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Russia, Jordan & U.S. Will Hold Trilateral Meeting On Al-Rukban Refugee Camp

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Russia, Jordan & U.S. Will Hold Trilateral Meeting On Al-Rukban Refugee Camp

Jordanian troops near the al-Rukban camp, By: aljazeera.com

Russia, Jordan and the U.S. may hold a trilateral meeting soon to discuss the fate of the al-Rukban camp, which is located in the US-occupied 55km zone in southeastern Syria, Jordan’s Foreign Minister revealed on April 18.

“There is a joint dialogue between Jordan, Russia and the U.S. on the al-Rukban camp, we already met once before, and we are planning to hold a similar trilateral meeting on this issue soon,” Ayman Safadi said in an interview with the Russian Izvestia newspaper.

More than 60,000 Syrians are currently trapped inside the camp near the al-Tanaf garrison, which is hosting around 200 U.S. service members. The trapped civilians have no access to much needed humanitarian aid.

Earlier this year, Syrian and Russia forces established several humanitarian routes to help evacuate the civilians from the camp. The US-led coalition prevented any civilians from leaving, up until this month.

According to a recent report by Syrian radio station, Sham FM, only 4,000 civilians have been evacuated from the camp so far. The leaders of the camp’s local community are reportedly facilitating the evacuation process.

Despite being an ally of the U.S, Jordan is supporting a plan to dismantle the al-Rukban camp and allow the refugees to return to their towns and villages. The plan, which was first suggested by Russia last year, is the sole logical solution to put an end to the humanitarian tragedy that is taking place in the camp.

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Shouldn’t Syria be involved instead of Russia? Syria should be ordering the US out of Syria and give them only hours to respond. Article from Global Research puts doubt into Russian motives regarding Syria and the current fuel crisis.


Good article, and it confirms what many me included have stated. Putins pressure on Assad to push Iran out of Syria for Bibi. From the heading of the article:

“It’s seemingly inexplicable to many that one of the world’s top
oil exporters won’t help its “ally” survive the ever-worsening fuel
crisis, but upon closer consideration and after much-needed critical
thinking, it becomes clear that Russia intends to politicize this crisis
in order to compel Syria into undertaking further concessions related
to the upcoming constitutional reform process and initiating Iran’s
dignified but “phased withdrawal” from the country, meaning that Moscow
probably won’t “ride to the rescue” until Damascus finally promises to
do what it’s wanted for over the past two years already.”


I also found this interesting:
“The amount of oil produced in parts of Syria recovered by government forces stands currently at 24,000 barrels per day, well short of the 136,000 barrels required. The petrol crisis follows fuel oil and cooking gas shortages over the winter.”
“According to pro-government newspaper Al-Watan, “not one (Iranian) oil tanker reached Syria” since the Iranian credit line was halted on 15 October.”

Astrid Watanabe

Thanks for the links.

Astrid Watanabe

“…..It goes against the narrative”
I only found out about this when I happened to read globalresearch. Often, comments here add a lot.


Does the USA recognize the Syria government as legitimate? It’s pretty hard to negotiate with a state that doesn’t recognize your authority.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Syria has demanded the US leave till they are blue in the face. Trump tried to to comply. Neither were successful. Let’s see what the Russians and Jordanians can come up with. It’s a human rights disaster and a war crime to use civilians as shield for an illegal occupation.


The Trump forces in Syria are holding 60,000 Syrians hostage. Tomorrow they will preach us on humanity and crisis.

If you hold one person hostage is like you are holding entire humanity hostage.

Xoli Xoli

Is Syria included because it is territorial concerns.

Xoli Xoli

As long as USA and Turkey is regarded by Russia as negotiators their wont leave Syria which their have invaded and still interferes in internal matters.


It is a US run concentration camp. For quite few it has been a death camp too. Trapping people in a locations and not allowing normal services to them is the definition of a concentration camp. Where are the human rights now US? Care to answer that?

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