanov stressed that Russia’s possible measures need to be considered and responsible adding that the number of countries involved in the Syrian conflict has increased.

“In total violation of international rules, a couple of Israeli jets entered Lebanese airspace, delivered a strike on a neighboring sovereign country…directly on an airfield of the Syrian army. So, the number of countries involved in the conflict is rising”.

He further claimed that the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Douma had been an absolute provocation:

“Today military chemists have confirmed in the presence of members of Syria’s administration that no traces were found in the hospital where these fakes were made, and no victims have been confirmed and discovered”.

Shamanov’s statement comes amid open US preparations to take military actions against the Syrian government, the move, which may lead to a new regional conflict or even a global war.

Recently it became known that US President Donald Trump had canceled his expected trip to South America. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the US president “will remain in the United States to oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world.”

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I hope this will be applied also to ISRAEL !!

Dušan Mirić

I am afraid it deserve it. So sad to say that.


Since the zionist filth committed the first terrorist outrage, let one of their aircraft or perhaps a gunboat off the Gaza ghetto get blown up first.

Daniel Miller

No need to i want to see the USAF humiliated after the lose jets to the SAA’s SAM’s.


Yanki scum will not use their lame duck F22s, it will be Tomahawks. So, the Russian response will be S 400s along with other integrated air defence systems. However, they have let the Yanki scum know they will also be targeting the launch platforms. That is the destroyers and subs that launch from the Med and the Western pacific

Daniel Miller

actually the S-400 wont be used in a cruise missile strike,cruise missiles fly to low for the S-400 the Panstir and BUK systems will be used against cruise missiles.


You must be the armchair rocket genius of us all.

Daniel Miller

I am no ” armchair rocket genius” i have read up on my military doctrin ‘s and technology its well known you do not use long range SAM’s vs cruise missiles (unless they are made to fly high but that will be stupid since that will make them easy to see and destroy).

Jonathan Louis Trapman

He better duck when the Russian response comes. What a very very dangerous and silly man they have as their glove puppet, the Anglo Zionists that is


The loudmouth orange clown each day looks more like our mad bitch TheArse May.
Will they manufacture & drag us into WWIII, Jonathan?
John Doran.

Tudor Miron

Donny made a lot of fumes towards NK (which was actually unable to answer militarily) and nothing happened. Still I’m worried this time.


Following Qanon, US will not respond!
Defence minister has already claimed the last few CW attacks were false!
US wont attack! But others might!

Pave Way IV

Which Qanon? The long-gone original one from last year, or the agents at Twitter that control the timestamps and appearance of tweets to legitimize the fake Qanon clone?

“Have faith. Pray for Trump. Do nothing – things will be better, soon. Trust the secret ‘good guys’ in the US government to fix everything” <<– FFS, what don't you understand about the psychopaths that would even say such a thing?

I don’t know what the middle part is, but I’m pretty sure I know how this ends:

“Stand on the yellow line. No, you can’t bring your family. Stop talking. Have your identification papers ready. Put these shackles on. Get on the railroad car. Have a nice trip, you stupid f’king goy!”


Maybe u haven’t been watching lately! Q has been confirming himself often lately! For example, days before the WH easter party, Q was asked to tell Trump to say “tip top, tippy top”! 2 days later Trump says it from the WH balcony!
Proof enough?

Tudor Miron

Others who?


UK, France, Israel


Tudor, don’t worry, I bet there will be nothing:



When did the US and Britain start abiding by International Law? What about that other false CW attack through 3rd parties accepted by the OPCW last time? How did the OPCW protect Iraq from the International knuckle-dragging gang?


OPCW is being controlled by … US!


But what’s different this time is that the OPCW is actually visiting the site and not receiving samples provided by state actors with design on the outcome. You have to remember that the OPCW will analyze the samples and come to the correct analysis of their content. So what’s important is how and where the samples came from. For example: in the Skripal case, the OPCW received samples provided by the chemical weapons lab (Porton Down and could have been created by them as well) and correctly identified the sample provided them by the state actor. That was the only thing that they could conclude, not the origin or responsibility. This time, the OPCW will be doing their work the way they are supposed to, ie. visiting the site of the so-called CW attack.

I do agree with you that every time the OPCW receives a sample that they didn’t collect themselves from the supposed site of an attack, it benefits the US even though the sample is tainted by virtue of coming from a 3rd party and not collected by themselves on the ground.


Thank you for that. Always figured, but never heard or saw that these agents of the US and UK were there. Figured there had to be a reason they were so incensed about the Syrian people clearing out the terrorists right next door to their capital. Thanks for the link confirming my suspicions.


You’re welcome. Always a pleasure to help.


Always a pleasure. Thanks for reading.


The actual target there is China. NK is strictly a distraction tactic.
John Doran.


Good source, thanks.

Dušan Mirić

Hang him high!

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Do not make false illusions please, read the headline again, ” RUSSIA MAY RESPOND ”,
which let us understand the Russia’s option of ”MAY NOT RESPOND ” in a possible foreign attack against him and its allies in Syria, as he never did it before in the past.
So calm down and pray for the very little possibility that Russia will be braver this time,
and willing to do everything and at whatever cost, just to be faithful to its own troops
and allies in Syria, making itself respected and feared in that way by its and syrian enemies.
Because, not to avoid starting a nuclear war Russia has to be always so peaceful and letting himself be humiliated by anyone who pretend not to fear to start a nuclear war, but being equally so vulnerable to one as Russia, right?


BRUSSELS should be the first TARGET.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Yes my friend and although London would be a very good priority target after his super and false poisoning show blaming Russia, affecting him diplomatically globally.




“Russia will destroy any missiles targeting Syria”!
“russia will target launchers of missiles”
This means they WILL shoot down the missiles and MAY destroy the ships launching them!

Russie Unie



Mr. Putin did not tell everything about what other weapons they have in stock meant for an enemy in case of an attack on Russia or in this case Syria with her personnel legally stationed in Syria to protect and defend Syria on request by the Syrian Government.


Sounds good. I foresee bad luck to US and its gang, may justice be done for Syrian blood.
But…will Russia dare to hit Israeli jets? That’s a good question.

Hisham Saber

Rightfully, Russia didn’t take the Jewish Israeli bait. They wanted a response from Russia, which then they could drag in the U.S, U.K, and French on their behalf in a regional war.

If they do decide to go forth with this ill-fated plan, it will mark the ending of the west as a global power center and unipolarity, unilateralism, and global hegemony are over.

The U.S. and allies will have walking right into a trap. They will be consumed on the ground by the Shia, Arab Sunni’s of Syria and Iraq, Hezbollah, IRGC, Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, who answer directly to Khamenei. Russia will make the skies over Syria a no-get -through zone. And all of forces I mentioned have years of actual combat experiences. They are hardened forces who have a bitter hatred for Israel, and the west who backs it up. And the U.S. and allies will be fighting people in their own region. It will prove to be a disaster f or Israel, and allies alike.

Promitheas Apollonious

I believe what they say when anything is not theirs and enter within striking distance is shoot down and retaliation to their land with missiles in their airports is the answer. Other wise all are jerking off, at the expense of the people who suffer. And they sell to all of us BS.

yudha bdg

WW3 is around the corner,,


Not necessarily. The prospect of getting their asses kicked might cause the US and UK to rethink their approach to Syria. Body bags and aircraft shot out of the sky are not good for politicians.

Bobby Twoshoes

We can only hope, they seem pretty damned determined though…


My fear is that since the US, UK, and France are all run by Zio kike Jew rodent scum parasite and since the Zio kikes are very desperate to save Israel they might be willing to risk an all out war even at the cost of the destruction of US and UK. After all it was the same kike parasite scum who sacrificed the entirety of the British Empire in order to confront Hitler in World War II.

Jews are willing to fight until the last Goyim.

Ray Douglas

If Russia were to tell the Kazarians that only 3 centres would be targeted, the 3 centres of the Kazarians are, London, Buckhouse, New York, Wall Street and Teliviv. You might be assured they would put their thinking caps on.


And Tel Aviv Ray :)

Hisham Saber

doesn’t matter the spelling , it wont be on any map within 10 years, give or take a few .

Ray Douglas

It will be on the map, only difference will be it will be governed by Palestinians.

Hisham Saber

This coming regional war, the Jews will not be spared. They are starting this war, dragging in the U.S., U.K, France (NATO) in the hopes of destroying the Shia crescent. But they will be overwhelmed and the Shia will roll up the acres all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Whos got 7 years of hard combat experience? the Syrian Arab Army, the IRGC, Hezbollah, Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, and if need be the Iranian Armed Forces, Russian forces, and as just recently China dispatched a battalion to Syria, and are embedded with the Tiger Forces, as they are special forces. You can add the Houthis of Yemen to the nix, because no one hates the Jews and Israel as much as they do, according to there chants when they target a Saudi tank or something, ship etc. Its pretty funny stuff.

Anyways, a regional war, the west, Israel will lose , badly.


The West hasn’t got an Army… they are just talking about War…thinking it’s a game of poker…and that they can Bluff their way out…make sure there is unity in the Middle East and kick out the U.S. They want to loot Iranian Gold & Oil…just a bunch of Criminals.. The people of Iran will fight with their Heart…What are Western soldiers fighting with?


IMO the Zionists give a toss about Israel and its people.
They are on this planet for themselves only.

Rakean Jaya

And if it take times and also wildly escalated I will be on Russian sides, became voluntary for sure.
Thats all kang yudha.


the first annonced from russia accusing israel!!


I am no longer sure Russia will respond if their own forces are not in danger – the US/NATO deserves a good kicking but Putin may simply withdraw if this becomes Iraq mark 2.

Tudor Miron

We can’t afford to become iraq mark3.


Essentially the USA runs the ‘biggest and most powerful’ ( to use the words of Trump) protection racket the world has seen since the demise of the British Empire.

If Russia and China do not confront this US thugerry now , they will be the next victims.


There is no if, Florian, they are already confronting. But their politic leaderships are, let say this way, decents, normal politic, diplomatic and military men, and not the scum that rules the so called west world, where every time a worst substitutes a already very bad. This fall on the quality of the politicians makes me remember the Germany after the WWI.


China needs to come out and state publicly in no uncertain terms that an attack on Russia will be construed as an attack on China. Only the 2 of them working together can put a hold on those knuckle-draggers running the US circus, that it will turn out badly for the circus if they do another terrorist strike on the Syrian people for the benefit of their terrorist buddies including Israel.


I think China years ago did try to propose that kind of relationship with Russia but stupid Putin wants to be more European and favours his European partners or western colleagues who are now waiting to strangle him.

Serves him right . Now China has gone to Moscow and declared solidarity in the light of western threats.


It isnt Putin. There are a band of western bootlickers and Zionist in the Russia Government.

Hisham Saber

they need to gather them up and hang them along the street lamps around Moscow.

Maybe the American people would see that and follow that example.


Yes! America should find that FIFTH COLUMN that has infiltrated the U.S. Government and HAG THEM ALL!!


This would be a very un-Russian way of reaction.
Leave it to the Russians themselves to react and how to react.
IMO they have the the best generals, creme de la creme.
After this, if US and gangmembers will attack Syria, US will be able to remember what precise happened but at the same time they will never forget what it means when Russia finally reacts.
Mrs. Waffle House Waitress Haley can probably go back to take up her old job, waitress and waffling again.

IMO the answer by the Russian Military will be hard, short, furious and precise.

Hisham Saber

At the recent International Security Conference in Russia, China’s new Defense Minister , who was standing next to Shoigu, his counterpart from Russia, stated that China stands behind Russia militarily. This was lie ten days ago. This is a huge statement. Plus, China is the silent partner, behind the scenes with an open checkbook for Syria, Iran and Russia. There’s talk they are paying Russia’s small tab for her role in Syria. The Syrians have an open line of credit, and is neck deep involved in Syria. China is slated to rebuild Syria. And it will be an important hub in the BRI initiative (Silk Road).


Ever heard of telling BS?

kladivo na kiskok.k.tov

Till today only words. Go on an show us how you kick US soldiers or we thing you are just a small talking girls.

Tudor Miron

Till today US was willing to fight via their irregular armed forces – daesh, nusra and the rest of the rats. If they wish to send in their regular forces nothing will change. Defeated is their end in Syria.

Now let me ask – who are you brave worrior that kick US soldiers on dayly basis? Which country you are from? Are you personally willing to die in ww3? Russians are ready – we proved it many times in history. What are your credentials?

kladivo na kiskok.k.tov

they bomb Wagner agency their bomb syrian regular army and Lavrov alwaays speaking


Russia MAY !

Such a timid response. No wonder west really will try their luck

Dušan Mirić

Al Tanf would be a nice target

chris chuba

And Russia should be inviting in the OPCW and every country that is willing to look on the actual grounds.
Are they?

Ray Douglas

The fact is folks that the Don is not in charge at all. If any of you seen the interview with the ex UN weapons inspector whose name escapes me you will know that John Bolton threatened him because he would not say that Iraq had chemical weapons. He said directly to the inspector,” I know where your children are”. These are the monsters we are dealing with. Talking to these fuckers is pointless. It’s well past time to get rid of them.


“Fetch the MiG 31s out….”

Hisham Saber

Yes, time to test out the shiny new Khinzal hypersonic anti-ship/or land, missiles out.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The USS ‘Donald Cook’, a guided-missile destroyer, has left Cyprus on Monday and is moving to the eastern Mediterranean to attack Syria and Russian-mercenaries in Syria.
The Arleigh Burke-class warship, which carries 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board must be targeted by Submarines as soon as it starts to fire on the Syrian people.
This is the only response that Russia can make that will finally make a political statement that Russia is not actually signally the west that it is perfectly ok to bomb the Syrian people into genocide.

Russia or some ‘force’ must sink the Donald Cook. It is within the right of international law.
Just do it.
If this is done, the world will cheer Putin and even Americans will cheer Putin (well not Jews anyway) but the rest of Americans will.
In Americans eyes it will not be so much as Russia sinking an American vessel, but more of a rouge ship operating in interest of the Globalist-elites which is used to attacked defenseless people at the cost of making everyday Americans look like bad criminals, it will be like Putin dealing with an American cancer that has been poisoning Americans for decades.
(Putin! Treat this cancerous tumor within Americans, we want to be cured of this illness!)

We Americans only want a Navy stationed off of American coastal waters to protect us, we do not want any Navy anywhere near the ME or Asia or Europe or Africa.


Russia do not have to sink the USS “Donald Cook”, Russia may use the same “weapon” she used on this ship for the first time when she was cruising in the Black Sea. She had been completely lamed by the SU-25 (special edition?). The ship is after such treatment completely rudderless, cannot do anything anymore. Yes right, the sailors (still alive) can do some angling at the railing for the ship is unable to sail.
I personally think it a brilliant idea. Everybody stays alive and a nice humiliation to the arrogant naval A**h*s in the Pentagon. How about?

Fred Dozer

Unfortunately, when Russia is forced to show their military might, many will not live to see it. And those that do, will wish they ha-dent. So it would be Russian roulette, (to all) with a round in every chamber. I think it will take that to happen, to prove Russia is not bluffing. Cannot reason with the insane Neocons. Of course the Neocons will be buried deep underground in a shelter. But anyone that understands nuclear, realizes, its the beginning of the end. Putin said, “he will not fight on Russian soil”. What does that mean ?

Ray Douglas

It means that he will respond with the only thing the dues understand. The big white flash and the mushroom cloud.

Ron Wheeler

Sign this petition – the only one I see – and can not believe this is the only one and we are hours to WW3: http://survivingintheusa.com/petition-get-out-of-syria/

Rodney Loder

The bi-partisan position of US politicians has always been to project Trump to “try it on” then just go with the flow of Public sentiment, no force on Earth can stop it at this stage, Trump will directly threaten Russia probably next.

paul ( original )

The West only understands force. Slowly Russia is beginning to see this. What
is needed is a for Russia to give a very bloody nose to the West.
Indeed they should already be wiping out US bases in Syria.

Joe Doe

Russia should hit very hard in response. I would destroy the entire US fleet moving towards Syria. Hard response would create panic in USA and mass demonstration in USA against Trump administration. Limited response will have very little effect on war hawks in Washington


1962 – “In 1962 the US Joint Chiefs of Staff(COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS PUPPETS) authored a document called Operation Northwoods calling for the US government to stage a series of fake attacks(SOUNDS FAMILIAR), including the shooting down of military or civilian US aircraft, the destruction of a US ship, sniper attacks in Washington, and other atrocities, to blame on the Cubans as an excuse for launching an invasion. President Kennedy refused to sign off on the plan and was killed in Dallas the next year.” [Source]

Joe Doe

Cuba is one example. Vietnam is second example


If you hit Syria, we MAY get upset; or if not, then certainly next time. Really really upset. If that won’t make the Empire’s armada turn around, nothing else will. In my view, the issue is already settled: the Israelis bombed Syria, and got home free. So the Kremlin is still riding the Appeasement Express, and hoping it won’t take them full speed off a cliff.

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