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Russia-linked Private Military Contractors Were Filmed In Libya (Video)


Russia-linked Private Military Contractors Were Filmed In Libya (Video)

A screenshot from the video

A video supposedly taken by a service member of the Libyan National Army (LNA) shows the participation of supposed Russia-linked private miltiary contractros in the battle for Tripoli. The LNA is now engaged in an advance to take control of the city, which is in the hands of the pro-Turkish Government of National Accord.

The video is a compilation of a series of smaller videos from the countryside of Tripoli. It shows members of the LNA as well as alleged Russia-linked contractors (PMCs). It remains unclear when the footage was filmed.

Persons speaking in Russian can be seen starting from 2:10. They apaprently discuss some combat incident:

2:13 How many people?

2:15 Okay, take a car and let’s move.

2:19 Move

2:26 I’m going to stand behind the building fast.

2:36 Shit

2:41 Below

Another moment with a supposed PMC can be seen at 4:42. One of the persons being filmed denied that they are Russian and says that they are from Ukraine. During the conflict in eastern Ukraine, a large number of “wild goose” appeared. They take part in armed conflicts around the world on different sides. This video is a confirmation of some involvement of Russia-linked PMCs in the conflict. This fact has never been a secret.

However, the media hysteria and propagnada campaign by Turkey aims to exarrogate the involvement of PMCs in the conflict. The number of “2,000 Russians” provided by President Erdogan is hardly possible.

Media activists also found the location where the video was supposedly filmed. It allegedly took place in the village of Qasr bin Ghashir, near Libya’s capital of Tripoli.




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