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JUNE 2023

Russia May Downsize Its Air Group In Syria – Russian Media

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Russia May Downsize Its Air Group In Syria - Russian Media

FILE IMAGE: Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov

According to Russian Kommersant media outlet, Russia may pull some of its forces out of Syria. Bashar al-Assad’s government forces control approximately 95% of Syrian territories, and the final offensive doesn’t require vast support. If the plan comes to fruition, only the military police, military advisers and the personnel necessary for the security of assets in Khmeimim and Tartus will remain in Syria. Kommersant’s sources say that the mixed Russian Aerospace Forces units may be skeletonized, but the anti-aircraft systems that cover Russian assets will remain. The focus will change to regulating the crisis by political means.

According to Kommersant, the information comes from two military-diplomatic sources. Having said that the decision is not final, they told Kommersant that the plan entails partially downsizing the mixed aviation units at Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia province and sending some personnel back to their stations in Russia, engineers and technical personnel among them. One of the sources said that Putin has  final say on the matter. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told Kommersant that “decisions like that are not announced beforehand”, and the Defense Ministry said that there are no current plans to downsize the aviation units in Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army’s successful assault on ISIS and the al-Nusra Front may be the reason for downsizing the aviation units in Syria. During a meeting with Israel’s Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman on October 16, Russia’s Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, stated that the operation in Syria is “nearing its end”. During an Association of Southeast Asian Nations and their partners meeting on Luzon island in Philippines, he added that the terrorists control less than 5% of Syrian territories (comparatively, before the start of the Russian operation in September of 2015 they were in control of 70%). According to the data he provided, in two years Russian aviation forces have destroyed 948 training camps, 666 regular and munition factories and approximately 1,500 vehicles. “The restoration process began: 1,12 million people went back to their homes, with 660 thousand people doing so in 2017 alone”, Shoygu said.

There are dozens of Russian planes (Su-25SM, Su-24M and Su-34 with MiG-29SMT, Su-30SM and Su-35C jets) and helicopters (military Ka-52, Mi-35M, Mi-24P, Mi-8AMTS and Mi-171) in Syria. There is no information available regarding which aircraft are to be sent back to their stations, although the previous downsizings ordered on March 14 and December 29 of 2016 saw the number of aircraft stationed at Khmeimim roughly cut in half. Kommersant cites Russian experts that say that the most valuable planes would be the first to go, and the old ones would stay, like the Su-24, as they’re somewhat disposable. Experts also say that the drones are likely to stay.

According to Kommersant’s sources, currently the Euphrates valley and some of the Syrian-Iraqi border are the only sizeable regions under terrorist control. Some terrorist celles are also present in smaller territories, like near Uqayribat and Idlib.

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“control approximately 95% of Syrian territories”


So ur just gonna cede to the kurds and whats left of the FSA??? LAME…

The only victory is TOTAL victory, otherwise this is a WIN for the forces that started this crap in the first place(destroy or divide syria, make way for the pipeline).

The kurds MUST GO.


Seriously! Syria doesn’t control even 55% of its true territory. What the Russians and Iranians are ceding to ISISrael/US/Kurds is simply too much. I get it that stabilising the Assad govt. in Damascus was the goal, but with terrorists and enemies surrounding Syria on the north, east and south flanks, interference and sabotage will be a daily menu.


They should publicly state that they are in fact downsizing but instead they should secretly increase the number of planes and AA batteries there.

And let’s hope Israel attacks again if they do so.


The secessionists turn into terrorists when a political agreement can’t be reached and the SAA justifiably goes into those areas and gets attacked and the war starts back up again. And there is no motivation for reaching a political agreement without there being a credible prospect of the Syrian government coalition retaking those areas by force in the event that a negotiated settlement is unsuccessful.


Extremely bad move , after Al Bukamal and the oil fields , after the whole of Idlib province, and after the Turks have withdrawn. Possibly this is a projected move for the New Year . when it would make sense

Borna Artuković

a bunch of nonsense .. stupid decision ! 95 % wtf ?!

Borna Artuković

northeastern Hama .. Al-Qaeda receives reinforcements to halt Syrian Army offensive towards Idlib ! now is the critical time .. russia must support this offensive in hama with full power !

Nigel Maund

No point in them pulling out until 100% of Syria has been liberated and all enemy military forces threatening action have been destroyed or pulled out of theatre.


Are you a follower of MORRIS on youtube?

Did ZIONISTS finally take out MORRIS?

Morris is known for his INTEGRITY and CRITICAL informed EXPOSURE of the ZIONIST fake Jews and ISRAEL and just last week he collapsed, from an unknown cause and is presently in the Hospital in a COMA, in Cambodia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ359OJoNWE

Serious Dude

Assadophiles are pwned. Russia has been there to crush ISIS, not to start a war with the Kurds. No dead Russian soldiers for dictators!


Gullible, ignorant and naive… always a trait of your comments


I hope not ! The war is over until is totally over. It is not possible to trust Syria generals of army since ISIS has shown several time much higher fighting capabilities (with the help of USA-Israel tactics) than Syria. Russia has made and is continue making excellent job in Syria, do not stop them now. You never know what madness (USA-Israel-NATO) is preparing now for Syria and Iran.

Solomon Krupacek

my words slowly, but sure became fullfilled. :(

Icarus Tanović

Shut the fuckk up! And getta hell outta here! You little maggot.

Solomon Krupacek



Typical Russian idiocy. The last war the russians managed to finish was WW2-no small task but from then on a string of either defeats or draws at best. If it comes to be as the article suggests it will be a proof-as if we needed any-that the Kremlin and its midget inhabitant only care about striking a “deal” with the US and everything else-Syria, Novorossiya etc are just cards in this cynical game. Pathetic. PS Last time the russians pulled of their forces was before the terrorists managed to breach into Aleppo and briefly threaten the entire city.

Tudor Miron

Kommersant is media outlet established under US control (Eltsin time) and is clearly anti Putin and pro US. Sane people here know that this jew media is full of BS. If you read above article carefuly than you’ll realise that this claims are premature at best. Russia would not leave Surya without help, no matter what those sh$t papers say. Yes there’s large “5th column” here that is surely pro US (they loved looting country under US supervision) but I hope they don’t win here.


I hope with all my heart that you are correct. That said, your leadership despite taking the right decision-to help Syria-remains ambivalent towards the enemy (USA , West establishment) still believing that Russia can be some sort of “partner”.


Ah , so its not a government or military report , just press speculation . That’s very good to hear , as while it may be the long term logistical plan , it definitely sends the wrong message to the troops involved , a moral destroyer . A pro US media would like to destroy Russian and Syrian troop moral , they are wining.

Tudor Miron

Yes, Ronald. That’s just a claim by oppositon media source (pro western), something that is commonly called FakeNews :) That’s just a part of significant anti Putin compain that is currently conducted by our media (majority of which is zio owned).

Icarus Tanović

That’s right.

Gabriel Hollows

If the Kurds are engaged without Russian air support this war is going to be a hell of a lot longer. If the Kurds also get air cover from the US, the SAA may be forced to leave the Kurds be.

Reminder that the Russian government is just as Jew-infested as the US government. Though I’d refrain from jumping to conclusions about who Putin truly serves until a final decision is announced, if Putin suddenly decides to betray Syria it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.


China would probably jump in if asked/russia suddenly left. It’s in their best interests that syria > iraq > iran be preserved, and the operation would provide badly needed real life training for their forces. Either way, it would be a bad, bad, bad deal all around… Of course, the best solution is a joint solution by the legitimate syrian/iraqi governments.

Solomon Krupacek

china will do nothing. the policy og the empire of heaven is quite another than american or srussian.


Then the demise of Russia will be certain as west will get their pipeline thru Suria and all those Russian pipeline to Europe would be dead .

So do not be naive Russia will abandon SAA and I am sure all the oil fields will be in the hands of SAA otherwise where is Syria going to find the money to pay for reconstruction and all the loans for the war?

Tudor Miron

Don’t pay much attention to what Kommersant (Zio owned media) is preaching. This paper is pure BS and everyone here (with a little bit of patriotism) knows it.

Solomon Krupacek

hoooly shit! tumor diron repeats hos bullshits:

Tudor Miron Solomon Krupacek • 21 hours ago

Both rbc and kommersant (that rbc is reposting in this case) are media outlets established under US control (Eltsin time) and are clearly anti Putin and pro US. Sane people here know that this jew media is full of BS. PS: Solomon, it seems that you know Russian? :) Your envy, hate and jealousy towards Russia is entertaining for us but painful for you (even if you don’t realize it). Let it go. Deep inside you love Russia :) don’t suppress it.3

Solomon Krupacek Tudor Miron • 21 hours ago

slow down. also shoygu told several days ago, thewar is over. so, i will not take easy this news.

Tudor Miron Solomon Krupacek • 20 hours ago

If you hope that Russia is going to leave Surya with no help than you’re simply don’t understand what’s going on :)

Icarus Tanović

You get outta here!

Solomon Krupacek



block their a$$


Reduction – this might simply mean the returning of the heavy strategic bombers to Russia – there are far fewer large scale targets now – ie large scale training camps, munitions depots and headquarters. The smaller ground support Su-25’s and attack helicopters may be of far greater value at this point in conflict.

Floyd Hazzard

Are you dreaming? They pulled out combat aircraft before in the middle of the friggin war.

Mauro Craizer

There is no RUS heavy strategic bombers in Syria. Tu-160, Tu-95 fly strictly from home bases in RUS. In late 2015. they started flying 8 000 miles route avoiding EU airspace to Atlantic, then south of Gibraltar-Mediterranean-drop few Kalibrs and back to RUS via Syria-southern Iraq-Iran-Caspian Sea-RUS. It was a show of long range capabilities bcs. RUS can fire Kalibr’s from Caspian Sea and they did it, but Kalibr missile is much more expensive than the regular bombs. It was a reminder for US NATO what RUS is capable. They can reach any target in the world with strategic bombers. Real reach of Kalibr is not known, it’s for sure far greater than what wiki says.

Floyd Hazzard

But of course. They want to distance themselves from certain results.

Solomon Krupacek

To be stabbed on the back by an ally when you’re actively in the trenches is truly the most destable form of betrayal.

if you check their history, you will see, russian does this at least one times per generation.


Another big mistake… As usual Russia will commit . Assad still has lots of enemies like SDF and FSA

Solomon Krupacek

I wrote several times, putin does not care abourt assad. he told this personally manytimes.


That’s what you think. Fact is Assad is the ONLY certainty Russia will ensure the pipeline will not be built to kill Russia’s economy.

Fact is Syria has sacrificed so much to save Russia . So Putin has no choice but to make sure Assad stays no matter what Western powers say.

Syria, Russia, Iran and Hez all depend on each other

Solomon Krupacek

maybe i amk wrong, but putin really told this. and i know also, that putin never liked assad. neither the old, nor the young. and in these ays the russian ambassadro makes brutal pressure on assad.


It is saving their country and personal likes or dislikes is secondary.

One thing do not take public statements as gospel truths as you very well know politicians do not talk straight.


Entirely expected. Russia scored it’s strategic objectives long ago, now it is risking losses with elections just a few months away. If the war ended today, Turkey has emerged as the big winner having seized substantial amounts of Syrian lands. But Russia was not ever likely to risk direct conflict with Turkey anyway.

Jonathan Cohen

Russia and US need to drop ALL their bombs on ISIS, leaving NONE for Ukraine or Korea!!! which both have abortion rights already!

jim crowland

Some ignorants believe in the Russian Superpower Story. Its economy is the number 12 in the world. Brazil is much bigger. India is almost the double as “Mighty Russia”. its population, 9th in the world, is shrinking! They are wise to leave this second Afghanistan.

Ilies Bekhtaoui

still no one defeated russia in any ground

Solomon Krupacek


Ilies Bekhtaoui

russia did it’s work , instead to asking of russia to take on the worlds problems on it’s own when you enjoy the sun light everyday doing nothing and came here to troll russian decisions . what are you doing to make the world a better place . russia saw only misery for more then 1000 year . they desirve to break away from this shit and live happily . already 70 russians gave there lifes on syria . you wouldn’t think the same if it was you or your own family . russia doesn’t get involved in internet conflicts and will not . wanna take the whole of syria back , go get it yourself

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