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JUNE 2021

Russia, Local Figures Negotiating With Remaining Militants South Of Damascus

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Russia, Local Figures Negotiating With Remaining Militants South Of Damascus

By Damascus Now, click to see the full-size image

On March 28, Russia started negotiating with the remaining militants of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) south of the Syrian capital of Damascus, according to the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Madar Daily.

The Madar Daily reported that the Russian side wants the militants to withdraw from their remaining positions in the districts of Yalda, Babbila, and Beit Sahm to the northern governorate of Idlib or to join the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and to fight ISIS in the nearby Yarmouk refugee camp.

Commanders of the militants in Yalda, Babbila, and Beit Sahm held a meeting to discuss the Russian proposals, according to Madar Daily. During the meeting, most of the commanders refused to join the fight against ISIS. However, all FSA commanders positively reacted to an idea of withdrawing towards Idlib governorate.

Meanwhile, Syrian pro-government sources said that local figures and religious scholars from the SAA-held areas around the districts of Yalda, Babbila, and Beit Sahm, have contacted the militants in order to convince them to accept the Russian offer.

The vast majority of the civilians in Yalda, Babbila, and Beit Sahm districts are actually supporters of the Damascus government. On January 25, thousands of civilians, including women and children, protested in the three districts against the militants and called on them to withdraw.

Due to the public support for the Damascus government in southern Damascus, the militants will likely accept an evacuation agreement soon.

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excellente news harro for yarmouk!!


Excellent news. Now hurry for Yarmouk!!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yalla Yarmouk , Marhaba !


I like the Russian and SAA approach.


Putin cheerleaders et al. are unwilling to accept the FACT that Russia’s military presence in Syria is incapable of deterring US/NATO operations against the regime forces (SAA/IRGC/Hezbollah/Russian mercenaries) nor will they retaliate against that coalition. President Putin’s strategy in Syria has failed miserably after more than 2 years of direct military involvement and the core reason for the continuous presence of Russian forces in that country is to represent (and secure) the interests of Gazprom regarding the transit of natural gas through Syrian territory. Wondering how many of those morons who fervidly support this propaganda site are aware of such geopolitical reality.


You are so upset, I just think…sorry for you!

Tudor Miron

His pain and panic is almost tangible :)




Are you dreaming or are you really a moron?
I solute to all heroes from Russia, SAA, IRGC, Hezbollah, Palestinians and all others who participated and liberated the Syrian land in a very short time from the terrorists of Washington, UK and France. These morons have decided to take whole land from Syrians and to hold them hostage like Palestinian nation. Now the Mic Pence himself declared that the project of Washington have failed in Syria very badly. Regime cannot be changed and the Syrian nation have recovered their majority of land in a very short time. Now its better for Washington to abandon this project.


go and blow yourself fucking zionist scumm


Russia’s military in Syria would deter the Americans immediately if Putin ever allowed it to do so. But you know Putin answers to the same power cult that Trump answers too as well, so you never have to worry about Russia revealing the truth of just what a paper tiger the US military really is.

You troll on behalf of jewish terror across our planet. All on the pathetic belief that jews control the Deep State- whereas in reality they are slave to it (and well below the fabians for that matter).

Jews are the butler of a rich household (Deep State)- when the butler imagines in what passes for his pathetic brain that HE is really the boss, and not the masters he works for. His masters that he serves so slavishly are the fabians- people who seem to own the mansion to all casual observers. But even the fabians that the jewish butler so carefully honours are not the real owners of the property- just another type of caretaker or house-sitter. The owners of the property (Deep State) are demons with their own precise agenda.

Jews are so proud of their trolling of public forums- as Hitler discovered to his amazement when he used to debate them long before he achieved real power. And by eventually learning to ape the jews’ deceptive methods, Hitler finally started to become successful. But Hitler hated the fact that he had to lie like a jew to win widespread public support.

Great wars expose great lies, for great lies win no wars. Many naive syrians believed the lies of the saudi clerics that Assad allowed to flood working class districts after 911, but now know better as Syria lies in ruins.

But jews will never give up their lies- they think lies are the only real tool they possess, and in this they are correct.

Gregory Casey

Wank Lord truly is a screen-name that fits you perfectly ‘cos you are a miserable wanker. Unless you are blind, deaf and dumb, you might have noticed that since Russia became involved in the war inside Syria some 3 years ago, the Syrian Government and the Syrian Arab Army together with the Russians, Hezbollah, Iran and Tribal forces in eastern Syria have fought and reclaimed 45% – 50% of Syrian Territory that had fallen into the hands of Jihadi Terrorists. Some 15% – 20% of Syria’s Territory remains in the hands of these Jihadis (and their Turkish friends) but, given a little time, they too will be wiped from the earth and lands of Syria.


Actually the militants are successfully being being packed into Idlib like sardines. Those militants that survive their own intra-factional infighting in Idlib will eventually be exposed, and vulnerable, targets for SyAAF warplanes above the semi rural landscape.


The inhabitants are actually supporters of peace. I don’t think they’re really with either side.


Right so previous to the West’s war in Syria, Syria was a peaceful stable fair advanced nation, and after many places reduced to rubble, millions of lives ruined, multi-thousands DEAD. But YOU, the zionist dribbler, don’t think people are willing to pick one of these two sides of History.

THIS is the great zionist LIE- that ordianry people love to die for jews. Have their lives ruined for jews. That ordinary people are so pathetic, they do not appreciate what peace and lawfullness bring. Or know what they have lost when war ravages their nation.

Recall that black house slave US general who said the American soldier exists to die for jews, a few days back?

50% of Yanks hate Clinton. 50% hate Trump. But either side would happily support the other president if the alternative was a war in the USA itself that would ruin their own lives.

The zionist message will always expose the zionist here.

Eskandar Black

This type of a situation is called ili-ili (either or)


This shows the effectiveness of the assault on Gouta, now no one wants to be the focal point of SAA efforts.


Everyone here wants these terrorists ELIMINATED. But Israel does not. Saudi Arabia does not. The UK does not. The USA does not. So Putin, the zionist appeaser DOES NOT also.

Anyone who has witnessed the interviews of these ARMED terrorists as Putin buses them to absolute safety, sees exactly who they are. They have no fear in their faces, or even simpled minded fanaticism. They are faces of pure evil, clever and determined to continue the Deep State terror FOREVER. The women they FORCE to accompany them, on the other hand, have expressions of pure terror and total dejection. Not that Putin feels these women should be given a choice- they are simply chattel of the wahhabi terrorists and Putin is fine with this.

Putin’s actions are no longer that of a respecatble leader in any sense. He has collapsed under the weight of sustained Deep State attack. His last hope, like that of all FAILED leaders, is propaganda (like this site) that keeps his former supporters blind to the real situation.

I’ll say it AGAIN- behind the scenes Putin has agreed to the partition of Syria, hence the Turk invasion and Putin’s ultra-belated cleansing of East Ghouta (in what is now the Russia sector of Syria). Putin has allowed Syria to be divided into the Russian sector, American sector, turkish sector, and Israeli sector. Putin has betrayed the Syrian people and greater Humanity.

Today’s pathetic face-saving statement of the government (we are going to reclaim all of syria including the golan heights) is actually PROOF of the partition agreement- you always get such laughable sweeping statements when actually the very opposite is true- just look at the propaganda from N Korea for instance.

Russia’s only goal in Syria now is preventing the british, americans and french from launching their long planned blitz on Assad. The cost of doing so is HIGH, for it forces Putin to keep far more forces in (his part of ) Syria than he originally planned- since zionist appeaser Putin thought that when he sold out Syria, the West would leave it alone.

The Deep State assets Putin is rescueing in East Ghouta will continue to hurt ordinary Syrians for decades. Many will become leaders of new, much more insidious groups, that will undermine Syria in a thousand different ways. This is why when you have such monsters trapped, you NEVER let them go.

Assad, or his successor, will never have the authority, even in the russian sector of Syria, to run things as we see in Iran, so outside sponsored groups will always be able to wreak havoc.

Rex drabble

These REBELS will be very pleased they werent killed like their handlers would have allowed.Bet they did a lot of thinking about their DEMISE and now given this last chance WONT be any more trouble.

Gregory Casey

So …… they won’t fight with the Syrian Arab Army against IS who are embedded in the Refugee Camp but they will agree to withdraw to Idlib. That tells me all I need to know of the nature of these people. They are equally as bad as IS and deserve no mercy.

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