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Russia May Deploy Special Operations Forces To Support Syrian Troops Advancing In Southeastern Syria – Reports

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Russia may deploy Special Operations Forces servicemen in order to support Syrian government forces advancing along the border in southeastern Syria, according to various pro-government media sources. Some media outlets even argued that Moscow had already deployed its servicemen in the area, but failed to provide any evidence of this.

The Russian Special Operations Forces actively operate across in central, western and northern Syria supporting operations against ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) terrorists.

If it’s confirmed that Russian military servicemen are embeded with pro-government fighters during the advance on al-Tanf, it will mean that Moscow has decided providing a direct support to Damascus and Tehran in their joint attempt to push US-led forces away from the borders with Jordan and Iraq.

Photos of pro-government troops advancing along the Syrian-Jordanian border (from open soources):

Russia May Deploy Special Operations Forces To Support Syrian Troops Advancing In Southeastern Syria - Reports

Click to see the full-size image

Russia May Deploy Special Operations Forces To Support Syrian Troops Advancing In Southeastern Syria - Reports

Click to see the full-size image

Russia May Deploy Special Operations Forces To Support Syrian Troops Advancing In Southeastern Syria - Reports

Click to see the full-size image

Russia May Deploy Special Operations Forces To Support Syrian Troops Advancing In Southeastern Syria - Reports

Click to see the full-size image

Russia May Deploy Special Operations Forces To Support Syrian Troops Advancing In Southeastern Syria - Reports

Click to see the full-size image


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And who will be the first proof reader? :D

John Whitehot

is your pic from wt?

Free man

People write here on WW3 as if it is a computer / video game.
The United States and Russia should focus on Al Qaeda and ISIS.
All the rest are distractions.


You are right but remember that U$ and its allies are not in Syria to fight Al-qaeda or ISIS. That is their cover story. U$ and its allies are in Syria to overthrow Assad by using their various jihadist proxies such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS and many other terrorist groups.


Al Qaida and ISIL are comparatively small and poor Middle Age ideology groups that spawn in the Arab desert all the time. They think Quran was written by illiterate camel herder dictated to him by God. And their idea of victory is dressing up women in ME and North Africa in ugly dresses and cutting their clits off. US has 15 carriers 7K nukes, military budget bigger then next 10 countries combined 9 of whom are US allies and no intention to respect international laws or the concept of national sovereignty – and that’s just under Obama. Their concept of victory is – US Empire. Who’s more dangerous for world peace I wonder?

Night Wind

Ideally, that would happen. The problem is that the US and its ‘Coalition’ have already committed recognized Acts of War against Syria. They’ve deployed ground troops inside Syrian borders; they have attacked Syrian soldiers; they’re working with illegal militias—this is war by about any standards. Whether anybody likes it or not, the war is already going.


ISIS is already defeated. Study WWII. By 1945 the Wehrmacht was already soundly defeated, it just took five more months to finish off its corpse. What all the smart players did, the UK and USSR, was try and position themselves in the best possible end positions once the fighting would stop. The only ones who were 100% focused on defeating the Wehrmacht were the Americans, because Roosevelt’s death had robbed the US generals of any political oversight steering them towards political objectives. And as a result they would have to stare down the Red Army across the Fulda Gap for the next 40 years.

Similar here. If the Russians and the SAA were to focus exclusively on ISIS and Al-Qaida they would have to stare down a US backed presence of Kurds and FSA headchoppers in Eastern Syria, separating them Iraq, for potentially decades to come. Better to nap this in the bud first before it gets out of hand. ISIS will die regardless as its a walking corpse already. And Al-Qaida, well, the US was doing jack shit about it anyway. More like giving them indirect support through their own proxy headchopper groups. After all, Al-Qaida is currently armed through the teeth with US weaponry.


Al Qaeda is armed and funded by the US Deep State and US allies.


If Russia is serious about standing up to the US this is the least it can do.

Bente Petersen

GOOD !!!!!

Solomon Krupacek

may =/= really


I have been waiting for the SAA to advance towards the soutehrn border for a while and it is now happening. The effects of this are complex and stretch way beyond the Syrian conflict. It is something that confronts Occidental, NATO/US strategy the world over. It can also be taken as one of those ‘this is what happens to you if you cooperate with the guyz from Europe and North America’.

Whether or not Al-Tanf goes into SAA hands this week is irrelevant. It is Syrian territory and all uninvited forces there have no legal legs to stand on. Pressure will build and they have to roll out at some point, with a nice story to cover as to why they left.

To me, this really means the death knell for NFSA operations in that part of the country. In the near term, an encirclement of them has begun in the SW section of Syria. No amount of whining about somebody’s SF, that has zero business being, in open desert where nobody lives and in somebody else’s country, is going to change that. The SAA and crew frequently encircles their objectives and one glance at the map is starting to form this picture.

I don’t want to drag on about what is going on here. But, this is big stuff. it is absolutely slicing the nuts off of US Coalition plans for Syria, in the part of the country. The kicker for me is, I am not seeing that the Coalition planners saw it coming. For anybody who does not think that Coalition forces will not move out of Al-Tanf and surrender it to the SAA, let me offer this reflection:

If Great Britain had to give Hong Kong back to China, how long do you think something with as little value as Al-Tanf will remain in Occidental hands? I wish well to all.


Lmao. What do you mean by this ”It is Syrian territory and all uninvited forces there have no legal legs to stand on” You do know that the US released an official statement 2 days ago saying they don’t recognize Assad as the official state of syria and view him marely as criminal and what makes you think they will change their views on him. The Answer is a fat NOO way.

They truly desire the oil fields of the country and if Assad wants it he can come for it but I doubt. These parts of Syria is forever lost to Assad and the Americans will never leave there until the oil fields go dry


Hello Moutain, I am glad my thoughts bring some levity to your moment. Your point is one that could be raised and accepted by many. I knew that before I wrote my opinion here. However I am in disagreement with you on this one. The US statement, I am not aware of it, would be an opinion, not international law. You wrote it yourself, it is a view.

This would be coming from a country that just this weekend, annouced deals to take KSA money, as well as Blackock raised funds, to assist in infrastructure improvement for the country. Ladies and gentlemen, if the US cannot fix it’s own roads, bridges and sewer lines without international intervention, then how is it possibly going to enforce it’s will and those who are increasing unsure of it’s ability to lead, halfway across the planet for decades to come? I think not. :)

It is easy for anyone to become enamored or trusting in the blather. I like to stick to the map, money trail and troop deployments, along with their progressions. So far, the SAA is having fun tossing somebody’s apple cart high in the air. We will all see the end result at some point. Enjoy your day Moutain.


i love u


I agree, with small changes. We can’t repair our infrastructure because we are supporting criminal leeches and their wars and the bill runs into the trillions. We all know who they are, no need to mention them. The KSA money is probably a bribe to help keep US arms and support coming. Also, don’t ignore the privatization possibility. The House of Saud may need to vacate their palaces and may need a place to go, ala Reza Pahlavi. Then again, will we really know where this money will end up going?Just my view, but with these guys there’s always a quid pro quo. Regardless, I believe you are right, the US and cronies days are numbered here. As for the SAA…go baby go!


Hello zman. Your post to me was delightful. It put a genuine smile on my face and made me laugh. I agree with you. Have a great week. :)


Actually, this NOT about the oil fields. It is about trying to partition Syria for pipelines for US cronies. This has been known for some time now. The oil fields there are important to Syria, but the pipelines are required for Qatar, KSA. The pipelines are also very important to Russia, which is why Russia does not want to see partitioning of Syria. No pipelines=European dependence on Russian energy and Russian economic independence. No pipeline= Revenue loss to Russia and economic devastation. The lack of Arabian energy is why the Nordstream II was finally approved.

Solomon Krupacek

americans can get some modified enola viros in homeland, cheap and effective weapons. delivered anonymously.

Barry Graham

You talk as though the Americans are invincible, far from it they are just provoking a fight with the Russians, all at the behest of their Israeli masters who are the ones issuing the orders!


Actually, the oil fields aren’t that significant in the larger picture. What IS significant is the pipeline route the west covets in that area.


Yes indeed its a big move geo-politically.
This border crossing if taken is in actuality the first hard connection in the Shia crescent, the formation of which will see the connection of the Chinese silk road with the Mediterranean Sea/Europe and in the long term the isolation and destruction of Israel both objectives the “City of London/Rothschild” cabal has taken hundreds of years to construct and will strenousely seek to avoid being destroyed.
Atllantisist hedgmony has pivoted on this fulcumb since the days of Lawrence of Arabia.

Also this is symbolic of an energy flow, the wolrld is moving forward and certain factions lose and others gain, it would seem much is riding on this small border crossing on the Damascus/Bagdad Hwy.


With the Shia cres holding valuable oil fields and Land connections to
the Orient will enable long term the circumvention and annulment of
Atlantisist fleets and their powerful requisite navies and hence the
balance of global power changes.
comment image


Hello Kell. All the details, are way beyond me. But, it is plain to see, an operation currently emanating from Jordan, with a lot riding on it, it hitting the wall. I am going to be patient and see what comes next. I wish you well. Things are moving quickly in the southwestern part of Syria now.


The Russians and the US are bound on a collision course. The US/Jordanians forces won’t move away from their positions and this could be it moment


i for one sure hope russia doesnt chicken out at the last second


very nice about damn time tho, i wonder will they be spetznaz?


Never mind the Spetznaz where’s the AA missiles?


Yes I’m hoping coming soon, if not already close by

John Marks

Who’s in charge here? Not Trump, that’s for sure.
“Deep State”? Wall Street? Military Industrial complex? Corporations? Banksters? Pentagon? CIA?
All of these?
Who’s the coordinator?
It would help to have a name since, otherwise, they all hide behind and/or blame one another.


The old tracked Tungushka can launch Panstir missiles with just a little modification or can be upgraded to a tracked Panstir system.

John William

I do not believe Russia will prevent the non Assad side from controlling the Iraq Syria main border crossings.Russia seems to be sensitive to Israel concerns.America as Israel main backers cannot allow a land route from Iran to hezbolah.It isn’t worth for Russia to draw a red line and dare America to attack their forces over this issue imo.


What Syria troops need right away from Russia is its protection of Israel and USA-NATO planes ! Russia must stop using S-300 and S-400 just as a decoration and propaganda in Syria. It is useless to make bla bla bla bla bla, everytime USA or Israel attack Syria land (whatever be the reason), this bla bla bla do not protect syrian troops.

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