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MARCH 2021

Russia May Deploy Ground Forces To Syria On Assad Government Request – Media Reports


Russia May Deploy Ground Forces To Syria On Assad Government Request - Media Reports


Fresh speculations have been circulating in the media that Russia is preparing to deploy its ground forces to Syria following an expected official request by the Syrian government.

The reports refer to some unknown military sources and argue that the plan of the deplyoment already exists. (Probably, the only realistic part of the reports. Any command staff exists to develop plans for various operations and deployments.)

For example, the Iranian state-run media outlet Press TV:

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed on Monday that the Russian special forces were ready to be deployed in the areas where Syrian troops were engaged in serious battles against the terrorist groups.

They further noted that the technical aspects of the plan had already been drawn up, and that it would be implemented once the Damascus government puts in an official request and Russian President Vladimir Putin issues the order.

Another Iranian media outlet Fars News released own version of the story:

Syrian military sources revealed that Moscow has informed Damascus of its preparedness to dispatch ground troops to Syria.

Al-Hadath news quoted the sources as saying that Russia has announced that in case of the Syrian army’s request it is ready to send ground forces to Syria.

The sources said that special Russian forces are prepared to be deployed in regions which are experiencing the most pressures by the terrorist groups.

The current reports about a possible Russian ground forces deployment to Syria could be tracked to the Israeli news website “Ynetnews”. It reported in the April 24 article following:

Sources in the Syrian army said that Russia had expressed willingness to deploy ground forces into Syria if an official request was received from Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In an interview with Al-Quds Al-Arabi, the sources said the Russian Defense Ministry stated it was ready to deploy special forces to places where there could be pressure from rebels in the country.

The sources added that Iran was prepared to expand its participation in battles in Syria, including sending ground forces.

These reports have two problems:

  1. The Russian Special Operation Forces are already deployed in Syria;
  2. No reports from the Moscow-linked media outlets appeared about a possibility of ground forces deployment in Syria.



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